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Does Papal Pretender Deserve Person of the Year? No Way Jorge

The announcement that Time Magazine had declared Pope Frank, the Paedophile-Protector-in-Chief, their Person of the Year for 2013 left all of us who are not either brain dead, brainwashed or irretrievably corrupt completely speechless.

Pope frank on time

Surely this would be the joke of the new century, if it were not so terribly tragic.

The subsequent announcement that this old man in an old fashioned, baggy white dress and retinue of silly hats and caps, has been declared Esquire Magazine’s Best Dressed Man of the Year is simply ridiculous beyond belief.

Even more bizarre is that The Advocate, a gay magazine, declared the leader of this vehemently anti-gay, though largely homosexual, religion as their Person of the Year, too. Despite recent carefully crafted murmurings of a softening of the traditional hate filled hard line against gays, there is simply no way Francis of the Facade is any friend to openly gay men, or their interests.

The vatican’s new, and no doubt highly paid, PR supremo, Greg Burke, a member of the catholic cult Opus Dei, and a former Fox News staffer, is clearly no stranger to the tricks used to spread ultra conservative, orthodox religious spin. The information that the cunning Mr Burke is also a former Time employee makes a little more sense of Time’s puzzlingly inappropriate award.

It is easier to accept that a sleazy Vatican employee pulled in all his favours from his very good friends and former colleagues at Time than that otherwise seemingly intelligent editors came to this decision without inducements or prompting. Of course the publishers at Time, and the other magazines, no doubt enjoy the controversy and spike in readership that such a stupid choice generates. And it seems they really don’t care about any loss of credibility amongst those still in possession of a brain. Or perhaps they’ll have moved on to a new job before any fallout is felt.

This pope has done absolutely nothing to eradicate the epidemic of child rape destroying the lives and threatening the very existence of hundreds of thousands of the most innocent and vulnerable in this world. This man, Jorge from Buenos Ares, who claims infallibility and holiness, and demands slavish adoration and unquestioning respect in the face of a crime wave that puts the mafia, his collaborators, to shame, has done nothing, has achieved nothing, that justifies in any way a fraction of the media attention thrown away on him.

Far less an honour stolen from the truly deserving but less grasping.

Why do the mindless adore Francis the Fake?

Well, it’s certainly not for his good looks.

pope frank cartoon 3

Benny the Rat could not help but look as evil as his actions, even after a makeover. Foolish Frankie looks dorky, he smiles, and tries very hard to come across as benign, even human.

Sure, the puppet master Burke has regularly staged deliberately heart tugging photo opportunities as part of the media profile makeover to soften the image of this head of the world’s wealthiest criminal organisation. But why can so few people understand how cynical this carefully constructed facade, designed to please, distract and mislead, really is?

Cringe worthy stuff from the paedophile protector in chief

Cringe worthy stuff from the paedophile protector in chief

The fact that an immensely rich and supremely powerful world leader, who could do so much good at the stroke of a pen, but chooses not to act, is not as bad an habitual criminal as his predecessor, is not any reason to declare him person of the year.

This latest papal pretender is more of a clean skin than the master of clergy child rape enabling and coverup, Ex-Benedict the former Holiness, who these days makes good use of the specious claims of Vatican city to be a nation state, hiding out for the rest of his life from law enforcement.

But now that the latest heartless narcissist, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has swapped pink for white and is firmly ensconced in the ostentatious arms of Vatican gold, at least away from the cameras, he cannot help but be just as culpable as all his fellow popes. Unless he does something to change the centuries of tradition whereby unimportant children of lay catholics are thrown under the wheels of the solid gold gravy train driven by Vatican Inc.

Has anyone seen any evidence of Francis implementing actual change, not just more weasel words?

pope x 2

Has the warm, caring fantasy of humility and change meant F1 has finally revealed the full details of these crimes, or thrown open the carefully hidden secret files, ordered cardinals to stop obstructing justice and assist local law enforcement, removed known dangerous sexual predators from their hiding places in the bosom of mother church, or introduced real child protection measures, not just the appearance of change.

Anyone deserving the title of human being, let alone person of the year, would do at least that.

Not So Very Frank Francis can’t quite manage what most of us would do without hesitation, and in a heartbeat, but he has announced another fake body to look into this issue. A committee paid for and controlled by the catholic church, despite any nonsensical claims to “independence”.

If such a committee were to actually be independent, it should be made up of and seek input from survivors, whistleblowers, uncorrupted law enforcement and law makers, and those who have worked to rebuild lives destroyed by centuries of papal inaction. The funding of an independent committee would be completely independent of church hierarchy. And any results would never be filtered through church officials, or only released once rewritten to their satisfaction. There is zero possibility of Faker Frank’s Fake Committee looking anything like that.

Genuine investigations have been conducted and are being conducted throughout the world by properly qualified, suitably empowered and truly independent investigators.

There is no additional need for the criminals to investigate themselves. The very notion itself is preposterous. There is no societal need for the Vatican to swamp the media with their lies. This deluge has been going on for centuries, and it is these very lies that have allowed the crimes to continue, and have prevented the operation of justice.

There is no need to hear the Vatican’s excuses and misdirections on this subject once again, even after supposedly “expert” contributions. Because the only “experts” the Vatican consults, or listens to, are those who say what they have been instructed or paid to say.

There is no knowledge gap in this area that requires addressing by those committing the crimes. Plenty of people and institutions have first hand experience and decades of understanding of what is really going on, what the cause is, and how to prevent it continuing. These are people who live in the real world and have no trouble facing difficult concepts such as truth, reality and the crimes committed by catholic clerics.

The only stumbling block is the fanatical secrecy of the catholic church, and the criminality of their actions in protecting and enabling child rapists to escape law enforcement and continue to rape children.

The catholic hierarchy misuses respect for religion and the religious belief of millions of catholics as a justification to get away with pretending not to be criminals, while continuing to commit their crimes. 

And the cowardice of many politicians and law enforcement officials, manipulated, threatened or corrupted by catholic church officials to neglect their duty to enact and enforce laws that protect children rather than dangerous but powerful predators, means that, as required, catholic criminals are treated as above the law, and so continue to flout it.

Any Vatican conceived and controlled facade of an investigation is hardly going to address that aspect, let alone resolve it.

The apologists pumping out the catholic hierarchy’s propaganda would have us ignore this crucially important issue and instead bathe in the reflected glow of Friendly Frankie. Yet what could be more important than the safety of our children?

Only childless, self absorbed, sexually dysfunctional yet sex obsessed, developmentally delayed little boys in the bodies of grown men, who are spiritually dead yet pretend to talk with their invisible friend while playing dress ups and participating in canabalistic rituals, could fail to understand that so completely.

What do vatican PR spin masters under the instructions of Burke want to distract us with? What do they promote as more important than saving children from being raped repeatedly by dangerous men claiming the authority of god?

The media circus that is the cult of Francis the Humble.

How things have changed

How things have changed

pope frank bells and smells 2

Or the winner of my award for Con Job of the Year.

The man once took a bus, when he could have taken a limo.

No limos here

No limos here

Give the man a Nobel peace prize.

The man makes it known he is staying in a hostel, when he has a free room in a gold encrusted palace.

Really? He actually sleeps there? He doesn’t sneak back through the secret passages at night and luxuriate in silk sheets and solid gold toilet?

Wouldn’t a truly humble man do other things in a similar vein?

Wouldn’t a truly humble man in the midst of such greed make significant changes?

Wouldn’t a truly humble man do these things because they were the right thing to do, and not perform them for the cameras and announce them in media releases?

And even if Frankie the Fixer did actually do what is claimed for him, why does he not donate any savings to the poor, or to victims of his vicious policies?

If some good came of his choices, other than truly spectacular PR victories, then it might in some way, any way, be meaningful.

Oh, the symbolism

Oh, the symbolism

But he does not and it is not.

This obscenely wealthy pope, who hoards countless billions in cash and property, and could fill a dozen world class museums with his priceless art treasures, makes a few token gestures, makes a few vague comments, and continues with evil policies, while refusing to act to prevent so much suffering in the world, much of which is easily in his power to prevent.

Those who seek, or even accept without seeking, great power of any kind, have great responsibility to use that power wisely and for the greater good. Popes have almost unlimited power of every kind, and could single handedly make this world a safe place for children. Could institute effective programs to offer every child shelter, an education, health care and enough food to eat.

But they see only that any sharing of their wealth, any use of their power, except to shore up their own power and add to their own possessions, means less wealth and less power for themselves. These empty, soulless men grasp desperately to posses everything, but can never fill the gaping hole in themselves. Because they are filling it with the wrong thing. They stridently claim spiritual superiority, but are spiritually bereft and the ultimate materialists. Nothing, not even the enslavement of the whole world to their bidding, and the pouring of the whole wold’s resources into their coffers will ever satisfy them.

No amount of deceit, no amount of crime, no amount of corruption or destruction of the innocent is repugnant or wrong to them, if it is in the pursuit of their own wealth and power.

And so the deceit of Francis The Great Pretender should be seen as business as usual.

Yet it stings.

How can so many be fooled by this paper thin nonsense?

The tiniest application of logic or thought to this tomfoolery makes the whole rotten edifice crumble before your eyes.

pope frank smirk

Yet one picture of a goofy looking, smirking hypocrite makes people feel safe and that everything will be okay after all. That these self described good, holy men could not really be pretending, could not really be evil monsters preying on us and our children in every possible way.

Well they are.

pope frank not impressed

And it is time to grow up.

It is time to investigate the comforting lies and find the real truth.

And if that truth is even worse than expected, and it is, it is time to face it.

Because there is only one thing worse than facing such a horrible truth.

And that is by ignoring the problem, allowing it to continue.

Stay safe everyone.



Rat in the Vat Gives Up Funny Hat

Out of the blue, the world’s most powerful paedophile protector has announced he is handing over the keys to the best room in the Vatican.

This sudden and unexpected break with six centuries of tradition, where aged and often senile Popes usually only release their maniacal grasp on absolute power with their final breath, demonstrates just how easy it is to unleash radical change on previously unquestionable and immoveable Vatican customs, if, and this is the big if, there is a genuine desire for such change.

But in the area of protecting innocent children and unsuspecting communities from the perverted monsters so beloved of Ratzinger and his hierarchy, change has always been impossible.

Because there is no desire to put children first.

No desire to protect the innocent and the vulnerable instead of those who rape them and destroy their innocence.

No desire to deliver on oft repeated but still meaningless promises of truth, justice and healing.

So a change in the name of the paedophile protector in chief will not deliver a change to the policy of protecting the reputation and wealth of the institution and its hierarchy, no matter the cost to victims.

There is no voice amongst the hierarchy asking for real change.

Under JPII and B16 any such voices were ruthlessly eradicated.

Excluded, sidelined, ostracised, victimised and silenced.

The route to Vatican power is only open to those who support, not challenge, those already in power.

Yes men, mediocrities, conservatives, narcissists.

Those obsessed with the trappings and seductions of wealth, power and influence.

Those, like George Pell, adept at denying justice to victims while creating a facade of concern and of change.

None of the possible candidates for the funny hat will deliver change, though there will be plenty more empty promises.

And those in the running will not care how much damage their refusal to deliver change on this issue will endanger children or further damage victims or even damage the church itself. They only need to delay the inevitable march of justice until they are too old or dead to care.

As Ratso has himself demonstrated so tellingly, if they want to, they can change.

And they can act, swiftly and decisively, if they really want to. Like in cases of really serious crimes, such as discussing the possibility of the ordination of women.

They can even arrest and imprison wrong doers in their ranks.  Like in cases of the very worst criminals, such as the Pope’s butler, who revealed the truth about Vatican corruption to the media.

So, unconcerned with which particular power obsessed old man in a dress will now take possession of the solid gold toilet with diamond encrusted handle, there is really only one important question to ponder about this announcement.

Why did Pope Pinocchio retire?

I don’t for a moment swallow the line about age and infirmity. Ill health is the excuse they always use when moving rapists away because the locals are starting to twig to what is going on.

What’s your favourite conspiracy theory?

Post a comment below.

And, in tribute to the disgraceful reign of a self serving despot, here’s a list of a few of my favourite names for the old fraud.

B16, Ratso, Ratty, Benny the Rat, Bene the Bad, the Rat in the Vat, Rat in a dress, Pope Rat, Pope Nazi, Pope Pinocchio, Paedophile Protecting Pope, paedophile protector in chief, Protector of the Paedophiles, Monarch of the Paedophiles, Pied Piper of Paedophiles, His Weathiness, His Greediness, Monarch of the Rapists, the criminal known as BXVI, occupant of the best room in the Vatican, power obsessed narcissist, and rich old man who likes to play dress ups and has an out of control God-complex.

Stay safe everyone.



Imagine my delight at a new name reflecting the despot’s hasty exit – Ex Benedict

Love it!

Rare Opportunity for the Real Truth to be Told

It was less than edifying this easter when the feeble monarch of the Church of Child Rape pronounced from his viciously defended high moral ground atop St Peter’s Square, tottering under the weight of pathetically opulent gold encrusted vestments and symbols of status, that

‘Life is stronger than death. Good is stronger than evil. Love is stronger than hate. Truth is stronger than lies,’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2126720/Pope-Benedict-XVI-ushers-Easter-candle-lit-vigil.html#ixzz1rWSOMPn1

They are indeed.

But does the obscenely wealthy and power obsessed Paedophile Protector in Chief even realise that he personifies death, evil, hate and lies in this ongoing struggle?

I think not, for only someone utterly lacking in self-awareness, compassion, insight, understanding, wisdom, respect, honesty and humanity could behave as he has behaved throughout the decades of his mishandling of the rampant despoilation of millions of children by his fiercely protected, enabled and rewarded rapist priests and other religious.

Not satisfied with heartlessly sacrificing our safety without a thought, without a qualm, without a moment’s consideration of our immense suffering, not satisfied with denying us help, denying our experience, and denying our very existence, not satisfied with branding us liars for telling the truth and unleashing the most horrific bullies his abusive organisation can spawn to brutalise us and exploit our defencelessness, our damage and our vulnerability and terrify us into silence, he also, to our very great detriment, pretends to care, to be sorry, and to have made changes to his dangerous and illegal practices.

But this habitual liar, this hate filled, entitled, intolerant fancy dress wearing misogynist, this evil murderer of children will not be the only voice heard this year, despite the most strident efforts of the Vatican’s PR army and their legions of lies.

Because this year, in Australia, the voices of his victims are being listened to, and our experiences noted down.

Because this year there is a genuine attempt to record the truth of what has happened to us and our experience with the catholic church, with law enforcement and with the courts and the criminal justice system.

Our suffering and our first hand knowledge of this issue will not be lost every time one of us succumbs to the relentless pressure to pretend we don’t exist and to wipe us out of existence.

What we went through will no longer be buried under piles of steaming PR ordure liberally shovelled about by those in the employ of the powerful, corrupt and wealthy organisation that sacrificed us in the first place.

Even if only a tiny sample of the many thousands of affected innocents come forward and tell their story, still our abuse is so consistent in its pattern and in its cover-up, that some aspect of everyone’s suffering will be there on record for our politicians to dare to continue to ignore. And supported by an increasing number of official, properly investigated records of the worldwide scale of this atrocity.

Of course the catholic church does not want our truth to be told.

What better reason is there to ensure your story is included, than to thwart the efforts of this most secretive, inhumane, criminal organisation to keep you forever a victim, forever a silent, terrified child denied help, denied even existence?

If you are able to participate, please contact the researcher, Judy Courtin, a PhD candidate in the Law faculty at Monash University, at jcourtin@netspace.net.au. At present Judy is looking for victims of catholic church child sexual abuse in NSW and Victoria. I have personally spoken to Judy a number of times, and have participated in her research. She treats victims with the courtesy, respect, understanding and compassion we have never received from anyone associated with the catholic church.

Judy’s research is being conducted with a careful eye to proper scientific methodology and is supervised by an ethics committee from Monash University to try to minimise harm to victims from speaking about their traumatic experiences. She is not able to approach victims directly, they must first contact her.

The catholic church are not involved in the research in any form, and are certainly not funding it. As most victims know from first hand experience, church leaders and many of their supporters will stop at nothing, no matter how harmful to victims, in order to silence us, and will not be happy at the truth seeing the light of day.

And as even Pope Pinocchio acknowledges, “Truth is stronger than lies.”

I hope he is ready for the consequences when the truth finally makes its presence felt.

Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops just as guilty as their precious child rapists

In my personal experience as a victim of catholic church enabled child sexual abuse, as a child protection activist, and as a member of a victim support self help group, I have always known that I was not abused solely by the cunning predator who went to such lengths to regularly torture me and at least 49 other little girls. I, in common with every other catholic victim/survivor, was abused, abandoned, blamed, bullied and victimised by the entire catholic hierarchy from the pope on down.

Every day, the catholic hierarchy and their unthinking apologists go out of their way to try to add to the mountain of harm already heaped on my shoulders.

My experience demolishes their protective facade of sanctity and moral superiority, and since they are unable to face the truth bravely and compassionately, they instead deflect their church imposed self hatred onto the defenceless, the already damaged, the innocent victims – those most deserving of compassion. Their twisted belief being that if they can drag us down to their level with their lies, they will seem less loathsome by comparison, and will thus feel better about themselves.

They cannot make my experience, which makes them so very uncomfortable, not exist, so instead they settle for attempts to make me not exist, to make me appear to be other than who I truly am, or to drive me to suicide.

A friend sent me an article by Tom Doyle, written more than a year ago, which expertly expresses this.

The Vatican spokesman keeps telling us the pope is deeply concerned about the clergy abuse “crisis,” There is little doubt that he is, but not because of the massive harm done to countless victims and their families and to the disappointed faithful who are tired of waiting for the “church” to do something meaningful.

He and the cardinals are deeply concerned, but they’re concerned for the wrong reasons. They see their credibility, their power and their relevance eroding at an ever increasing rate. They see a rapidly growing number of Catholics who refuse to be treated as children by the bishops and who pose a very serious threat to the crumbling myth that the pope and the bishops know what’s best for all. They see the growing chasm between the moral code the hierarchy is trying to persuade everyone, even non-Catholics, to accept and the reality of what is really happening out there in the world they are so afraid of.

The pope, the Vatican and the rest of the world’s hierarchy will not bring about the needed change because they are unable and not simply unwilling to do so. Their personal interests are far too deeply ingrained to allow them to make the sacrifices needed to step down from their thrones and be for the suffering and marginalized rather than for themselves.

The pope and the cardinals have betrayed the real church. They have perpetrated the sexual and spiritual violence just as much as the priests who physically violated the victims. They need to be willing to say “I hurt you” and not hide behind Vatican mumbo jumbo and double-speak.

They need to acknowledge that the formalities and legalities they have relied on to protect their own interests have been secondary and equally vicious acts of violence against the victims.

They need to admit that restitution is essential and deserved by the men and women abused by the immediate perpetrators but also by the church.

They need to acknowledge that they have intentionally tried to shift the responsibility for this worldwide debacle to other persons, to societal forces and even to the victims themselves and they need to admit without qualification that they, the hierarchs of the church, are solely responsible for the horrific damage to the victims and to the Body of Christ.

See the full article by Tom Doyle in NCR.

Even Thief Gives Pope Lesson in Morality – But Is B16 Capable of Learning?

Are the media truly picking on the catholic church over child sexual abuse, as petulantly claimed by the Vatican’s propaganda machine? Or are catholic church leaders the last people in the world any responsible parent would want to have anything to do with their children?

Last year the scandal of Penn State coaches covering up child sexual abuse in their midst and allowing it to continue for years, shocking though it was, nonetheless showed up the catholic church for their even more appalling approach, in continuing to sacrifice children to sexual predators rather than endanger their own reputations or the church’s immense wealth. Admittedly Penn State only acted very late in the day, and most likely only to immunise the university’s reputation from the inevitable fallout, but at least they did take action.

Something the catholic church is yet to do, despite all the faux apologies and announcements of “stringent guidelines”. Or world summits of those most involved in covering up. Or attempts to assume the position of experts in child rape. Or the establishment of an e-learning centre with multi-lingual advice.

Yesterday in Australia a petty thief showed the pompous bureaucrats at the Vatican’s “world summit” on child sexual abuse just how simple it is to recognise the right thing to do. His selfless act to protect children set a precedent of moral behaviour unseen in catholic circles the world over.

The thief knew there would be serious personal consequences.

He understood we all have a responsibility to protect the defenceless.

He acted straight away to put child safety first.

Nobody is claiming this man is a saint. Though his behaviour is more saintly than that of JPII, the (soon to be) Patron Saint of Paedophiles, who had a quarter of a century of absolute power to put children first and still failed.

Our thief saw an open car window in a supermarket carpark, and opportunistically helped himself to a wallet and two mobile (cell) phones. This was not his only offence.

But when he saw child pornographic images on one of the stolen phones, he did not need decades of excuses and distractions to understand this issue.  He went straight to the nearest police station and handed the incriminating phone, and himself, in to police. Despite being warned by police he may also be prosecuted for theft, the man said he wanted to hand himself in if it assisted police with such investigations.

Another man has subsequently been arrrested for child pornography.

The magistrate thanked our heroic thief. “You did the right thing,” the magistrate said. “That kind of offending is very serious. You are to be commended for your conduct even though it placed you at jeopardy of losing your own liberty.”

He did indeed lose his liberty, after pleading guilty to seven charges. The magistrate sent him to jail, but to encourage others to learn from his example, significantly reduced his sentence because of his heroic act and acceptance of responsibility for his own actions.

If only the Paedophile Protector in Chief and his cabal could learn enough to aspire to equal the morals of a thief!

If only the thousands of respectable rapists so highly honoured and protected by the catholic church could do as this thief has done, and turn themselves in to protect children.

If only the so-called “good priests” and “good catholics” valued children as highly as our humble thief, then maybe they would not turn away in the face of evidence of child rape, and allow it to continue unhindered.

This simple example of putting children first demonstrates that the only advice anyone should ever take from the Vatican regarding child sexual abuse is how to continue to get away with it. Or what not to do if you want to protect children.

For the catholic church hierarchy to try to position themselves as child protection experts is an obscenity.

And a further insult to their millions of victims.

It is high time everyone stopped pretending they have a shred of credibility left, and laughed their never ending stream of self serving PR stunts off the world stage in disgrace.

Read the original media article about the heroic thief who puts the Pope to shame.

Pope responsible for crimes against humanity

Last week the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) lodged documents with the International Criminal Court in The Hague detailing the widespread and systematic campaign of sexual violence and exploitation of many, many thousands of children worldwide by the Catholic Church.

I am one of those children.

I also support SNAP’s efforts to stop the Catholic Church’s ongoing cover-up of their crimes, and make the sacrifice of innocent children, and the denial of justice and assistance to victims, stop for good.

I urge you to read the following details from SNAP about this serious effort to stop serious crimes by an organisation that absolutely believes it is above the law.

The Vatican has already dismissed SNAP’s efforts as a publicity stunt with zero chance of success. They will no doubt make plenty of other fallacious claims, distractions, excuses and lies on this topic in the coming months. Anything to focus attention away from the fact that SNAP, despite the Church’s best efforts at cover-up, has assembled 20,000 pages of evidence of Catholic Church crimes against humanity. No amount of obfuscation can make that damning evidence go away, whether or not SNAP succeeds in having official charges laid.

In light of this evidence, we as a society, as a civilisation, have to decide whether we permit these atrocities to continue to be inflicted on the most vulnerable, or whether we draw a line in the sand, despite ferocious opposition from the entitled criminals who benefit from these crimes, and say “No more”.




In recent years, ongoing revelations of pervasive and serious sexual violence against children and vulnerable adults by priests and others associated with the Catholic Church in different parts of the world have demonstrated that the crisis is not one of isolated random sexual assaults by errant priests but rather is widespread and systematic.

In the wake of scandals in Canada, Ireland, Germany, the United States, and elsewhere, experts and investigators who have studied the issue of sexual violence by members of the clergy have identified policies and practices of the Vatican and high-level officials of the Catholic Church that allowed the sexual assaults to continue. The same practices and policies have been found virtually everywhere the sexual violence has been documented as in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Mexico among others.

Some observers have estimated that the number of victims of sexual violence by priests and clergy occurring over the past three decades is approaching 100,000, and will likely be far greater as more survivors come forward and civil authorities begin investigations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

It is the fact that the Vatican has had a longstanding policy and practice of dealing with sexual violence by priests in ways that ensured such violence would continue that is as shocking and deeply alarming as the magnitude and gravity of the offenses. High Level Vatican officials, including Pope Benedict XVI, either knew or in some cases consciously disregarded information that showed subordinates were committing or about to commit such crimes and further allowed and often facilitated access by predator priests to children and vulnerable adults, with no warning to potential victims.

Time and again church officials chose secrecy over the safety and physical and mental well-being of children and vulnerable adults. But they haven’t just kept it quiet; they have kept it going. There are documented cases showing that church officials have obstructed justice and/or destroyed evidence in national legal systems and have consistently engaged in the practice of ‘priest shifting,’ i.e. transferring known offenders to locations where they continued to have access to children or vulnerable adults and who officials knew continued to commit rape and other acts of sexual violence.


The New York based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) is representing the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) in seeking individual accountability for these crimes through mechanisms of international justice. When committed on a widespread or systematic basis against children and vulnerable adults, in a manner that demonstrates a certain pattern and practice, rape and other forms of sexual violence are crimes against humanity. International law recognizes that rape and sexual violence also can constitute a form of torture.

The Survivors Network is a non-profit organization that was founded over 20 years ago by a small group of survivors of rape and sexual violence committed by priests. Today, the Network has over 10,000 members in the United States alone as well as chapters in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Mexico, and The Netherlands. The Network is survivor-led and survivor-centered and is not affiliated with any political cause, other group or association; it is neither inherently anti-religion nor opposed to the Catholic Church or any other religious group. Indeed, many of SNAP’s members are observant Catholics whose sole desire, like that of SNAP’s, is to protect children and vulnerable adults, end the sexual violence, and spare others from the grave harms they have suffered and the grave risks that many Catholics still face today given the ongoing sexual violence and complicity of church officials.

On September 13, 2011, CCR, on behalf of SNAP and five individual complainants, filed a detailed complaint with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) requesting the investigation and prosecution of high-level Vatican officials as criminally responsible under the concept of superior responsibility as well as for their individual roles in aiding and abetting these crimes, as outlined by the Rome Statute of the ICC. The goal of this effort is to ensure individual accountability, which will greatly contribute to ending on-going crimes and deterring future criminal acts, exposing and preventing clergy sex crimes and cover-ups in the Catholic Church, and holding those who commit, ignore, conceal, and aid and abet them responsible.

Complainants/Survivors: The stories of these two individual complainants/survivors are representative of the global scope of this crisis.

 One complainant is a 21-year-old woman from Minnesota, United States. Beginning in 2004, from age 14 to 15 she was repeatedly raped by a visiting priest from India. She was one of three young girls who reported sexual acts by the priest. High-ranking officials in the diocese had knowledge of the allegations and attempted to involve the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) after a school counselor reported the survivor’s case to authorities. Following the ensuing investigation by local law enforcement, the District Attorney issued an arrest warrant and a red notice through INTERPOL for the priest’s extradition, since he had returned to India. The Vatican has failed to cooperate, even after the CDF was appealed to in person. To date, the priest is believed to be in India still overseeing approximately 40 Catholic schools in the Ootacamund Diocese.

 Another complainant is a 44-year-old man originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who now lives in Missouri. A Belgian priest repeatedly raped him from age 12 to 16 when he was attending seminary in DRC and where he knew of other boys who had been sexually assaulted by the priest. The survivor alerted diocese officials in Belgium about his case and the others he knew about. Later, the priest was sent back to Belgium where he was alleged to have abused again, though the Diocese never reported this to an Investigative Commission that was assisting the survivor with his case. The priest had also previously abused in Belgium before being sent to DRC. Now, the priest is in Rwanda where he is working with orphans, through a non-profit he started.

The complainants in this case have taken the brave step of bringing these crimes to the attention of the ICC in an effort to help prevent other children and vulnerable adults from being subject to the sexual violence they experienced. Their cases, however, do not exist in isolation. As the communication sets forth, these cases are part of widespread and systematic global pattern and practice.

Persons Named: The persons identified in the complaint as bearing the greatest responsibility for a system of sexual violence in the church are:

1) Pope Benedict XVI, both in his capacity as Pontiff (2005 – present), and formerly as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect (head) of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) (1981 – 2005), the entity tasked with overseeing the handling of allegations of sexual assault by priests.

2) Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals (2006 – present), having replaced Ratzinger upon his appointment as Pope; formerly served as the Vatican’s Secretary of State (1990 – 2006).

3) Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, as Sodano’s successor as Vatican Secretary of State (2006 – present), and who also serves as the Camerlengo (2007 – present). In his previous position, he served as Secretary of the CDF under Joseph Ratzinger (1995 -2002).

4) Cardinal William Levada, as Prefect for the CDF (2005 – present), and in his prior positions as Archbishop of Portland, OR (1986 – 1999), Archbishop of San Francisco (1995 -2005), and in other official positions at the CDF (serving part of his time under Ratzinger).


The ICC is the first permanent international institution with jurisdiction to prosecute individuals responsible for the most serious crimes of international concern. The Court officially came into existence on July 1, 2002, when the Rome Statute, the treaty creating the Court, entered into force. The ICC is based in The Hague, The Netherlands and is an independent body that is not part of the United Nations. The Court consists of 18 elected judges and an elected prosecutor, who leads investigations and tries cases. The current (and first) Prosecutor is Luis Moreno Ocampo (Argentina); his term expires in June 2012. The judges and prosecutor are elected by the States that have ratified the treaty; these States comprise the Assembly of States Parties, which is the ICC’s management oversight and legislative body.

The ICC was created, in large part, to help provide legal remedies where the wrongs committed are crimes under international law, including crimes against humanity. The ICC is the appropriate forum to ensure accountability in this context given the magnitude, scope, and global reach of the pervasive system of sexual violence within the Catholic Church, as well as the nature, depth and gravity of the physical and mental harm caused by these crimes, especially when committed by religious authority figures.

For victims, the ICC offers a unique and innovative victim participation process that was designed to secure victims’ access to justice. Moreover, the Court contains a Victims and Witnesses Unit that can provide counseling and other assistance in addition to protective measures and security arrangements. The Unit must include staff with expertise in trauma related to crimes of sexual violence.


SNAP will continue to urge victims, witnesses, and whistle-blowers with knowledge of clergy sex crimes and cover-ups to report to local law enforcement and contact SNAP, so that their information might help hold church employees who commit, ignore, and conceal child sex crimes accountable for the lives they devastate.

The ICC prosecutor can and should commence a preliminary investigation into these offenses and seek authorization to conduct a full-scale investigation.

What you can do: 

Ensure accountability for sexual violence and the system of cover ups within the Catholic Church. Specifically, you can:

1. Join SNAP as a survivor, supporter, or whistle-blower: http://www.snapnetwork.org/ 

2. One of the most effective ways to take action is to raise awareness—tell your friends, forward to your list-servs, post it on Facebook. We need to hold the Catholic Church hierarchy accountable!

3. Tweet the ICC @IntlCrimCourt to ask the Prosecutor to commence a preliminary investigation into these offenses and seek authorization to conduct a full-scale investigation

Defending the Indefensible is a Lot Like Football

Battling for truth, justice and child protection against the evil empire of His Greediness can get you down sometimes.

Time for a little light relief.

I came across this intelligent and articulate blogger just recently.

This post from the Voice from the Desert blog is screamingly funny. And tragically true.

It also introduced me to a new nickname for the Paedophile-in-Chief.

Pope Pinocchio.

By my calculations his nose should reach right around the globe by now and be able to tap himself on the shoulder from behind.

Shame he doesn’t have PTSD like most of us victims, he might have a little more compassion (sorry, that should be any compassion at all)  if he jumps out of his skin every time anyone, including his own nose, approaches from behind.


Vatican Lineup for Clergy Sex Abuse Super Bowl I, 2.7.2011


FEBRUARY 7, 2011

The Voice from the Desert International Sports Information Network (ISPIN) is pleased to announce the starting lineup for the Vatican for the Clergy Sex Abuse Super Bowl I which will be played in Rio de Janeiro at the Maracanã Soccer Stadium tonight at 7:00 PM, EST, February 7.

The starting lineup for the Survivor-Advocate All Stars was published on this blog previously.

Revised on 2.12.2011 at 9:40, Tucson time.

* * *

WIDE RECEIVER Federico Lombardi Vatican press spokesman; Jesuit; frequently left holding the bag with ludicrous arguments crafted by Pope Pinocchio’s incompetent staff as the Vatican kicks the can down the clergy-sex-abuse road; fumbles so often that he’s known affectionately in Vatican press corps as Fumbling Freddie; caught 12 touchdown passes in 2009; fumbled 14 times in 2010 after catching passes
LEFT TACKLE Timothy Dolan Archbishop of New York; known for unmatched beer-drinking and back-slapping skills; world-class Vatican suck up; close friend of Peter Isely, quarterback for the Survivor/Advocate All Stars; known for fierce blocking and dirty play; selected to clerical all star teams every year since ordination
LEFT GUARD Robert Vasa Coadjutor Bishop of Santa Rosa, CA; well known for his strict adherence to Church doctrine; explained in January 2010 that use of excommunication and denial of communion were acts of charity; fierce blocker, showing little mercy and less charity to opponents; named as one of the Ten Most Conservative Bishops in America by the National Catholic Register in December 2010
CENTER Roger Mahony Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles; top-notch prevaricator; his nose is getting so large that it’s beginning to embarrass even his most ardent supporters; known for liberally spending the Faithful’s donations ($600+ million to clergy abuse survivors and a juicy annuity for world-class child rapist Fr. Oliver O’Grady); skills as a center are suspect because of his record as a fumbler
RIGHT GUARD David O’Connell Bishop of Trenton; known for his love of sprawling suburban houses in fine neighborhoods far, far away from the rabble of the inner city; great pass protector; named as a finalist in 2010 Pius IX Clericalism Trophy race
RIGHT TACKLE Sean O’Malley Cardinal Archbishop of Boston; small and light for an offensive tackle; hides clerical sex abusers of children under his brown Franciscan robes; makes up for lack of size with smart Church politics and subtly dirty playing; named to all-time Clerical Humility Team; co-author of How to Get Ahead in the Vatican Sweepstakes, a best-seller in 2008; fierce blocker; pound for pound, one of the finest cardinals to ever play offensive tackle
TIGHT END Thomas Olmsted Bishop of Phoenix; authority freak;excommunicated hospital administrator Sister Margaret McBride for not stopping the abortion of a fetus that was endangering the mother’s lifeRoman Catholic Smart Money predicts in its November 2010 issue that he’ll be a cardinal someday for his unswerving loyalty to papal teaching; excellent pass catcher and fierce blocker; caught four touchdown passes in 2010
QUARTERBACK Tarcisio Bertone Vatican Secretary of State and Number 2 behind Pope Benedict XVI; made headlines in April 2010 when he said homosexuality and not celibacy was the cause of clergy sex abuse; threw 12 passes for touchdowns in 2010
RUNNING BACK Gerald Kicanas Bishop of Tucson; former vice president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops;was key decision maker in the ordination of convicted Chicago child molester Fr. Daniel McCormack; ran for 906 yards and caught six touchdown passes in 2010
SPLIT END Carlos Slim One of the richest people in the world; best known for founding Latin American mobile phone behemoth American Movil and donating large sums to his good friend Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado; caught 13 touchdown passes in 2010
FULLBACK Raymond Burke Cardinal; head of Apostolica Signatura, the Vatican’s highest court; native of Richland Center, Wisconsin; known for his elaborate clerical vestments and faithful adherence to church doctrine; subject of many sexual jokes; runs with authority; excellent pass protector; gained 1473 yards on the ground in 2010
DEFENSIVE END Robert Lynch Bishop of St. Petersburg, FL; recently made headlines when he rejected a request by parochial school parents for a meeting to discuss questions they say their children were asked during confession; loves to blitz the quarterback; lead the clerical league with 12 sacks in 2010-2011 season
DEFENSIVE TACKLE Joseph Kurtz Archbishop of Louisville, KY; a lawsuit recently filed against the archdiocese contends it fired a 63-year-old woman employee for complaining about a priest who was removed from ministry and who had allegedly been sexually abusive and was moving about in the parish unsupervised and circulating among children; excellent against the run; pass rushing skills suspect
DEFENSIVE TACKLE Allan Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit; like Phoenix Bishop Olmsted, an authority freak; overseeing a major parish downsizing process; an up-and-comer; excellent blitzer; has a nose for the football
DEFENSIVE END Tod Brown Bishop of Orange County (CA); cited in 2007 for criminal contempt-of-court for sending Monsignor John Urell out of the country to receive medical treatment, before he had finished completing his testimony in a sexual abuse lawsuit; Brown himself was accused of abuse, an allegation he rigorously denied; excellent against the run. but a weak pass rusher
OUTSIDE LINEBACKER Charles Chaput Archbishop of Denver; named as one of the Ten Most Conservative Bishops in America by the National Catholic Register in December 2010; hard hitter; known for his toughness
MIDDLE LINEBACKER Francis George Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago; former head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; one of the most powerful men in the Catholic Church because of the wealth of the Chicago Archdiocese; calls defensive signals; named to all clerical all star team for the past 15 years; led the clericalism league with 26 unassisted tackles in 2010
OUTSIDE LINEBACKER Angelo Sodano Dean, College of Cardinals; made headlines at 2010 Vatican Easter service when he lauded the pope’s handling of the clergy sex abuse crisis; his attempts at blitzing the quarterback often fall short
CORNERBACKB Donald Wuerl Cardinal archbishop of Washington, DC; said on 12.26. 2010, “when we look back and we talk about sexual abuse, we’re talking about something that happened 10, 20, even 30 years ago. We have succeeded in terms of the church and her response. We have succeeded in guaranteeing that if a priest is accused, and there is a credible allegation, he is simply removed from the ministry;” consummate hardball player; one of the fiercest tacklers in the clergy
CORNERBACKB Richard Lennon Archbishop of Cleveland; one of the meanest, toughest players in the game today; loves to talk tough and close down parishes; an elbow to the throat is one of his favorite tackling techniques; named by Real Catholic magazine as their preferred candidate to succeed Benedict XVI as pope
WEAK SAFETY Diarmuid Martin Cardinal Archbishop of Dublin; in January 2011 said that, in the past “most of the Irish bishops felt that dealing with the Congregation for Clergy was disastrous;” known for sorta standing up to the Vatican establishment; excellent against the run but somewhat shaky against the Hail Mary
STRONG SAFETY William Murphy; Bishop of Rockville Centre (NY); known for his large cash cache and taste for fine wine; a protégé of Bernard Law when Law ruled Boston; hard hitter; known as “Billy the Hammer;” two recipients of his hard hits are still in the hospital
PLACE KICKER Angelo Scola Patriarch of Venice; known as “Cardinal Automatic;” shy and retiring prelate, who lets his toe do his talking; made 37 consecutive extra points and 13 of 14 field goals in 2010
HOLDER Carlos Slim Billionaire founder of America Movil, Latin America’s largest mobile phone operator; best known in Church circles for his friendship with Fr. Macial Maciel Degollado; sure handed, thus well-suited to his position
RETURN SPECIALIST Tom Monahan Billionaire founder of Domino’s Pizza; the money and energy behind the Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida; excellent speed for an older man; returned two punts and two kickoffs for touchdowns in 2010
PUNTER Justin Rigali Cardinal Archbishop of Philadelphia; publishes names of perpetrator priests on his archdiocesan website; recently three of his priests were indicted for forcible child rape and a fourth was charged with child endangerment for allowing the abuse; averages 44 yards per punt
HEAD COACH Pope Benedict XVI Servant of the Servants of God; a.k.a. Joseph Ratzinger and Pope Pinocchio; supreme authority in the Roman Catholic Church; very little coaching experience; knowledge of American football minimal
OFFENSIVE Coordinator Bernard Law Archpriest of St. Mary Major Basilica in Rome; former Cardinal Archbishop of Boston; internationally known for covering up sex crimes against children for decades; excellent player of the Church political games; left Boston under a dark cloud; knowledge of offensive strategy suspect
DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR Angelo Sodano Dean, College of Cardinals; made headlines at 2010 Vatican Easter service when he lauded the pope’s handling of the clergy sex abuse crisis; his attempts at blitzing the quarterback often fall short
SPECIAL TEAMS COACH William Baum Former archbishop of Washington, DC; now the second longest serving cardinal in American history, behind only Cardinal James Gibbons of Baltimore; accomplished Vatican insider; recipient of the North American College’s Founder’s Award, citing his “long and tireless priestly service”; eschews the spotlight

I’m considering compiling a similar list for an Australian and/or international all-star child rapist enabler line up. But not a football team. I don’t have the knowledge of football or sports.

Maybe a Top 10, or rather, Top 50. Top 100. Top 1,00. Okay, I’ll have to be very selective.

Any votes for which inhuman monster should be included are welcome. I’ve only been doing this for one year and couldn’t possibly have come across all of them yet. Either post a comment or email me privately at voicelessvictim@gmail.com

Have a look at Voice from the Desert. I’m personally looking forward to getting hot and sandy amongst the Desert posts soon.

Top 10 Catholic Excuses For Doing Absolutely Nothing to Stop Child Rape

Priests at the pulpit do it.

Catholic apologists do it mindlessly, understanding little.

Cardinals and Bishops exploit their influence to do it to as many people as possible.

The Vatican does little else.

With alarming regularity and very little variation, they all trot out the same set of tired, pathetic old excuses.

To justify some of the most horrific crimes ever committed. To protect some of the worst criminals ever to draw breath. To prevent the refreshing winds of honesty and accountability from tainting their secretive, medieval hierarchy. To suppress and re-abuse the already irreparably damaged victims of these monsters. And to endanger new children.

There is so much consistency in the way these diversions, distractions and obfuscations are used, it is almost as if the Vatican Press publishes a little black book with instructions for how to get away with raping thousands of children and not face any consequences.

But before counting down this lame and overused list, it’s important to understand the rules for trying to excuse the inexcusable, which may go some way towards explaining how on earth the Catholic Church continues to get away with it.

Rule No 1:

Avoid any possibility of intelligent discussion or exchange of opinions. The point is to cut off anything approaching discussion and drown out all other opinions.

Rule No 2:

Guilt is good, as long as it’s someone else’s. When anyone wants to discuss taking responsibility for your own actions,  or lack of action, immediately change the subject to anything that enables you to point fingers of guilt, either at your accuser or someone else.  The more off-topic the better.

Rule No 3:

Exploit the undeserved respect accorded to religions and religious persons.  Quote scriptures, and treat any difficult questions you don’t want to answer as an attack on God, Jesus, charity and all that is good in the world.

Rule No 4:

Manipulate access to the media. The Vatican does this by whipping the media up into a frenzy about whether or not the Pope will issue an apology, meet with victims, or address a particular topic in an upcoming speech. All of which miraculously keeps the focus away from discussions of Vatican inaction and culpability.

Top 10 Catholic Excuses

Excuse No 1. “We’re the victim here!”

Blaming a media conspiracy trying to “get” the Pope, homosexual infiltration and undermining of the “sanctity” of the priesthood, a campaign against priestly celibacy, atheists focusing only on the crimes committed by Catholic officials, a “lack of morality” in modern secular society, the popularity of child pornography, Vatican II, even “money hungry” victims “dwelling angrily on old wounds”, effectively takes the focus off the real crimes, the real victims, and the real guilty parties.

Which is why this little masterpiece of deception is still the Catholic Church’s No 1 excuse for continuing to sacrifice innocent children.

Excuse No 2. “Look Ma, they did it too!”

Whenever someone wants to ask hard questions about what exactly was or is being done to protect children, a quick sidestep into vociferous accusations about other completely unrelated or irrelevant individuals or organisations makes it very easy to avoid the questions you have no intention of answering.

Excuse No 3. “But  the teachers/scouts/families/Jews/homosexuals/insert your favourite prejudice here are much worse!”

Here’s where the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ 2004 investment in the almost universally misquoted John Jay study shows its true worth.

The authors of the study, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, analysed, as well as was possible without themselves collecting the raw data or ensuring its validity, accusations of child sexual abuse that individual US bishops had supplied.

Considering how these same bishops are today still lying about such accusations, are still being proved to be lying by the release of previously secret documents, and the fact that the study methodology allowed bishops to dismiss or ignore any accusations they did not want to acknowledge, with no requirement to justify such deletions, the numbers cannot possibly accurately reflect the true situation.

But on top of the Church’s reluctance to fess up to the full extent of accusations contained in their still secret files, the numbers reported in the study (between 3% and 6% of all priests reliably accused of abusing children) are constantly misrepresented by Catholic officials and apologists as measuring the total incidence of abuse in their organisation. A disgracefully misleading misuse of statistics that is at best arrogantly ignorant and at worst appallingly deceitful.

Which is then made much worse by the despicable and truly dangerous claims that child sexual abuse is more widespread in other organisations, and that the Catholic Church is a safer place for children than almost anywhere else!

A true measure of the incidence of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church would need to allow for both the underreporting of allegations by the Catholic Bishops and the non reporting by victims (it is estimated by most experts in this field that as few as one in ten sexual abuse victims are able to report their abuse).  The resulting figures are almost too mind-boggling to consider.  Certainly the Catholic Church doesn’t want you to consider them.

The study also focuses on the number of priests accused of abusing children. Not on the enormous number of actual victims per abuser. This is yet another shocking piece of the full picture of abuse within the Catholic Church that Cardinals, Bishops and Popes most definitely do not want the public to see or understand.

But all this focus on the John Jay figures is beside the point. It is irrelevant to victims or endangered children whether more priests or scoutmasters or step fathers are abusers – what matters is what is being done to prevent such sickening abuse ever occurring again.

So far we have seen little change other than excuses, and a cynical encouragement to rely on prayer and sacraments to magically fix everything.

Excuse No 4. “It’s just a few bad apples!”

“What about all the “good” priests who do not abuse?”

In fact if you listen to Catholic apologists, these “non abusing” priests who are now subjected to the occasional sideways glance instead of the unquestioning obsequious respect they expect as their inalienable right, are more deserving of your pity than the terrified children brutally violated year after year.

But a more important question for these “non abusing” priests is why did they not have the courage to stand up for the rights of innocent children not to be raped? Why did they ignore all the tell-tale signs? Close their eyes and ears and pretend they saw and heard nothing? Accept that their superiors didn’t want to deal with such issues and so just let it go? Choose their own comfort and career security over the safety of defenceless children?

The numbers of priests and Bishops who must have known or suspected some part of what was going on are huge. The number of morally courageous priests and Bishops in each country who saw what was going on, were told to ignore it and decided that protecting children was more important than protecting the Church’s reputation can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

And the disgraceful manner in which these lonely few are silenced, sidelined, undermined, ostracised, criticised, had their careers destroyed and are otherwise punished for their bravery is a more telling indictment of the culpability of the Church hierarchy than any number of incriminating documents.

One such courageous priest was driven to suicide by the viciously sanctimonious vendetta against his quest for truth and justice for victims.

Excuse No 5. “These are all old claims!”

It’s hard to be sure whether those using this despicably deceitful excuse are simply incredibly poorly informed about this subject (and so should not be commenting on something they patently do not understand), or whether they know it is an abhorrent lie and are malicious enough to use it anyway.

This line is used to support the fallacious and self-serving claim that the abuse was all in the past and is no longer a problem,  undermining calls for the Church to introduce desperately needed concrete measures to protect children.

All sexual abuse victims, adult or child, are still so unlikely to receive appropriate support, no matter how or where their abuse occurs, that as few as one in ten are able come forward and report their abuse. Catholic child victims, who by their very existence threaten an all-powerful religious organisation which is dedicated to denying their abuse, are even less likely to report. This is made far worse by parents who are indoctrinated to believe an exalted religious authority figure is incapable of evil, and so are often anything but supportive of their child.  No wonder it takes such victims not just years, but usually decades to report.

Even the John Jay study highlights this issue clearly in its executive summary. It records that more than one-quarter of complaints received took 30 years or longer after the abuse started for the victim to come forward. Only a small fraction of complaints reported the abuse in the same year it started.

So the fact that most of the Catholic Church’s current abuse claims are decades old is entirely to be expected and is in no way an indication of whether abuse is declining.

A far better gauge of whether abuse is continuing to flourish and whether victims are intimidated into suffering in silence is if the Church’s protective mantle of secrecy which encourages and even rewards abuse has been dismantled and if victims are treated with sensitivity and respect.

We are still waiting for these changes.

Excuse No 6. “But what about all the Church’s “good works”?”

What about them? Helping a little old lady across the road does not make it okay to rape children.

No amount of “good works” makes it okay to rape children. Never. Ever. Ever.

Yet that is precisely what those using this nasty little sleight of hand want you to accept.

This reprehensible diversion aims to make the survival of the Church hierarchy the key issue. Because that is what is important to the Church hierarchy. Much more important than stopping the systemic rape of children.

And in my personal experience “good works” and abuse of power often go hand in hand.

“Good works” are frequently used by predators to hide, excuse or distract attention from abuses of power.

Or even specifically to gain access to vulnerable victims.

Excuse No 7. Blame the Victims

The Catholic Church has no lack of ways to blame, undermine and sully the reputations of victims in order to deflect attention from their own criminal culpability.

But surely the most appallingly inappropriate such attempt must belong to the Bishop of Tenerife, Bernardo Alvarez, in his Christmas message of 2007, when he claimed about child sexual abuse victims,

‘There are 13-year-old adolescents who are under age and who are perfectly in agreement with, and what’s more wanting it, and if you are careless they will even provoke you’.

Any such child, if they actually exist, must have already been sexually exploited by a powerful adult. (And how morally repugnant is any person capable of further exploiting their vulnerability and previous abuse). But no child is likely to be voluntarily sexually interested in old, fat, predatory bullies with rotten teeth and whiskey breath like the good Bishop and his paedophile mates.

Such deluded comments clearly reveal an acceptance, even approval of the sexual abuse of children and are so eerily, frighteningly similar to the strident denials and blame shifting common to most sexual predators, that authorities really should investigate anyone making such claims.

Excuse No 8. “We are just trying to protect the privacy of victims!”

Victims’ privacy was violated irreparably by their abusers, and the last organisation they can trust to respect their feelings and human rights is the abusive Catholic Church.

Church officials may claim their lack of effective action to stop abusers from continuing to target defenceless children, and their lack of any attempt to help victims, stems from the desire to respect victims’ privacy. But if that is indeed their motivation (and I don’t think anyone is gullible enough to believe that it is), where is the equivalent respect for victims’ other, less convenient, rights?

Their right to see their abusers held accountable. Their right to tell their own stories without being attacked and called liars. Their right to recover from their abuse. Their right to ensure no others are exposed to danger as they were. And their right to demand the system which encourages and supports their abusers in such criminal acts be changed.

Excuse No 9. “You misunderstood!”

Whenever documentary proof is produced of the Church’s detailed knowledge of the crimes committed in its name, and the almost universal conspiracy to cover-up these crimes and allow the criminals to continue offending unhindered, one of the most predictable excuses is the claim the document has been “misunderstood”.

Certainly canon law is designed to be impenetrable to all but the initiated, but once again this is just a distraction from the real issue.

How hard is it to understand that criminal child rapists should be handed over to the police, not feted as heroes, and certainly not moved to new and unsuspecting parishes where it is easier to abuse unhindered?

How hard is it to understand that victims should be helped to heal, not bullied into silence?

How hard is it to understand that children should be protected, not sacrificed for the “universal good of the Church”?

And how hard is it to understand that an organisation that is riddled with child rape yet does nothing to prevent further rapes or to help victims, is part of the problem and not “doing everything possible”?

Excuse No 10. “Why are you so full of hate?”

When all other attempts at diverting attention from the Catholic Church’s culpability fails, the final tactic of the deceitful is always to attack the speaker. Once again claiming an undeserved religious respect for a hierarchy obsessed with protecting their secular power, prestige and wealth, this excuse paints any criticism of the Church’s inaction and cover-up as a fictitious hate filled anti Church sentiment festering in the speaker/writer’s heart.

But wait, there’s more.

The above list is not exhaustive.  It is just the top ten.

There’s the one about needing to protect the confidentiality of the confessional. Why? No really, what public good does the confidentiality of the confessional serve that is more important than preventing defenceless children from being raped by priestly predators? It doesn’t help anyone except the Church and the rapists they protect. It certainly harms innocent children. It gives criminal priests the benefit of “divine” forgiveness without having to face the consequences of their crimes, and as with all these excuses, protects the reputation of the Catholic Church from being besmirched with something so unimportant as the horrific suffering of thousands of raped children.

There’s the utter nonsense implying that this issue is not about sexual exploitation of the powerless by the powerful, but simply a result of the “evil” of homosexuality. Which leaves the widespread abuse of female victims, like myself, ignored and dismissed.

And there’s the attempts to paint victims as only interested in money, resulting, in extreme cases, in blaming victims for the bankruptcy of parishes. When in fact any bankruptcy is a direct result of the Church allowing known rapists to continue raping additional children, often for decades. And any parish that declares bankruptcy should be immediately  investigated for the common Catholic tactic of asset stripping Church entities so that nothing is left with which to compensate victims.

Or the attempts to pretend the Church didn’t really understand child sexual abuse in the past and so made some understandable and forgivable mistakes. They knew all too well about child sexual abuse. They’ve been doing it for at least 1,500 years and there are plenty of internal Church pronouncements and laws throughout the centuries to prove it. The only mistake that has been made is that their dirty little secret is out and they are no longer able to keep a lid on this issue through their conspiracy of silence. And if their past actions were the result of incompetence instead of policy, why have the people involved been promoted instead of removed from positions of authority, and why has nothing actually changed?

The worst lie of all: “Doing everything possible”

Worst of all is the increasingly common claim to be “doing everything possible” to help victims, bring offenders to justice, and put child safety first. This is the most harmful of all the Catholic Church lies. This is what every victim longs to see become a reality. This is what would help us heal and become survivors, not victims. And this is what the Catholic Church claims to be doing, while putting every possible resource into resisting efforts to force it to make even tiny changes towards this end.

And every time we read or hear this particular lie we die a little more inside.

This reprehensible list, when viewed together, gives some insight into the appalling re-abuse dumped on every victim of child sexual exploitation at the hands of the “compassionate” and “loving” Catholic Church.

Through no fault of our own, we, not the vicious criminals who preyed upon our vulnerability, are seen as a threat by the world’s most powerful and power obsessed organisation. Our very existence is denied, our traumatic experiences are minimised or dismissed, we are treated as the guilty party while the loathsome monsters who violated our tiny, defenceless bodies and brutally wiped out our potential to live happy or rewarding or “normal” lives are honoured as beyond reproach. Then for the rest of our lives we are bullied, ostracised, ignored and neglected into suffering in painful silence.

We are the living embodiment of an inconvenient truth. One that the Catholic Church spares none of its obscene wealth and resources to deny.

So to summarise, the Catholic Church snatches the role of victim from the real victims, tries to normalise child rape, blames others, blames the victims themselves, hides behind good works, minimises the scope and nature of the problem, and generally confuses, distracts and misleads. And when all else fails it can be relied upon to attack those who try to hold it responsible for its own actions.

What the Church really should be doing is admitting the problem, stopping the abuse, helping victims, and protecting children.

Before any of these other issues are addressed His Wealthiness needs to answer just two simple questions:

When are we going to see real action on this issue?


When is the system which supports child rape going to undergo real change?

And every time any one of you accept or repeat one of these offensive lies, remember the children whose suffering you are talking about so glibly, and adding to so callously.

Gentle Slap on the Wrist and Comfy Retirement on the Quiet for Dutch Rapist Bishop

Details were revealed this week about the Vatican “taking action” last year against a Dutch Catholic Bishop working in Kenya, who had raped a 14-year-old Masai boy some years earlier while still a priest.

So here we have an example of just exactly what the new, recently improved Vatican response to child sexual abuse really does, and how different it is from the bad old days of the last 1,500 years.

There have been so many claims that the Vatican has changed, is taking strong action, didn’t really understand about child sexual abuse before, that surely we can finally expect modern, civilised, compassionate, effective, strong action which will achieve results and consist of something other than cynical PR spin.

We have been led to expect by Ratso himself that children will be protected, victims will be helped to recover, and criminals will face justice.

So surely the Vatican response involved first and foremost reporting this serious crime to the police? A crime had clearly been committed and in his letter of apology to Irish Catholics in 2010, Ratso claimed to “answer … before properly constituted tribunals.”

No, this crime was not reported to the police.

Okay, that’s not good, but surely at least the Vatican took effective action to prevent this criminal from continuing to rape children?

He received early retirement, supposedly for reasons of ill-health.

Okay, so they are hiding the fact he is a rapist, and possibly mentally ill. Or is the ill-health line just a straight out lie, sorry “mental reservation”?

But, since these criminals have such high levels of recidivism, and can be expected to continue to abuse unless physically prevented from accessing new victims, surely he is in a secure facility receiving an appropriate level of supervision?

He is in an ordinary retirement home catering for the elderly. Where, one supposes, it is usual for grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the residents to visit and play in the grounds.  And where residents are probably happy for the relatively youthful, probably very charming, eminent retired bishop to chat with their littlies, give them lollies, and take them for walks.

So he could have access to any number of children and it is highly likely nobody has the slightest idea he is a dangerous child rapist.

Did the Vatican actually do anything at all?

There has been no mention of providing any assistance to the victim, and my personal experience would suggest that such any support will only be provided grudgingly and under duress, at a cost to the victim of considerable additional suffering.

As for the rapist Bishop, the full extent of Vatican intervention was to restrict him from saying Mass in public and from any pastoral duties. But since he is “retired” anyway, surely it makes little real difference, especially since the information about his crime and “punishment” was kept secret.

And this is not actually a change, since canon law has for many, many years provided the power to do this. Of course,  in the past such powers were either not used or were delayed by so many years pondering “the good of the universal Church” that many rapists only faced canon law trials on their deathbeds, and were promptly excused and allowed to die with undeservedly unblemished reputations. While countless additional children’s lives were ruined as a direct result of Vatican inaction.

But the Vatican seems to believe that removing rapists’ ability to say Mass is sufficient punishment and sufficient restriction. This completely misses the point that they are not special “godlike” beings for whom the removal of their badge of specialness is the ultimate punishment only to be used in extreme cases.

They are dangerous criminals who need to be prevented from raping additional children. The undeserved and unquestioning respect accorded to priests and other Church officials is exploited by these criminals to gain easy access to victims. And is a key element in making these crimes both more damaging and more widespread than other rapes.

If I were marking the Vatican on their response to this latest crime I would struggle to give them 1/10. However it is an improvement on the 0/10 or even negative score they previously earned.

But much, much more attention is needed to vitally important gaps in their response.

And a huge improvement is required before Ratso can be considered anything other than a contemptible liar on this subject.

The Real Role of the Media in the Catholic Child Rape Tsunami

The paedophile protecting Pope and his seriously creepy Vatican spokespersons try to paint the role of the media in the reporting of the Catholic Church child rape tsunami as a conspiracy.

They can’t quite make up their minds who exactly is behind their fallacious nonsense of a persecution. The culprit, according to those who try to usurp the role of victim in order to take the focus off their own guilt, changes with the wind. Or with their prejudices.

The PR finger of blame has been pointed at jews, homosexuals, atheists, the media themselves, liberals, intellectuals, those who disapprove of priestly celibacy (not that many of them are actually celibate), and just about anyone who doesn’t mindlessly repeat the Catholic Church’s outrageous lies.

The Pope and his cabal have the gall to expect the media not to investigate widespread and systemic crimes committed by those who claim to be above reproach. Above questions. Above the law. And certainly above taking responsibility for their own actions.

They consider breaking the previously inviolable code of silence about the sordid underbelly of the Catholic Church to be a crime, one far more serious than child rape.

And they expect the public to accept this special treatment, just because they are wealthy, powerful and give themselves impressive sounding titles.

The Church has shrieked long enough and loud enough about the bias of the media in refusing to print only their version of events, preferably without fact checking, without alteration, and especially without comments from anyone other than Church spokespersons or apologists.

But there is another side to this “conspiracy”.

The truth.

Imagine being subjected to years of terrifying abuse by someone who pretends to be a living embodiment of goodness. An all-powerful adult who can do no wrong. Who everyone you know respects and admires. Who you are not permitted to criticise.

Imagine being forced to endure devastatingly traumatic experiences that you are not allowed to accept as real. If you tell anyone the horrible truth, you will be treated as a liar. Yelled at, insulted, physically punished, or forced to submit to more sexual abuse. In some cases threatened with death, or with the death or disgrace of your entire family.

Imagine that you or someone else manages to reveal there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing terrorising defenceless children.

And nobody does anything about it.

Everyone acts as if it’s all okay. That you have no reason to complain, or to want it to stop. Or that it never happened.

And they treat you as if you are the one who did something wrong. And are just making it worse by wanting to talk about it, heal from it, or stop others from having to go through it.

And they act as if the monster who taught you first hand about real evil is holy, worthy of respect, perfect even. And has done nothing wrong.

Then imagine that the media want to hear your story and that of other victims. They listen to you, take you seriously and don’t accuse you of lying.

They check the facts and find other victims, or corroborating evidence. Evidence that makes you feel for the first time in your life that you were sane all along and it was the environment you were raised in that was insane.

And people and events make sense for the first time in your life.

And you discover that in the real world good people do exist and evil people are prevented from harming children.

And you are allowed to tell the truth of your own experience. Because you lived it.

That is the role of the media in the Catholic Child Rape Tsunami.

To give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the powerless.

To hold the powerful accountable for the secret evil that flourishes in the absence of transparency, responsibility and accountability.

And to initiate change so that it can never happen again.

The media are not perfect. They probably have their own agenda, and one eye on circulation or ratings.

But unlike callous Catholics they do not treat the victims of hideous crimes as a threat which must be eliminated. They hear our stories and are touched by our suffering, not angry at us for speaking out.

And they are the victims’ only hope of stopping the abusive Catholic Church from continuing to sacrifice innocent children to “the good of the universal church”.

Because the Catholic Church are still covering up, still re-abusing victims, still protecting their criminal mates, still exposing children to dangerous predators. Still putting children last while claiming to be doing everything to protect them.

Everyone who believes in truth, who believes children should be protected not sacrificed, should join me in saying to the world media reporting this important issue, “Thank you and keep up the good work”.