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A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Vatican determined to canonise him, but JPII ain’t no saint

JPII make me a saint

The news we were dreading has been released.

The magic wand will be brought out and, with an abracadabra and a puff of pink smoke, Pope John Paul II will become a saint.

Pope Francis has approved a second supposed “miracle”, pretending once again that someone mumbling ritual words to a long dead corpse in a foreign country has a causal relationship to an otherwise unexplained medical cure. JPII’s fast tracking on the often painstakingly slow road to sainthood shows once again Vatican officials can change the rules and move swiftly, but only when they want to.

The Vatican cabal clearly do not want to wait. With more and more evidence of their many crimes revealed every day, they must be desperate for some good PR, preferably something that doesn’t rely on evidence. Or that can be relied upon to counter any annoying evidence.

Once JPII is officially a “saint” it will be so much harder for anyone to publicly reveal or criticise his failings.

Canonising the enabler of so much abuse throughout the world is also a perfect opportunity to slap increasingly strong and vocal clergy child abuse victims in the face. It will be a mighty big slap later this year when the Vatican holds an orgy of self congratulatory public display over what is little more than a self serving political decision.

Millions will be spent to reward apologists, impress the media, buy continued mindless, heartless loyalty from the faithful, and distract attention from the facts of JPII’s criminal legacy.

Future generations will thankfully not be infected by such baseless fervour for this most flawed man, or fall for the fairy-tale of him single-handedly bringing down communism. They will wonder at Catholics’ ability to simply ignore evidence of his willingness to abandon millions of defenceless children to life destroying attacks by the sexual predators he so staunchly protected.

With the clarity of distance, our descendants will have no difficulty in labelling his actions crimes against humanity.

But for now, there is still the appearance that this cruelly tragic spectacle of glorifying, sanctifying, and now canonising the former paedophile protector in chief is reasonable, even admirable, behaviour deserving of extreme respect.

Few will recognise or admit it is primarily an obscenely expensive PR exercise exploiting pseudo science in the interests of religious domination.

Few will correlate the extreme efforts, including bankrupting parishes, to withhold financial or any other assistance from victims of JPII’s vicious policies, with the extravagance of the celebrations of JPII’s personality cult (which would be the envy of Stalin, Gaddafi, Hitler, Mugabe, Amin, Hussein or Ceausescu).

And few but victims will recognise the hidden message that Vatican officials still regard victims as the enemy, as the cause of their problems, and will do anything they can to silence us and deny us healing or justice.

This most undeserved public elevation of the man who had the power and wealth to do so much good but chose instead to facilitate so much evil, tells us any recent claims by bishops to have changed and to now, finally, be interested in doing the right thing instead of the expedient thing, are nothing but the usual pack of lies.

So how will victims survive the insult of crowning with a saint’s halo this man who should have ended his life behind bars?

On the day JPII becomes the Patron Saint of Paedophiles I intend to protest outside St Mary’s Cathedral with a few friends.

You are most welcome to join us.

Stay safe everyone.



One response to “Vatican determined to canonise him, but JPII ain’t no saint

  1. ladyrob July 10, 2013 at 10:29 am

    More illusions, more bribes, more lies, more people in remote, impoverished countries receiving bounty from The Office for Religious Works (Vatican Incorporated) to affect a miracle of healing in order to prove that JPII is a sait in heaven continuing his holy work here on earth…
    How long before the blind will see? Wonder what honours and prestiege the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ received for facilitating this latest wonder? Who’s next? Blessed James Alberione who specialised in ..’the laying on of hands’ on his very young, inexperienced recruits in his male and female religious congregations?
    Who will be his next recipient of a miracle? Since he has congregational foundations in Chile, Brazil, Columbia and other very impoverished latin countries, I guess the miracle cure will not be somebody prominent in the western world who is financially stable and successful except that he/she is afflicted with a terrible, incurable ailment. Couldn’t happen …since the church sees it as a good move to ” exalt the humble and fill the hungry with good things”…..aybody else would not be so maleable…and…why does the miracle always have to be one of HEALING? Is it the easiest to fake or buy?
    I’ve yet to see a “Lazarus” rising from the grave or a blind ,man from birth suddenly being able to see, or a man without legs suddenly grow them ora terribly disfigured face all of a sudden restored to perfection overnight…Christ’s miracles were nothing short of spectacular…why not perpetuate these today?
    If I were “The Devil’s Advocate” in the Vatican…( and I wonder how much they pay him per miracle approved), if I were he, I’d be wanting those kinds of miracles that Christ worked…the lame walk, the blind see, the dead rise etc, something really tangible that the ordinary person in the street can witness withouty a letter from a doctor stating that the patient is healed, no involvement of third parties to confirm that a miracle has happened…Christ needed no help.
    All I have for the church and its clergy in magnificent robes..(.including the Bishop’s little gold lame’ bage for his jewels, which I believe costs something in the vicinity of $150USD in a church regalia shop) is disgust. There’s nothing worse than a liar.

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