Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

US Court considers dead bodies more important than child rape victims, insisting cannon law untouchable under US law

The law is frequently an ass.

But few laws or lawyers are more asinine than the recent decision by US District Court Judge Hon Rudolph T Randa.

Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese appealed against a previous decision allowing the funds stashed away in a Cemetery Trust in 2008 to be included in the diocese’s bankruptcy estate, and thus available to assist survivors of child sexual abuse.

Randa’s decision concluded that the funds, and we are talking about $50 million here, which were moved to avoid being forced to pay court ordered compensation to survivors of child sexual abuse, would stay in the Trust and not be brought into the bankruptcy estate, because to do so “would substantially burden the Trustee’s free exercise of religion.”

Amid the gasps of disbelief at the sheer self-interested preposterousness of a multi-million dollar fund to look after a bunch of graves being accepted as a vital religious need, what this nonsense actually means deserves a closer look.

This decision means Judge Randa publicly supports the conspiracy by Vatican officials and US bishops and Cardinals to deny victims of their carefully protected sexual predator priests access to justice or healing.

It means Randa doesn’t find their excuse of a desire to look after the interests of the decayed physical remnants of former Catholics, on a scale of excessive luxury denied to their living colleagues, embarrassingly absurd.

It means the imagined needs of a pile of bones and dust are far more important than saving or rebuilding the lives of innocent children knowingly exposed to unimaginable horrors. More important, not just in the eyes of abusive Catholic officials, but also, according to Judge Randa, to the US justice system as well.

It means that the US constitution has been used to threaten and intimidate victims of child sexual abuse throughout the country, and to demonstrate to them, and to whistleblowers, supporters and all those who believe children have an undeniable human right not to be raped by powerful adults, that the obscenely wealthy and influential Catholic Church hierarchy, and the rapists they honour and protect, are indeed above the law.

As is any religious nutjob who chooses to exploit the gullible and the vulnerable. As long as they use their god as the justification for their atrocities.

The most frightening aspect about Randa’s judgement is that it puts the internal dictates of power obsessed, out of touch, developmentally twisted charlatans above the law of the land. Randa explicitly states that judges, juries and courts have no choice but to submit to religious authority.

Authority which is more often than not a self-serving fabrication. Just like in the case of the supposed religious need of Catholics of Milwaukee to know their long dead ancestors’ graves are being maintained at a massively inflated cost.

Will Judge Randa supervise the trust to ensure those funds are not diverted away from their purported purpose at a later date? Has Judge Randa established whether the maintenance costs for these graves are conveniently exaggerated, and thus significantly higher than for graves anywhere else in the world? Did he investigate whether the hugely expensive maintenance of graves to justify denying lifesaving assistance to survivors of child sexual abuse is a core Catholic belief anywhere other than Milwaukee?

I am in the US right now, and was with a group of survivors when they heard this news. It was a slap in the face, a kick in the guts, an additional betrayal, and had the desired effect of making them feel they would never be heard, never see justice, never be able to heal their pain.

But survivors are nothing if not resilient. We get up again after each beating from brutal church officials, we keep going and we keep fighting for justice.

And if one of us is struggling, we reach out to them until they can stand on their own feet.

We will fight this obscene judgement.

We will fight this misuse of the first amendment, which was intended to prevent religious oppression, not enable it.

These perverted sociopaths and narcissists rule over a pretend religion, drawing in genuine but gullible believers to give it the appearance of legitimacy, and to fund their own luxurious lifestyles, then use it as a cover for depraved and criminal behaviour towards the vulnerable.

We will not give in to the temptation to follow the example of the church of child rape and assert, for example, that shooting those who rape children and those who protect and enable these rapists is a core religious belief, and demand the protection of a compliant judiciary to subvert relevant civil and criminal laws and get away with such crimes in the name of religion.

Unlike Catholic church officials and Justice Randa, we know that a fog of religious verbiage can never, ever make crimes against humanity acceptable, far less deserving of official judicial support.

Stay safe everyone.


Details of the judgement.


Comment on the judgement


3 responses to “US Court considers dead bodies more important than child rape victims, insisting cannon law untouchable under US law

  1. pattyg8 August 8, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    The stand-out in this Voiceless Victims article is “survivors are nothing if not resilient”. That says it all, and be comforted in the knowledge that there are multiple persons for each victim, with a big pot of empathy, sentiment, love and whatever else it takes to get humanity, and all its comforts for you,and less downs, which is where this institution(c.c) will find itself before we are finished with it.

    • Chris Caffes April 15, 2014 at 12:56 am

      As a victim that confronted the church in 99 and was basically laughed at by a woman sent to hear my claim wearing a black leather miniskirt?? wth seriously after close to forty years of suffering from an unknown event and rapist to painful to deal with as a young man , this is the justice I receive . It took moving back to my hometown to raise my own children to uncover the place and event from my memory, yet denial and more shame is all I faced , plus attacks on my character and blame for the way I lived my life after being raped at 6- 7 ?? Sick sick Church we have allowed to rule and rape and pillage for centuries!

  2. voicelessvictim August 13, 2013 at 8:38 am

    Thanks Patty8 for reminding us of that important point. It is sometimes hard for us to remember the good people in this world when we are busy fighting for justice against those who are truly evil.


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