Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Smokescreen Council Working for Deceitful Church Officials, Not Representing Victims

The CEO of the Council Which Should Not Exist, Francis Sullivan, is following in the footsteps of church officials by claiming, without basis, to speak for victims of the serial child sex offenders enabled and protected by his church.

This week’s comments include a stated desire to be “an independent voice for victims and their families, not an apologist for the church”.

Unfortunately the best place to be an independent voice for victims and their families is most definitely not at the head of a Deception and Denial Council whose job is to deliver church apologist messages, whilst appearing not to be a church apologist body.

And the best person to give voice to the church’s neglected victims and their families is most definitely not a man who has long supported Vatican power politics through implementing the papal policy to refuse lifesaving health care options to those in need.

Not only is his claim diametrically opposed to the real role of the Council for Making the Church Look More Like Reasonable Ordinary People and Less Like a Bunch of Entitled Criminals in Vestments, he also has absolutely no qualifications for speaking on behalf of victims.

None whatsoever.

Has he ever met with victims? Any at all?

More importantly, has he ever listened to them?

There are thousands of us, so before saying anything, Sullivan should plan to speak to dozens at least.

But hold on, if he were to do that, isn’t that the Smoke and Mirrors Council taking over the role of the Royal Commission?

Yet again.

Which leaves us with the role of victims’ representative not being his job or any of his business, very likely getting in the way of the legal, officially mandated Royal Commission, and a self appointed position for which he is supremely inappropriate.

Victims want actual victims or their families, not those following the church’s instructions, to be our representatives.

And we find Sullivan’s presumption, his bias, his ignorance of the issues, and his sneaky misrepresentation of his intentions offensive in the extreme.

But I’m sure, like Big George Pell or Denis Hartless or any other Vatican flunkey, Sullivan sees no particular need to hear from or understand victims in order to deliver Vatican spin supposedly on our behalf. Talking over the top of our attempts to be heard while pretending to represent us.

After all, consideration for the feelings of victims has never stopped any other of Rome’s representatives from putting their noxious words in our mouths while silencing our struggle to be heard, has it?

Our response to Sullivan?

You do not and never will represent us.

You are an oppressor of victims trying to silence us and replace our voices and our truth with Vatican lies.

Disband your offensive Council.

We don’t want you.

And we don’t want your prayers.

We want church officials to hand over their secret files.

And for whistleblowers to be encouraged to tell the truth.

Stay safe everyone.



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