Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves


Voiceless Victim is a survivor of years of child sexual abuse by a Catholic cleric.

Disgusted by the Catholic Church’s cover up of this issue, in 2008 Voiceless Victim reported her abuser to the police. He was arrested and charged in 2009, and faced court on a monthly basis in pre-trial preparations. The church funded lawyers applied to have him declared not fit to stand trial. Unfortunately a second psychological assessment (which may or may not have been truly independent) agreed, and the charges were dropped by prosecutors, who were having severe budget problems at the time. This was despite multiple eyewitness to his abuse being ready to testify.

In 2010 he walked out of court, scot free, unable to be tried for any of his past thousands of child sex crimes, or even for any similar crimes he may commit in the future. He was surrounded by a posse of catholic supporters, laughing and patting him on the back in congratulations, treating him like a hero for successfully escaping justice and keeping their dirty little secrets. While Voiceless Victim hid up the back of the court, scared, alone and unsupported as she had always been.

Before he left, Voiceless Victim, who had been training with her counsellor to be able to be in the same room as this predator who made her childhood a misery and left her damaged and terrified by his countless attacks, came face to face with this deceitful child sex criminal and asked him, “I hope you’re proud of yourself?”

Dozens of other victims of this predator are unable to speak up publicly. Some asked the Catholic Church for help years ago and were ignored, bullied, ordered to leave the parish and treated as the problem. No-one listened to them. No-one did anything to relieve their suffering, but many “good Catholics” and “good priests” instead took deliberate actions to make their suffering worse.

The criminal who abused them was moved interstate, had his name changed and was inflicted upon a new, unsuspecting community. He is still treated with respect, supported financially and protected from justice, while his innocent child victims continue to suffer, alone and unsupported, as a result of the Catholic Church’s mercenary policy of cover-up and neglect.

Where is he now? Church officials refuse to reveal his whereabouts. The official who covered up for him in 1996 has a prestigious posting at the UN in New York. The official obstructed police and protected him from justice in 2008/9/10 is now the international head of his order. Another official, the one who knows the most about his decades long reign of terror refused for 18 months to speak to police and has been rewarded with an official honour, an OAM or Order of Australia Medal for services to covering up child sex crimes.

Voiceless asked that this man who pursued her, tracked her down, and finally trapped her where she could not escape and then sexually abused her for six long years now declares he cannot remember who she is. Strangely enough, before the police came knocking on his door, he was an active and full participant in the life of his community. He turned into a frail and doddering old man overnight. I wonder, now he knows he can reoffend as much as he likes and will never be held accountable for past or future crimes, whether he is an active participant and predator once more?

Voiceless Victim speaks up on this topic because so many are too damaged to speak for themselves.

And some, tragically, never made it to adulthood. Or died far too soon, leaving devastated families behind.

Voiceless Victim will happily shut up about this issue as soon as the Catholic Church hands over the evidence, acts to help victims recover, to protect children in the future, to bring criminals and their enablers to justice and to expose the conspiracy to cover up these crimes.

Under the current hierarchy, this will never happen voluntarily.

They are all too personally guilty and have too much to lose to ever give in.

The Catholic Church is expert at pretending things have changed and stealing other people’s compassionate words to use for their own deceitful purposes. Any current claims that the Church is helping victims, assisting police investigations, interested in justice,  acting responsibly to protect children, co-operating with official inquiries or sorry for past actions are still empty, hypocritical lies.

And extremely insulting to victims.

Voiceless Victim no longer personally comes up against the Catholic child sexual abuse cover up on a daily basis. Her own case has ended, like so many others, most unsatisfactorily and with a complete denial of justice.

But Voiceless Victim now works with other victims and hears tales of horrific abuse and brutal re-abuse that bring her to tears, and make her determined to do whatever she can to help, and to not stop fighting until the truth is accepted, victims are helped to recover and real child protection policies, not the PR stunts by church officials, are in place to protect all children from these monsters in clerical disguise.

Voiceless Victim has realised that she could let her past, and her denial of justice defeat her. Or she could fight for justice, and help prevent others from suffering as she did.

After being a downtrodden, silenced victim all her life, Voiceless Victim has become a fighter.

The truth is her weapon.

And now, after many refusals by our politicians to do anything about this issue, we finally have a national Royal Commission devoted to getting to the truth, and making changes to ensure this never happens again.

After a few hours of celebration of the victory, the real work begins……


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  1. Helen Dawson July 18, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Hang in there and get as much support as you can, get as many supportive people there to cheer you on as you need, we hope you succeed.

  2. maria December 1, 2012 at 7:13 am

    i was sexually molest from the age of 6 to 12 and the reason why i finally told was partly because of Katy Perrys song firework. i made a video for her and posted it on youtube. can you please watch and share.
    Heres the link to the video

    i really want her to see it and if i get enough veiws hopefully she will.

    • voicelessvictim December 9, 2012 at 11:56 pm


      Congratulations on your strength and your courage. Not many people could do what you have already achieved at such a young age. You are an inspiration. I certainly hope you achieve all your dreams, including getting your message to your idol, Katy Perry, and taking control of your own life.

      Abusers seem to have a radar for those who have been previously abused, please do not think you are the problem. You have every right to grow up without being preyed upon by those close to you or in positions of power over you. Your actions to remove yourself from an unsafe situation are to be applauded and those who try to prevent you from doing so are not acting in your own best interests, even if they claim to be doing so.

      Unfortunately giving birth does not always qualify someone to be a parent, or to have the care of a child, something I learned myself the hard way. That lack will always be a sorrow to you, but you are far better off with those willing and able to care for you than the person who you should be able to rely upon, but who is unable to put your needs first.

      One day I hope you will realise just how amazing you are, how like a firework you already are. Thank you for telling your story. You may already be inspiring others in a similar situation to follow in your footsteps and dig themselves out of the hole of child sexual abuse.

  3. Lee Kear June 12, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    An honest examination of the spiritual damage done by abusive priests, and the moral rot at the core of the Catholic Church.


  4. El Kabong June 28, 2014 at 10:16 am

    I’ve just finished reading the recent post about the UN hearing on the catholic church’s ongoing crisis of priest sexual abuse, “Getting it isn’t it.”

    Last Friday a Judge ruled on a motion submitted by a Diocese to dismiss a civil suit charging them with covering up, not performing duty to protect and preventing the victim from learning that he could have brought suit much earlier.

    I filed criminal charges against a priest in June, 2010. Fortunately the sheriff who I spoke with to file charges actually believed my allegations. So did the DA.

    During interrogations regarding the charges the priest admitted his crime. He confessed. I was amazed, as was the sheriff.

    The priest was subsequently arrested and charged, bail set at $5,000. He didn’t tell anyone about his confession. Not the media, not the 1300 supporters who almost immediately created a Facebook page “Justice for Father **********” and organized simultaneous candlelight vigils in two other cities.

    No one knew he confessed, was guilty, was a monstrous child molester – admitted. Many of the posts on the Facebook page focused on diagnosing the victim (me) with a variety of psychiatric illnesses, accusing me of being an alcoholic, drug addict and clearly seeking to rip off the church.

    No one knew he confessed. He often sat in his living room while members of his support group reviewed post after post basking in the glow of his sanctimonious innocence. He read the posts, saw the denigrating comments about me and shared ice tea and cookies.

    That lasted two years until the Asst DA submitted a motion to the criminal court seeking the immediate production of documents, records, medical information – all the items that were not bring produced as a matter of discovery in the civil case.

    She also stated that it was known to the courts that the defendant had in fact confessed to his crime. Naturally, the media picked that up – within 3 hours the Facebook page disappeared. The media sort of quietly let the news out, but almost seemingly reluctantly.

    It was 2 years since my civil suit had been filed when this happened. I was in the psychiatric hospital for the third time in 3 months and during the holidays when I heard the news.

    Since being diagnosed with PTSD, generalized anxiety, bipolar 2 disorder and major depression in 2002, I have been hospitalized 10 times. It’s very scary and I’ve now come to realize that since being severely traumatized during my last visit, I cannot subject myself any further to facilities that are not trauma oriented. Unfortunately there is but one such facility in the US that is respected, but is mostly designed for folks with DID (duplicate identity disorder). I don’t have that problem.

    I’ve been deeply afraid of the outcome from my civil case, which did in fact materialize last Friday. Losing. The case being thrown out. Because no matter what, winning at the very least would mean a) I’d not have to struggle with the constant stress of abject poverty due to my inability to work, and b) I’d have resources to allow me to seek the best treatment I could find. Considering the possibility of losing felt suffocating because I felt I was on borrowed time.

    Since before filing suit, my symptoms have progressed to such an extent that I now find myself absolutely isolated. I am afraid leaving home, very afraid of interaction with people, sick with shame and fear, and severely depressed.

    A week after having one of my worst fears presenting itself, I sit here looking around and literally don’t know what to do. I feel discarded, revictimized, retraumatized, afraid, paralyzed and angry.

    To make things worse, I received a VM from an Asst DA, yep the criminal case is STILL NOT PROSECUTED, saying the judge wanted to have a hearing at 2pm Monday. What!? I hadn’t heard from them in 6 months. Basically since the priest gave a very odd yet revealing deposition.

    I have since learned that there has been 2 forensic exams of the defendant that concluded “incompacity to proceed.”

    The criminal case will likely be tossed out.

    Isn’t this newsworthy? Maybe not. Obviously I am biased from my vantage point.

    I am sharing this with you because I suppose it is meaningful. But also I think it is valuable for people to hear real stories from the battlefield. For people to know that despite the fact I’ve been victimized terribly, had a great civil case put together only to result in being dismissed by a judge citing a statute that has proven to need some modification. My situation should not have been subject to the SOL- especially with the confession.

    I feel like someone, somewhere needs to scream that this horrible, horrible person that everyone loves is a lying, deceitful, manipulative child molester who destroyed the lives of at least 2 people (one poor guy took his life.)

    I feel I have been dismissed by the justice system, the media, catholic community and the church.

    I fear for my future. I don’t feel durable enough to endure more pain. But there is no one out there to help victims who lose their case.

    Keep up the good work please, the world needs it.

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