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A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Rat in the Vat Gives Up Funny Hat

Out of the blue, the world’s most powerful paedophile protector has announced he is handing over the keys to the best room in the Vatican.

This sudden and unexpected break with six centuries of tradition, where aged and often senile Popes usually only release their maniacal grasp on absolute power with their final breath, demonstrates just how easy it is to unleash radical change on previously unquestionable and immoveable Vatican customs, if, and this is the big if, there is a genuine desire for such change.

But in the area of protecting innocent children and unsuspecting communities from the perverted monsters so beloved of Ratzinger and his hierarchy, change has always been impossible.

Because there is no desire to put children first.

No desire to protect the innocent and the vulnerable instead of those who rape them and destroy their innocence.

No desire to deliver on oft repeated but still meaningless promises of truth, justice and healing.

So a change in the name of the paedophile protector in chief will not deliver a change to the policy of protecting the reputation and wealth of the institution and its hierarchy, no matter the cost to victims.

There is no voice amongst the hierarchy asking for real change.

Under JPII and B16 any such voices were ruthlessly eradicated.

Excluded, sidelined, ostracised, victimised and silenced.

The route to Vatican power is only open to those who support, not challenge, those already in power.

Yes men, mediocrities, conservatives, narcissists.

Those obsessed with the trappings and seductions of wealth, power and influence.

Those, like George Pell, adept at denying justice to victims while creating a facade of concern and of change.

None of the possible candidates for the funny hat will deliver change, though there will be plenty more empty promises.

And those in the running will not care how much damage their refusal to deliver change on this issue will endanger children or further damage victims or even damage the church itself. They only need to delay the inevitable march of justice until they are too old or dead to care.

As Ratso has himself demonstrated so tellingly, if they want to, they can change.

And they can act, swiftly and decisively, if they really want to. Like in cases of really serious crimes, such as discussing the possibility of the ordination of women.

They can even arrest and imprison wrong doers in their ranks.  Like in cases of the very worst criminals, such as the Pope’s butler, who revealed the truth about Vatican corruption to the media.

So, unconcerned with which particular power obsessed old man in a dress will now take possession of the solid gold toilet with diamond encrusted handle, there is really only one important question to ponder about this announcement.

Why did Pope Pinocchio retire?

I don’t for a moment swallow the line about age and infirmity. Ill health is the excuse they always use when moving rapists away because the locals are starting to twig to what is going on.

What’s your favourite conspiracy theory?

Post a comment below.

And, in tribute to the disgraceful reign of a self serving despot, here’s a list of a few of my favourite names for the old fraud.

B16, Ratso, Ratty, Benny the Rat, Bene the Bad, the Rat in the Vat, Rat in a dress, Pope Rat, Pope Nazi, Pope Pinocchio, Paedophile Protecting Pope, paedophile protector in chief, Protector of the Paedophiles, Monarch of the Paedophiles, Pied Piper of Paedophiles, His Weathiness, His Greediness, Monarch of the Rapists, the criminal known as BXVI, occupant of the best room in the Vatican, power obsessed narcissist, and rich old man who likes to play dress ups and has an out of control God-complex.

Stay safe everyone.



Imagine my delight at a new name reflecting the despot’s hasty exit – Ex Benedict

Love it!


One response to “Rat in the Vat Gives Up Funny Hat

  1. ladyrobRobin Ruth Henderson February 13, 2013 at 7:27 am

    You’ve said it all VV, as usual, and what I am most glad about is that the often sensation-seeking Press also regards what you have to say as sensational and air wave-worthy! I think that having somebody on ‘our’ side whom the press hold in regard…whom the PM invites to Kirribilli, is a voice indeed! We are lucky to have you standing for us VV!

    Had to have a giggle about the gold toilet with the gem encrusted handle though,.and here’s why-

    Exhausted by all the ‘ pope publicity’ but snoozing in bed watching the tail end for the night, just about to pour my milo down my shirt, I was taking a mental tour of the Vatican as I’d seen it throught the eyes of an extremely young, impressionable nun, comparing what I thought then with what I know today…such dissillusionment!

    Up popped a woman reporter on some late show who’d just been asked about her time touring the Vatican as a member of the Press. Excitedly she stated that during a visit to the Vatican she’d actually been befriended by one of the papal porters who took her on an exclusively private tour of the pope’s rooms…when he wasn’t there.

    Oh dear VV, you will have to recant the bit about the gold toilet!
    “Amazingly simple and spartan” she exclaimed, he lives in humility behind all the trappings!”
    It isn’t difficult to put 2+2 together here.
    The golden glory of the Bernini sained glass Holy Spirit window must have zapped her mind!
    The pope wearing the funny hat ( that if viewed sideways appears to be the open mouth of a fish)..is really a humble fisherman as was his ancestor Peter. Huh?
    Much is being made in the news about B16 relinquishing “The gold Ring of the Fisherman”, said to be the very one that Peter wore….as he scuttled around in home made sandals, a pesant shirt, not a razu’ in his pocke, sleeping on the ground and eating crusts and dried fish whilst on to go.

    As enigmatic as is the idea of a gold ring-wearing pesant whose brother in Christ stooped to betrayal for money….there are enigmas in the Vatican.

    Does anyone think that a Prada red leather-wearing ‘fisherman’ in ermine clad cope…and sometimes another funny hat of red velvet lined with ermine ( that’s weasel by the way), would even be allowed to sleep in a black iron single bed on a black and white striped bag stuffed with coconut fibre and cotton wadding that has been used by pope after pope? Any wonder the 85 yr old fella has rheumatism bad to make him resign!

    As for Roman toilets, I’ve seen my quota of these penetential pans in Roman convents. Little rooms with rock walls, a tap with a bit of hose fitted to it protruding from them, centre-sloping floors of terazzo with a sunken hole the size of …well, a milo tin lid. Don’t think B16 would have been allowed to have one of those either!
    Don’t believe the pious talk, the inside is the same as the outside!

    Can’t resist this last bit since on the subject of holy toilets and glorious Bernini stained glass windows.
    The PP here asked me to produce a facsimile of the Bernini Holy Spirit window that floods the high altar in St. Peter’s with spiritual light… on styrofoam sheeting for Confirmation, to be suspended over the altar with fishing line above the Bishop’s funny hat…and not fall on him as he turned poor little kids into Soldiers of Christ.
    It had to be in two parts so the smaller part with the dove could be used for Pentecost. How to make this enormous thing hold together but be in two easily detachable parts?

    The local hardware boys came up with the perfect solution….those thick white plastic nuts and bolts that are used to anchor the toilet and lid to the ceramic pan!

    Well VV, getting my mind out of the toilet and back to holier things, will we now see a church that is game enough to flush out the corruption and the uncleanliness? …ooops!
    Sadly I don’t think anything will be made clean except for the efforts of those such as yourself and all who work alongside. You stay safe VV! Tread carefully and warily, they are not harmless.

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