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Who is Looking After the Children? Certainly Not the Catholic Church.

Crack paedophile protection team on the job

Crack paedophile protection team on the job

When a normal human being looks at a child they see a fellow human being. A human being who is tiny, innocent, vulnerable, loveable and full of potential. One who deserves our utmost efforts to protect them from harm.

When a narcissist looks at a child they see an object who is easier than most to manipulate into giving them whatever they want. The child is nothing to them but a tool to use to obtain their desired objective.

When a sociopath looks at a child they see an easy mark, one they can dominate much easier than most adults, and one they can train to bend to their will. The child is nothing to them but a target they can derive pleasure or power from, through subjugating and harming the child.

Those who rape children are usually narcissists, sociopaths, or both.

They look at a child and see an object for sexual release, or someone they can enjoy harming through forcing them to submit to abhorrent sexual acts against their will.

Those who sexually abuse children do so because:

  1. They believe they are entitled to sexually prey upon the vulnerable, and that any child who cannot defend themselves or is not protected by the adults around them is fair game
  2. They believe they can get away with it

Religious institutions both produce and attract so many child rapists because of the existence of four crucial conditions conducive to the sexual exploitation of children. These are highly exaggerated entitlement, imbalance of power, sexual dysfunction and lack of accountability.

The catholic church in particular has a problem with its priests raping children in large numbers, in every country where it has a presence. Though catholic officials, dissociated from both reality and humanity, see the problem as one of the victims selfishly and unfairly reporting the crimes committed against them.

Catholic religious, and priests in particular, are trained to believe they are special, above lay persons or normal human beings, and are entitled to special treatment. Many readily accept the proposition that they are more holy, purely by virtue of their position, and therefore far more deserving than ordinary mortals.

As their entitlement grows, so the relative entitlement of lay persons is diminished, particularly low status lay persons such as women, children, the disadvantaged and the disabled.

In dysfunctional individuals this robs any such people they come across of even the core right to refuse an entitled cleric sexual access to their bodies.

This distorted entitlement is dangerous enough by itself. When matched with the ultimate unquestionable, godlike authority demanded for catholic priests by the catholic hierarchy, it becomes doubly dangerous.

But even a highly entitled individual in a position of overwhelming power over children does not automatically desire to rape them. Normal, healthy human sexual development generally results in adults looking for consensual sexual relations with other adults. But no catholic priest is offered the opportunity for normal healthy human sexual development, unless they come to the priesthood as an already normal adult.

Most of the rapist priests causing recent or current problems were not given a choice in the decision to become a priest, whether by compulsion or extraordinary family pressure. Many were locked away in a dysfunctional, often abusive seminary system, some as as young as 11 or 12, well before they were capable of making a lifetime decision about the priesthood and its requirement for celibacy. Most were deliberately denied the support of their families throughout their formative years to ensure their dependence on the church alone.

They were shut away from female company, and as the Royal Commission hearings revealed in December, the entire teachings on sexuality amounted in many cases to “Don’t”.

Many were brutalised, bullied, manipulated and abused, including sexually. Some seminaries operated in such a way that new recruits were simply pounced upon by sexual predators the minute the door shut behind them.

Is it any wonder then that research reveals the majority of priests are psychosexually immature, and a large proportion are sexually dysfunctional?

But even this does not make them child rapists.

Even if these entitled, powerful, sexually dysfunctional individuals existed in an otherwise just or humane environment, child rape would not flourish to reach the epidemic proportions seen in the catholic church.

Unfortunately the catholic church supports and protects the rapists and punishes and undermines their victims. This happens on such a scale that the rapists know without a doubt that the church will ensure they not only get away with their crimes, but are also helped to continue them.

In fact many come to believe they are not just entitled to rape whomever they please, but also entitled to escape responsibility for their crimes.

The catholic church, like the rapists themselves, views children with the eyes of a narcissist.

Children are not considered precious or valuable by the catholic church. They are not vulnerable or deserving of protection. To the callous hierarchs they are either unimportant, beneath notice, sexual prey or collateral damage.

Of course church officials know they need to make occasional deceptive statements about loving and valuing children, if they are not to lose most of their flock. But if children were truly valued in any way, the way human beings value children, the church would surely have acted to protect these innocents from the very real and very well known and understood danger of being raped by entitled clerics.

Much more precious to the narcissist church is la bella figura or pleasing façade. This façade is crucial to the hierarchy’s continued ability to operate profitable tax free commercial enterprises, receive generous government funding, and dictate government policy around the world.

For centuries the catholic hierarchy have been able to behave like criminals and be honoured as saints. This is achieved by maintaining a fanatical obsession with supporting the lie that the church does good works and all priests and religious are holy.

Properly protecting children from rape by priests necessarily involves admitting that priests rape children. Admitting that priests rape children is a far worse outcome in the opinion of the catholic hierarchy than even hundreds of thousands of children being raped.

But why?

Because the catholic system of brainwashing from childhood, controlling throughout their lifetime, and profiting from the billions of lay catholics could not continue without the widely held belief in the holiness and superiority of the poorly paid, often severely dysfunctional priests who shore up the hierarchy’s lives of power and luxury.

This fantasy of specialness, otherworldliness, sacrifice and nobility is supported by the fallacy of clerical celibacy.

Universal mandatory celibacy is unique to the catholic church. It plays an important role in the incidence of child rape in this institution, though it is not a “cause” of child rape.

The cause of child rape is the belief that it is acceptable to rape children, a positive assessment of the relative risk of such behavior, and the decision to act accordingly.

Celibacy in the catholic church is not widely observed. Experts estimate as many as 50% of clerics are not celibate at any time. The number who have never broken their vow of celibacy must indeed be small.

Whether or not a priest is celibate is, frankly, a private matter. But the catholic church has chosen to deceitfully promote their clerics as non sexual, and therefore not just holy but unquestionably safe around children.

Because of this public appearance of celibacy, any sexual liaison by a priest is, at least within the catholic church, illicit, and must remain hidden from general view.

A secret homosexual affair is normal and hardly frowned upon, especially if kept in house, for example with another priest.

Preying upon barely adult vulnerable girls who can be manipulated to blame themselves for the liaison, and can be controlled and exploited for sex without scandal, often for decades, is also common. It is also rape, by the way.

Child rape is common amongst the more disturbed and sexually predatory because children are unlikely to speak out for decades, and even if they do, are unlikely to be believed. Children, because of their size and development, can be easier to dominate and control than fully grown adults, who may be able to resist physically or have an adult understanding of their rights. Children are also easier to frighten into silence and to convince to blame themselves for the priests’ crimes.

Not only are the child rapists more dysfunctional than those raping adults of either sex, they also tend to be more prolific. Adult-oriented predators may be satisfied with a single sexual partner for decades and may amass at most a handful of victims over a lifetime of abuse.

Child rapists by comparison tend much more to have multiple concurrent victims, such as my abuser. The worst cases can get their hands on thousands of primary victims, and destroy many entire communities. Some child rapists are not obsessed with a particular type of victim but rather the power over another. These predators will rape boys, girls and occasionally adults of either sex as well, depending upon opportunity.

Imagine the number of opportunities for being caught, either in the act or at least acting inappropriately, such as having a child overnight in their bedroom, that prolific predators present. How many lay catholics or other religious see things that should result in action to save a child from such a terrible fate, but do nothing?

How many bishops receive reports of such activities or complaints from victims or their families and do absolutely nothing?

The sexual predators see this, and they learn very quickly, that in the catholic church, almost no-one puts the safety of an unimportant child, or even thousands of children, above the reputation of a priest and the church itself. Certainly no-one in a position of power. Anyone in a position of power who tried to protect children rather than the church would not be in power for long.

And so child rape is considered by many priests a soft and relatively low risk option for their illicit sex. The church hierarchy’s lack of an effective response to these crimes solidifies the view that is it acceptable to rape children as long as scandal is avoided.

Interestingly, it is not the rape of thousands of innocent children that will bring to life the catholic church’s considerable ability to control and punish its priests, but something few outside the church would see as harmful.

Normal consensual relations with an adult woman is perhaps the most illicit sex of all for catholic priests. The most frowned upon by the catholic hierarchy.

Marry a woman you love and who loves you, and you will be thrown out of the church immediately in disgrace.

Rape thousands of children, ruin countless lives, including family members of the victims, and cause scores of suicide deaths, and you’ll probably be promoted and honoured as especially holy in life and in death.

You will certainly be forgiven, offered every possible assistance, and protected from publicity and law enforcement throughout your life.

This misuse of the concept of forgiveness by the catholic church is also crucial in exposing more children to rape by priests.

The catholic church, because of the strong desire to coverup these crimes to maintain la bella figura, defines them as mistakes, missteps, slips and unfortunate occurrences.

It readily forgives the rapist and tries to rob the victims of their right to decide whether to forgive, or even to complain. It bullies the families of victims to stay silent, pressuring them that it is unchristian to deny forgiveness, regardless of the fact the criminal has neither admitted his past offences or even stopped offending.

In recent years many documents have come to light revealing a long history of predilection for this appalling crime, detailed knowledge of its seriousness, and edicts outlawing it and recommending the most stringent possible punishments. Such efforts have either been temporary, ineffective or insincere as the problem has continued throughout church history.

Today’s church has turned its back on such attempts and chosen to allow, even positively enable, the rape of children.

More recent documents show an obsession with enforcing secrecy about these crimes, a declaration that something as inoffensive, some would say positive, as the ordination of women should be considered a crime of equal seriousness with child rape, plus official instructions to bishops not to co-operate with local law enforcement in these matters, and to punish victims for speaking out far more stringently than the offender is punished for raping children.

Faced finally with some of the truth of these crimes reaching the public, and no longer able to get away with the traditional approach of point blank denial, the church hierarchy now engage in a PR war to further harm victims and ensure child protection remains inadequate or non existent.

These particularly callous efforts meld insincere apologies, avoidance of responsibility, deflection of blame, focus on the church and its officials as victims not perpetrators, with vague promises that never result in any meaningful change, action or increase in child protection.

When under particular media pressure, church hierarchs will announce the formation of a review body, committee, council, or resource group, or commission research or issue guidelines.

Experience has shown these efforts are cynical, meaningless and possibly dangerous. Mendacious claims include: “we know much better now”; “things have changed”; “we are doing everything possible now”; “the church is the safest place for children”;  “we followed the advice of lawyers/psychologists”; or “we were no worse than society in general”.

Independent inquiries such as in Ireland and Philadelphia have revealed in detail that such claims are baseless, and not just the law but even their own woefully inadequate guidelines are today still not followed.

Many independent experts have resigned in disgust over bishops’ efforts to exert dictatorial control over and effectively hobble the operation of supposedly independent review bodies or research organisations, including members of the National and local Review Boards set up by the US Bishops’ Conference, and the German equivalent of the widely criticized John Jay Study.

German Bishops commissioned “independent research” yet expected to be able to manipulate the research and rewrite the report so that the results reflected their propaganda objectives, rather than the outcome of data analysis. The researchers resigned the commission last year, after first ensuring all other German researchers were aware of the deceitful tactics of the bishops and would not be similarly misled.

German Bishops pumped out industrial quantities of misinformation, refused to accept responsibility for their own actions, and falsely blamed others: the usual strategy when in danger of being seen for what they truly are.

The hierarchy of the catholic church demands respect for religious practices, tax breaks and unquestioned authority and trust when it suits them. But they also claim diplomatic immunity and other benefits as a nation state, even in instances when they are functioning as the headquarters of the criminal catholic church.

The Vatican is rapidly filling with fugitives from local law enforcement eager to benefit from claimed diplomatic immunity or the lack of extradition treaties with the country or countries where their crimes were committed. Many of these fugitives are under investigation for or already proven guilty of child rape or enabling and covering up child rape.

Yet the Vatican arrogantly informs the UN that as there are few children within its tiny borders (apart of course from child prostitutes temporarily shipped in to service the various lusts of these self declared celibates), therefore there are few child protection issues for the Vatican to address.

Thankfully, at the review of the Holy See’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child on 16 January in Geneva, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, whose purpose is to stand up for children’s rights everywhere, gave zero credence to Vatican attempts to yet again avoid responsibility for its steadfast refusal to protect the countless children deliberately and knowingly exposed to its rapists throughout the world.

The fact that this is a consistent worldwide problem is a result of the consistent worldwide practice of this church, as dictated from the Vatican.

As first world countries become more aware of the problem, instead of shuffling child rapists between parishes or states, the trend is now more frequently to shuffle the criminals between countries, and especially to developing nations, where victims are less likely to be heard or believed.

In every possible way, the culture, structure and operation of the catholic church supports and enables the widespread and systemic rape of children.

Based on which actions by priests and bishops they support and promote, and which they punish and discourage, the conclusion is inevitable that the catholic church hierarchy, based in Vatican city or as they prefer to be known when pretending to be a nation state member of the UN, The Holy See, have no desire or intention to put child protection first. They did not in the past, they do not now and there is no sign of any genuine intention to do so in the future.

Thankfully the UN have put the Vatican on notice that they must make real changes, not just perform another PR display of the appearance of change.

Or risk losing the protection of la bella figura.

Without la bella figura, the whole extremely profitable edifice will come crashing down.

Perhaps the Church of Child Rape and the Paedophile Protector-in-Chief will finally take this issue seriously.

Stay safe everyone.



Vatican determined to canonise him, but JPII ain’t no saint

JPII make me a saint

The news we were dreading has been released.

The magic wand will be brought out and, with an abracadabra and a puff of pink smoke, Pope John Paul II will become a saint.

Pope Francis has approved a second supposed “miracle”, pretending once again that someone mumbling ritual words to a long dead corpse in a foreign country has a causal relationship to an otherwise unexplained medical cure. JPII’s fast tracking on the often painstakingly slow road to sainthood shows once again Vatican officials can change the rules and move swiftly, but only when they want to.

The Vatican cabal clearly do not want to wait. With more and more evidence of their many crimes revealed every day, they must be desperate for some good PR, preferably something that doesn’t rely on evidence. Or that can be relied upon to counter any annoying evidence.

Once JPII is officially a “saint” it will be so much harder for anyone to publicly reveal or criticise his failings.

Canonising the enabler of so much abuse throughout the world is also a perfect opportunity to slap increasingly strong and vocal clergy child abuse victims in the face. It will be a mighty big slap later this year when the Vatican holds an orgy of self congratulatory public display over what is little more than a self serving political decision.

Millions will be spent to reward apologists, impress the media, buy continued mindless, heartless loyalty from the faithful, and distract attention from the facts of JPII’s criminal legacy.

Future generations will thankfully not be infected by such baseless fervour for this most flawed man, or fall for the fairy-tale of him single-handedly bringing down communism. They will wonder at Catholics’ ability to simply ignore evidence of his willingness to abandon millions of defenceless children to life destroying attacks by the sexual predators he so staunchly protected.

With the clarity of distance, our descendants will have no difficulty in labelling his actions crimes against humanity.

But for now, there is still the appearance that this cruelly tragic spectacle of glorifying, sanctifying, and now canonising the former paedophile protector in chief is reasonable, even admirable, behaviour deserving of extreme respect.

Few will recognise or admit it is primarily an obscenely expensive PR exercise exploiting pseudo science in the interests of religious domination.

Few will correlate the extreme efforts, including bankrupting parishes, to withhold financial or any other assistance from victims of JPII’s vicious policies, with the extravagance of the celebrations of JPII’s personality cult (which would be the envy of Stalin, Gaddafi, Hitler, Mugabe, Amin, Hussein or Ceausescu).

And few but victims will recognise the hidden message that Vatican officials still regard victims as the enemy, as the cause of their problems, and will do anything they can to silence us and deny us healing or justice.

This most undeserved public elevation of the man who had the power and wealth to do so much good but chose instead to facilitate so much evil, tells us any recent claims by bishops to have changed and to now, finally, be interested in doing the right thing instead of the expedient thing, are nothing but the usual pack of lies.

So how will victims survive the insult of crowning with a saint’s halo this man who should have ended his life behind bars?

On the day JPII becomes the Patron Saint of Paedophiles I intend to protest outside St Mary’s Cathedral with a few friends.

You are most welcome to join us.

Stay safe everyone.


Italy acknowledges Vatican unworthy of unfair tax breaks

The new Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, has responded to a petition by 130,000 citizens to end unfair tax-free perks for the Catholic Church’s commercial enterprises. Promising to reverse the trend which in the past saw anti-competitive and possibly illegal special privileges for the Catholic Church quietly passed by corrupt politicians, the new measures, to be introduced to Italy’s parliament, will stop the Catholic Church taking advantage of its tax-exempt status to profit by as much as 2.2 billion euro per year in Italy alone.

The EC is already investigating the fact that tax exemption for Catholic Church commercial enterprises which are competing with enterprises without the benefit of the Church’s unique privileges is very likely to be proved both a form of illegal state aid and a mechanism to stifle competition.

The measures will be a relief to Italians suffering under a raft of severe new austerity measures, who cannot help but notice the princes of the Church flaunt their obscene wealth and luxurious lifestyle, just like medieval robber lords who laughed and gorged themselves while the peasants starved.

And the measures are sure to be closely observed by other long suffering, predominantly Catholic EC countries such as Spain and Greece.

There has been no official Church response so far, but past experience makes it likely the Church will deny reality, deny responsibility, cry poor and try to paint themselves as a victim.

The crying poor excuse is unlikely to fool many. In Italy the Church’s wealth is all too obvious. 20% of all property in Italy is reputed to be owned by the Catholic Church, at least 110,000 properties worth an estimated 9 billion euro. Most Church owned properties are the most valuable buildings on the most valuable land. And a large proportion of them are rented out at top commercial rents, not made available to charities rent free or at token rent, as those arguing for ever broader tax exemption would have everyone believe.

The current Italian measures relate only to Church properties which are operated commercially. Around the world there is a need to slow the accumulation of vast wealth in the hands of greedy Church leaders by removing unjustified tax exemptions, not just from commercial properties, but also commercial enterprises which unfairly compete with equivalent businesses without the benefit of the Church’s generous tax breaks.

In Australia, for example, the Catholic Church is a leading supplier of aged care, health, mental health, education and other social services. Businesses forced to compete with the aggressively entrepreneurial Catholic Church do so on anything but a level playing field. And consumers forced to use Catholic schools, hospitals or aged care facilities, for example, have no choice but to be subject to the Catholic Church’s intrusive and authoritarian policies on sexual, reproductive, medical and palliative decisions. Policies that not even the majority of committed Catholics willingly submit to. Policies which can lead to horrendous unnecessary mental and physical suffering and even death.

Who can forget the evidence of the Irish experience with the Catholic Church’s ruthless exploitation of children’s ‘educational’ institutions or the theft of Spanish babies to be sold for illegal adoptions as an example of allowing the Catholic Church too much market dominance, too much power without proper supervision, and, crucially, too much undeserved respect and reverence.

But apart from the inherent unfairness of allowing the Catholic Church to convince its political cronies to let it get away with these unjustified public subsidies of an extremely wealthy organisation, the Catholic Church is shirking its moral responsibility to millions of victims of its direct abuse or abusive policies.

While Church organisations run profit making enterprises and funnel ever more wealth to Rome, millions of victims of institutional abuse, child rape by priests, AIDS infection through lack of condoms, and poverty brought about by support of robber regimes and warlords, are suffering and dying for lack of help.

Surely any functioning human being, even those so deluded as to claim to speak for god, must realise that helping to repair the immense harm inflicted on innocent children is actually more important than tax breaks for one of the wealthiest organisations on earth.

Surely Cardinals could downgrade to business class flights so that homeless and drug addicted child rape victims could access hostel accommodation and rehabilitation programs? Surely wealthy orders do not have to buy another luxurious villa in Rome, and could instead allow all victims of their institutional abuse to access much needed counselling? Surely a multi-million dollar canonisation ceremony could be pared back to the simplicity of the early saints so that a medical clinic could help AIDS orphans to reach adulthood? Or the number of regular jaunts to Rome for conferences and Papal meetings be cut back so stolen babies could be helped to find their birth parents? Or a Papal tour be less opulent so that safe housing and clean water can be built for refugees of war and famine?

Think how much of the harm the Catholic Church inflicts on the powerless could be relieved by intelligent use of the billions of dollars of tax breaks the Catholic Church receives around the world? Even just the tax breaks they should never, ever have been given, those for commercial enterprises?

It is time for every country to follow Italy’s lead. Remove unfair public subsidies. And put the money to use in helping those who currently suffer in silence and receive no help from the organisation which abused them, helped or covered up for those who abused them, and bullied them into silence.

If all these millions of damaged children are helped to recover and lead useful lives, not only will the money spent on helping them find its way back into the economy to stimulate growth, but all the newly contributing members of society who are no longer a drain on social services will bolster economic growth long term.

Surely even politicians can see the logic in that.

Read the news coverage of Italy’s brave, moral and logical decision.


Top 10 Reasons Why John Paul II Is No Saint – Part 1

Here is the first part of my Top 10 Reasons Why John Paul II Is No Saint.

This list refers only to the child rape epidemic. There are many more issues on which the Patron Saint of Paedophiles has left the world a far, far worse place than he found it, and many instances where he deliberately caused immense suffering in order to pursue his own base and selfish ends.

Reason No 1: Father Marcial Maciel Degollado

Father Maciel, founder of the oppressive and twisted cult Legionnaires of Christ, notorious drug addict and child rapist who also fathered a number of children and sexually abused at least one of them, was publicly and privately supported by JPII. He was immune from facing responsibility for his crimes, no matter how many victims came forward, or how much detailed evidence they provided.

JPII shielded this monster living a sordid double life because of his important position as the revered leader of the Legionnaires of Christ, his conservatism and unquestioning obedience to the Pope’s every dictate, his success in bringing young priests into the Church, and, most importantly, because he was the Vatican’s cash cow who filled the Papal coffers and lavished extravagant gifts on top Vatican officials. A consumate fundraiser, Fr Maciel’s bundles of cash regularly delivered into the waiting hands of Vatican officials were siphoned from his wealthy cult, or sourced through selling access to JPII to wealthy families willing to pay for the privilege. Father Maciel was regarded as the greatest fundraiser of the modern Church and his Legionnaires of Christ is estimated to have amassed a fortune worth tens of billions of dollars.

He had also been abusing his seminarians, some as young as 11 years old, since at least the 1950’s. A group of former seminarians, many of them now priests, repeatedly filed formal legal documents with the Vatican asking for an investigation, but every time their request was not even granted the respect of receiving a refusal and instead completely ignored. Maciel’s victims were branded liars and traitors by those determined to cover up for him, but even Cardinal Ratzinger, notoriously reluctant to act against child rapist priests, finally appreciated the need to investigate and was prepared to do so until firmly ordered by JPII not to go after his favourite, Father Maciel.

Reason No 2: Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer

Arrogant hardline conservative Cardinal Groer of Austria was appointed by JPII to move the balance of power away from moderate progressives who supported the Vatican II changes. The fact that Groer was also seriously disturbed, sexually peverse, and had sexually abused over 2,000 boys and young men was not sufficient for Groer to ever lose JPII’s support.  He died in 2003 having never admitted or faced responsibility for his crimes, and was honoured by the Church.

Groer, a Benedictine, Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna from 1986 to 1995, and President of the Austrian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, held on to these high ranking positions with JPII’s support despite being credibly accused of horrendous crimes. JPII actually likened the monstrous Groer to Jesus facing “unjust accusations”. Groer stonewalled wave after wave of convincing revelations against him for sexually abusing underage high school students while their headmaster, and young adult seminarians while their prior, and was even re-elected President of the Austrian Bishop’s Conference, a stunningly inappropriate choice.

Groer eventually retired as Archbishop of Vienna, largely because he was past retirement age, and finally lost support for his position as the head of the Bishops’ Conference in the face of growing outrage and millions of Austrians, Germans and other Europeans petitioning against him.

It took JPII three years before Groer was finally asked to relinquish any remaining important Church posts. Like Father Maciel, Groer was another favourite of JPII, an ultra-conservative who was successful in bringing new young priests into the Church.

Originally Austrian Bishops took the usual Church route of defending the indefensible, sweeping crimes under the carpet and attacking the victims, denouncing allegations against Groer as “a conspiracy against the Church”. But mounting evidence and Groer’s arrogant refusal to even respond to the scandal engulfing all of Europe, eventually changed their minds. In the end four leading Austrian Bishops publicly supported the allegations against him, forcing Groer to concede, ungraciously, “if I am guilty … I apologise”.

Still, JPII saw fit to appoint the criminal Cardinal Groer prior of a Benedictine abbey. An investigation was eventually launched by the head of the Benedictine order in Rome, but according to recent reports that investigation suffered the same fate as the investigation of Father Maciel. Certainly no results were ever revealed and no action was ever taken. But not because of lack of evidence.

Groer died, unpunished, unrepentant, maintaining his obdurate silence until the end, unchastened by the future Patron Saint of Paedophiles, who still favoured him with a privileged private breakfast meeting on a visit to Rome. JPII also encouraged Austrians to forget all about Groer’s crimes and accept the Church honouring his memory and treating him with undeserved dignity in death. JPII’s shocking lack of action over the audacious crimes of a leading Cardinal callously jeopardised the recovery of Groer’s thousands of victims whose lives had already been ruined, and drove tens of thousands of previously staunchly Catholic Austrians from the Church in disgust each year.

Reason No 3: Cardinal Bernard Francis Law

While never accused of himself attacking children, Cardinal Law was the first senior Church official about whom large numbers of documents were available to prove he actively participated in the cover-up of child rape. But no amount of proof or public calls for his resignation could convince this entitled prince of the Church that he was not fit to continue in his position as Archbishop of Boston. He steadfastly refused to step down, to remove rapist priests from ministry or to reveal the names of the criminal predators reporting to him, to the police or anyone else.  Sufficient pressure was finally brought to bear and in December 2002 he vacated the position he had so scandalised. JPII, however, could not be offended with Law, who was another hardline conservative mindlessly following JPII’s dictates, so he allowed this disgraced and disgraceful Church official to retain the exalted position of Cardinal, which enabled Law to eventually vote for JPII’s successor in 2005.

It is reported that Law fled Boston just hours before state troopers arrived with subpoenas seeking his grand jury testimony. Law is currently in hiding in the Vatican, which does not believe in extraditing its officials to other countries to face questioning or take responsibility for their actions. There is a very good reason for this, since if Law were ever foolish enough to leave the safe refuge of the Vatican state, he would be immediately served with summonses for numerous civil suits, even though he slips through the cracks in criminal law. Not satisfied with rewarding Law with protection from American law and his personal support, JPII appointed Law to a prominent post in Rome, putting him in charge of the important Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, with the title of Archpriest. Fugitive Law also holds a large number of significant Vatican appointments on powerful Committees, Councils and Congregations.

The Massachusetts state attorney general issued a report entitled Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Boston (July 23, 2003) which described the magnitude of the child sexual abuse problem in the diocese as “staggering” and severely criticised Law, finding evidence that Law knew about the scale and nature of the problem, and knew about the danger to children but chose secrecy over child protection. Law also refused to report criminal offences to the police and even when questioned, refused to reveal information that would assist police enquiries or protect children. The report noted that Law could not be charged because of the convenient protection of the statute of limitations which makes it almost impossible for crimes of this nature to be prosecuted. However most commentators are highly critical of this deficiency in the law and call for law reform to ensure in future we protect victims and potential victims rather than dangerous sexual predators and those who enable them.

Reason No 4: Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos

In September 2001, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, the then prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, wrote to Bishop Pierre Pican of Bayeux-Lisieux, France, praising him effusively for not reporting a rapist priest to civil authorities. While the situation itself is far from unique, it is rare for such clear evidence of the Vatican’s twisted morality and willingness to sacrifice innocent children to be publicly revealed. Vatican insiders are usually much better at suppressing evidence of their dirty deeds.

The French priest, Father René Bissey, privately admitted sexually abusing more than one child, but his bishop permitted Father Bissey to remain in parish ministry and did absolutely nothing to help Bissey’s victims or discover the extent of his numerous crimes.

“I congratulate you for not denouncing a priest to the civil administration,” wrote Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos in the infamous letter. “You have acted well and I am pleased to have a colleague in the episcopate who, in the eyes of history and of all other bishops in the world, preferred prison to denouncing his son and priest.”

The cardinal explained relations between bishops and priests were not simply professional but had “very special links of spiritual paternity.” Bishops therefore had no obligation to testify against “a direct relative,” he stated. The letter cited Vatican documents and an epistle of Saint Paul to bolster its argument about special bishop-priest links.

“To encourage brothers in the episcopate in this delicate domain, this Congregation will send copies of this letter to all bishops’ conferences,” Castrillon Hoyos wrote.

Most commentators understand this worldwide promulgation of the letter to clearly convey the official message that obstructing justice and evading secular law in order to protect criminal priests is expected, even required, behaviour for Bishops, and that this missive must first have received the approval of JPII.

Despite the best efforts of Hoyos and Pican to keep the criminal predator Bissey out of jail and free to abuse more children, in 2000 Father Bissey received an 18-year prison sentence for raping a boy and sexually assaulting ten others between 1989 and 1996.

At Bissey’s trial Pican perjured himself by claiming no knowledge of Bissey’s crimes. Pican’s lie was revealed during Bissey’s own testimony when he admitted he had told his superiors about his crimes. Pican had also been told of the crimes by other Church officials and had known of complaints from Bissey’s victims for many years.

During his own trial in 2001 for failing to report the abuse, arrogant Bishop Pican admitted he would do the same again if the situation were repeated, and proudly claimed to have never turned anyone in. The first French Bishop in modern history to face trial, the magistrate concluded that Pican had “acted purely to protect the church from a scandal” but sentenced him to a mere three-month suspended sentence.
Reason No 5: Appointment of Hardline Bishops

Throughout JPII’s reign, his ambition for absolute and centralised control meant the appointment of new Bishops was seen as an opportunity to impose unthinking obedience to the Pope as the key criteria for episcopal selection. Anyone who had ever expressed the slightest opposition to JPII’s opinions was immediately excluded from consideration – permanently. The result is a whole generation of Bishops who are scared to deviate from Vatican edicts, make decisions in a moral vacuum, are hardline conservatives mindlessly loyal to Rome, obsessed with pleasing the Pope, mediocre, conformist, ambitious to a fault, ruthlessly deceitful, lacking intellectual independence or leadership skills, arrogantly unsympathetic to parishoners, and fixated on climbing the Vatican slippery pole of influence peddling, favouritism, prestige and power.

By putting in place Bishops whose only loyalty is to those who control promotion within the Church, the people the Bishops are meant to serve are treated as serfs to be exploited, not a community to be nurtured. Exactly the very worst type of people to be able to deal compassionately or honestly with victims of child sexual abuse. Exactly the situation that would lead to Bishops consistently bullying victims into silence, covering up any scandals and protecting child rapist priests.

According to commentator and sociologist Father Andrew Greeley, JPII’s appointees are largely “mean-spirited careerists – inept, incompetent, insensitive bureaucrats, who are utterly indifferent to their clergy and laity”. Certainly it does not take too much familiarity with these smug rich old men in dresses to realise they are self-interested thugs and yes men with no desire to do anything other than curry favour with the power brokers of the Vatican in order to advance their own prospects.

And there is little doubt that JPII, thinking only of his own need for control and dominance, liked things just the way they were and had no desire to appoint more talented or compassionate Bishops who may have been more able to honestly face the challenges presented by child rape within the Church.

John Paul II Ain’t No Saint

Does your idea of a saint involve sacrificing innocent, vulnerable children to be preyed upon by hordes of ruthless sexual predators? Does it involve covering up for child rape on a massive scale? Does it involve creating the very conditions most likely to encourage child rape to flourish? Does it involve hearing detailed and heartfelt pleas from those already devastated by child rape, and refusing to even respond to their cries for help and for justice, ignoring the problem, suppressing the issue and punishing anyone who publicly reveals the truth?

Because the man the Catholic Church has decided to make a saint behaved like that for 27 years. They call it heroic virtue.

Can someone possibly be considered even vaguely heroic while knowingly, deliberately and callously throwing away the lives, the safety, and the innocence of hundreds of thousands of children?

Isn’t such behaviour enough to unquestionably and irrevocably undermine any and all claims to compassion, wisdom, reverence, leadership, morality, responsibility, and dare I say it, even humanity?

Isn’t it sufficient to be declared one of the worst villains in human history and not fit to live in civilised society?

It certainly would be if that person were not the symbol, figurehead and leader of the Catholic Church.

Let’s take the emotion out of the issue for Catholics for just a moment.

Lets pretend Queen Elizabeth II was guilty of allowing her household staff to rape thousands of children within Buckingham Palace.

If anyone revealed that a particular staff member had a problem with their behaviour around children, the rapist was quietly shipped off to Sandringham or Balmoral or other royal estates and allowed to rape new and unsuspecting children. This was done in compliance with rules long in place, but proudly reinforced as still being required practice by the Queen herself.

Any children who complained about such outrageous treatment were told that it was simply not possible that any rape had ever occurred, then raped again by additional staff members, physically abused, bullied and threatened into silence, and if all else failed paid a meagre amount of blood money and bound to secrecy.

Some rape victims wrote to Queen Elizabeth and begged her to protect them and others from the monsters in her household, but she refused to even acknowledge such appeals. Household members even wrote to her to complain about being raped themselves when children, but they also were ignored and their rapists were promoted.

Her head of household agreed with her policies but even he thought he better at least look into the case of one rapist, even if no action was taken and the rapist was able to keep raping in the meantime. The Queen summarily cancelled the investigation because the rapist was very obedient to her and brought in lots of money to pay household expenses and keep her in champagne and caviar.

Fervent monarchists felt secure in clinging to the image of a royal heritage that was superficial, dishonest, and designed to keep the monarchy in power. Even when revelations of the epidemic of rape within the royal household were finally revealed, thanks to brave victims and the media, monarchists refused to believe, covered it up, shouted down those that wanted to tell the truth, and called them anarchists and troublemakers. Anyone who mentioned the subject was branded a conspirator.

Then the royal household announced they were going to officially declare QEII “Great” because she was popular, a great communicator, had travelled abroad winning support, and even smiled and waved at the people where previous monarchs had largely stayed in their palaces, enjoying all the luxuries that come with monarchy. Queen Elizabeth “The Great” was especially known for talking to the French, a truly humanitarian step forward after centuries as traditional enemies, as well as a great photo op. But most importantly Queen Elizabeth the Great was honoured for freeing the Corgis. She had a soft spot for Corgis, having grown up amongst them, and they honoured her as a God, as well as a Queen. Of course, she didn’t free the Corgis personally, but she did speak up for them whenever she could. She could still remember her pain at being called Corgi Girl by all the other princesses and was determined Corgi would never again be a term of derision.

This move to declare the Queen “Great” couldn’t have come at a better time. After the announcement, the excited ravings of the deluded monarchists who simply ignored any facts inconsistent with their fantasy of a benign monarchy, drowned out those who were still trying to stop the rapes, which had continued despite the Queen having announced she was doing everything possible and taking the issue very seriously.

Strangely, no household members had lost their jobs, but the Queen talked at great length about their rights, their needs, their support and expended a great deal of sympathy on them, and herself, in having to deal with this issue.

She made the briefest of vague references to the children’s suffering and offered them all a discount on royal family memorial mugs at official palace shops, so that nobody could possibly accuse her of neglecting them.

Then finally the day of “Greatification” came. Now it was official just how Great QEII really was, especially since laws were introduced making it illegal to mention anything not in her authorised biography. Nobody would have listened to stories about her dark side anyway, as the self congratulatory shrieking of the monarchists was simply too loud.

Years later, the rapes continue unabated, but nobody talks about them. They don’t talk much anyway, since anyone who says anything not officially sanctioned by the palace will be burned alive at the stake.

Take the name of the Catholic Church out of the picture, replace it with a fictional alternative, and suddenly even Catholics should be able to see the truth about the behaviour of a man the Catholic Church is claiming is a saint. Whatever else he may have done throughout his life, nothing can possibly erase the stain of his complete and utter dereliction of his responsibility in this area, and his considerable addition to the suffering of innocents in this world.

The Catholic Church has never once addressed this issue honestly. There is no question JP II’s record on child rape is absolutely inconsistent with the barest minimum standard expected of anyone’s definition of a saint. But since they are determined to declare JP II a saint, no matter what, the Church must hoodwink all concerned with every possible excuse, evasion, diversion and denial.

A typical response is Cardinal Pell’s smugly dismissive comments to The Australian newspaper today.

Cardinal Pell denied John Paul had been guilty of any form of cover-up: “We know that in different parts of the world the matters weren’t as well handled as they should have been, but we can’t lay the blame for that at his feet,” he said.

Cardinal Pell is lying. He is used to getting away with making statements to the press which have little or no relationship to the truth.

Here is evidence which directly contradicts Cardinal Pell’s nonsensical claim. It comes in the form of a personal reminiscence published in the National Catholic Reporter on April 29, 2011 by Peter Isely.

Almost 20 years ago, a group of some 30 survivors of childhood sexual molestation by priests and I wrote to Pope John Paul II in painstakingly and excruciating detail of our harrowing experiences of being raped and sexually assaulted as youngsters while attending a boarding school for boys operated by the Capuchin Franciscan religious order in rural Wisconsin. The school, St. Lawrence Seminary, was one of a vast network of such Catholic seminaries across the United States. John Paul was keen to see a massive resurgence of places like St. Lawrence, in which priests raised children to become priests like themselves. Time magazine at the time dubbed our story “The Sins of Saint Lawrence.” It’s hard to imagine anymore when this kind of headline was novel, but it was. We delivered our letter, along with newspaper clippings, supporting legal documents, and videotaped depositions to the papal nuncio in Washington.

What we were hoping for from Pope John Paul II was justice.

What we received instead was a certified letter from the nuncio curtly informing us that our letters and documents had been acknowledged. We never heard anything more from either him or the pope. Since then, at least two of my seminary classmates, assaulted by the priest who molested me, have taken their lives waiting for papal justice. One shot himself on Christmas Eve 2002 in his parked car under a desolate freeway underpass.

It is likely John Paul, during his long tenure as pope, received hundreds, if not thousands of such letters. Not one survivor, in writing or in person, was ever known to have received a direct reply from him.

According to figures tabulated yearly by the American bishops, the number of priests who have sexually assaulted children over the past several decades, the vast majority committing their crimes while John Paul was pope, is just shy of a staggering 6,000 clerics. If the figure for the percentage of U.S. priests involved in the scandal is extrapolated worldwide, one can conservatively estimate that at least 30,000 Catholic clerics around the globe have sexually molested children.

This weekend with his beatification, the legacy of John Paul II will be, literally, sanctified by Pope Benedict as official church history. Part of that legacy, whose vast dimensions are still being uncovered, includes thousands of unprosecuted child molesting clerics, hundreds of thousands of child victims, and an institutional pattern and practice of concealing and transferring pedophile priests by dioceses and religious orders around the world.

Read the full article in The Australian.

Read the full article in NCR.

Article by Jason Berry in The Nation.

Speeding Up Production at Catholic Saint Factory = PR Spin to Dupe the Gullible

As the date of JPII’s hasty beatification draws nearer, the Catholic Church hopes, by its faux scientific administrative mumbo jumbo, to transform an evil old man with a horrifyingly negative track record in many areas, especially in enabling child rape, into a political figurehead whose morality is beyond question, and whose every action is by definition “right” and “good”.

The target for this particular Catholic PR deception is not, as you may suspect, the world media and non Catholics. Rather it is the mindless Catholic minions themselves.

Because, to a Catholic, sainthood is one of the many triggers the Church hierarchy uses to switch off their reasoning function. Anyone declared a saint, by virtue of having survived the daunting hurdle of the intensely detailed canonisation process, must truly be “saintly” and no Catholic needs to listen to or consider anything which may detract from the saint’s reputation or standing.

Vatican PR has recently reinforced such misleading beliefs, revealing to the media details of the canonisation process emphasising the difficulty and high level of “proof” required. For those not blinded by faith, this confused amalgam of magic and science is profoundly unconvincing. The sleight of hand whereby one event is irrevocably joined to another event by nothing but hopeful belief, and then proudly declared to have a causal link, should be laughed at by everyone with even an elementary education, not treated as a scientific fact.

The haste to cover up JPII’s real nature and legacy with the mind numbing mantle of official “sainthood” is unsurprising. There is much beneath the benign image of “Il Papa” waving from his Popemobile the Church hierarchy wants Catholics to ignore.

Just last year the Catholic Church achieved a similar feat of deceit when it appropriated the good works and reputation for standing up for the powerless and exploited of Mary McKillop. By declaring her their first Australian saint, after her death when she is unable to refuse such an “honour”, the Catholic Church stole her lifetime’s work to improve their own bedraggled reputation.

The callous hypocrisy of the rich old men in dresses in Sydney and Rome who planned this extravaganza of deception is demonstrated by the fact that most of the ways in which Mary was truly an example of doing the right thing, were also instances where she was at odds with the Catholic Church hierarchy. We are not talking about petty squabbles either. She was excommunicated by the Church, an extreme punishment which not even the worst child rapist or torturer was or is still considered to deserve. In fact, one of the many issues Mary fought the Catholic Church over included the refusal of the Church to do anything to stop child rape.

So it is no surprise that 100 years after Mary’s death, the Catholic Church is fast tracking the canonisation of the man most instrumental in helping child rape to flourish unchecked in the late 20th Century.

The same man who could so easily have introduced Church policy to put a stop to my own abuse after one or two or even ten attacks, instead of abandoning me to suffer 100 or more times, and grow up without support, terrified, bullied into silence and unable to recover.

Coming soon: Top 10 Reasons Why JPII is NO Saint.