Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves


Please feel free to share these poems but please attribute them to Voiceless Victim.

Papists protect child rapists 

by Voiceless Victim


Papists protect their child rapists
but won’t protect kids – like me.

Papists pretend. What rapists?
Who cares what those lies do to me.

Papists revere holy rapists
but won’t even listen to me

Papists stand up for their rapists
the one they attack is me.

Papists still hide their child rapists
so no-one can ever see me.

Papists tell lies for their rapists
to drown out the truth from me.

Papists are good mates with rapists
and brag about silencing me.

Papists buy lawyers for rapists
use loopholes to keep them scot free.

Papists speak up for priest rapists
when I speak, watch ‘em sue me.

Papists sure value their rapists
no-one’s more worthless than me.

Power obsessed papists choose rapists.
The price of their power is me.


The Insane World of Catholicism

by Voiceless Victim


In the Catholic world

The unspeakably evil are revered

Parents prostitute their children

Only psychopaths reach the top

In the Victim world

The closer to God, the more dangerous

They blame you for their own evil deeds

Everyone in authority lies, so the truth is a crime

In the Survivor world

The flow of truth can’t be stopped

Bishops behind bars for their crimes

The disgraced, fugitive Pope hides in the Vatican


Song of Lying Bishops

by Voiceless Victim

Sung to the tune of Song of Joy


Come, hear our lame excuses

We tell to all Inquiries

No one cares if you believe us

We fool Catholics on their knees

Lie after lie we can tell

And no one will ever

point out that flaw

Thanks to the Catholic Mafia

 We are all above the law

Will this one be any different?

Whether they find the

truth or not

Our politician mates

Will bury it no matter what

What we do to little children

Really doesn’t

rate a snap

We’re the real victims here

Having to deal with this crap

Come, hear our lame excuses

We can keep this up all day

‘Cause we know that no-one acts

No matter what we do or say

Come, hear our lame excuses

Lets all pretend that we have changed

Even though its same as same as

Under a new and hurtful name


True meaning of the word “CATHOLIC”

by Voiceless Victim


C – Callous

A – Arrogant

T – Totalitarian

H – Hierarchy

O – Obstinately

L – Lying about

I – Indecent assaults against

C – Children


True Meaning of the Word “VICTIM”

by Voiceless Victim


V – Voiceless

I – Innocent

C – Children

T – Terrorised and Tortured

I – Into

M – Most unwilling

S – Submission to unspeakable acts of cruelty and sexual perversion by those who claim to be holy, deserving of respect and above the law.


One response to “Poems

  1. Fergadi-Giannakopoulou Maria April 7, 2012 at 8:40 am

    I have experienced an experience like this in another church.it s the same everywhere when people think that being a christian means hiding the evil beind a nice golden mask.but God will blow their asses of ,in this life or after it.

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