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Its time to face the hard, hard truth about child sex trafficking in Australia and around the world

In October last year, I helped a child sex trafficking survivor realise a long held dream.

Her dream was simple – to publicly reveal her experiences at the hands of a vicious, well connected criminal gang, and not be ignored or ridiculed for no better reason than the power and influence of those she accuses.

I am not talking about a tiny Thai girl sold into prostitution by her poverty stricken parents, or an Eastern European child abducted in her search for better opportunities.

I am talking about a smart, blonde, middle class Aussie girl who grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, and went to school, all the while being routinely raped, tortured and trafficked to paedo parties involving the so-called elite of Australian and international society.

In October 2015 this girl, now a woman, was surrounded by a huge media pack who were fascinated, sympathetic, and convinced of her sincerity. Many of the radio, TV and print stories filed by the journalists present seem to have been prevented from appearing, but enough made it through, thanks partly to the element of surprise, that the truth was able to reach the Australian public.

This woman had already tried to report the serious crimes against her numerous times throughout her lifetime, including many attempts in recent years.

But the lies and manipulations of those covering up child trafficking, rape, torture and murder ensure any survivors appear to be demented, deluded or deceitful.

Anyone who meets Fiona Barnett soon understands she is none of those.

Which is what makes her so dangerous to the powerful network determined to silence their former child slaves.

So dangerous that Fiona has been subjected to a lifetime of intimidation, and has barely survived numerous attempts on her life.

Those attempts have increased recently, and have been joined by a piece of anti-victim propaganda posing as an episode of ABC’s Media Watch.

Media Watch episode 40 aired on 2 November 2015 and seemed determined to misrepresent Fiona as unbelievable and her claims as outrageous.

Fiona would be the first to agree that what was done to her was outrageous.

The outrageousness of a crime normally tends to increase the seriousness with which it is treated, except, it seems, where the offenders have sufficient power to corruptly influence law enforcement and many others, possibly even the self appointed guardians of journalistic integrity at Media Watch.

Fiona is the last person to expect, or to want, her claims believed without investigation.

Instead of the investigation they deserve, Fiona’s reports of extremely serious crimes have been dismissed without investigation. Or in the case of Media Watch, their emails and phone calls seem to indicate Media Watch was searching for ways to discredit Fiona, while ignoring anything that revealed her as a reasonable person who has been illegally denied access to justice.

It is important to note here that anyone with the slightest interest in helping survivors understands how very deliberately abusive is the choice to protect offenders by callously dismissing survivors with any one of a range of well worn and long disproved excuses.

So to see Media Watch smirkingly engage in one of the most egregious examples of this in recent times is, frankly, shocking.

Not satisfied with condescending disbelief, encouraging others to ignore and dismiss her heartbreaking experiences, and spreading lies they knew to be false, Media Watch defamed and derided Fiona in the most public and humiliating way possible.

Many survivors would be at high risk of suicide if they had been exposed to such a vicious, unjustified attack as Media Watch unleashed upon Fiona. I suspect whoever ordered Fiona’s media execution would gloatingly welcome that outcome.

Luckily Fiona is incredibly strong, strong enough to have survived Media Watch, just as she survived the torture she endured from her earliest memory.

Most didn’t.

Fiona’s survival is also helped by the advanced military training forced on her from the age of 6, at a level most adults would struggle to attempt, let alone successfully complete.

So while her perpetrators may be able to inflict further harm on Fiona, they can not deter or defeat her.

Media Watch were told in no uncertain terms that Fiona does not want anyone to simply believe her claims. She wants the crimes against her, and so many others, investigated.

This is not an unreasonable request. Certainly not one deserving of being pilloried on national television. Every Australian deserves at least as much. It is our right under Australian law and international human rights conventions.

But one feature absolutely consistent amongst survivors of the elite paedophile network is a pattern of lifetime harassment and intimidation usually involving crime and corruption by individuals or groups in positions of authority, and a 100% failure rate in accessing any form of investigation or justice.

The tentacles of this sinister network ensures reports by survivors of this network never get anywhere.


This is what Fiona wants to change. This is why she risked her life and opened herself to victim blaming.

Media Watch were also informed days before the broadcast that Fiona had arranged to make a detailed police statement. That fact, like any others which supported Fiona, was omitted from the broadcast.

Media Watch was broadcast on the evening between her two traumatic days of reliving those horrific experiences while providing her police statement. Fiona spent that night in hiding, in fear of her life. Fiona was followed and harassed by some very threatening military types, disguised, not very convincingly, as ordinary workmen.

Fiona felt so unsafe that she fled while the stalkers were busy trying to engineer her false arrest.

Fiona is fairly certain she was not intended to return to finish her statement on the second day. Indeed despite the detectives having booked the same interview room all day for two consecutive days, on the second day all facilities, including chairs and the computer keyboard, had been removed from the room, as if they weren’t expected to be needed.

Fiona doesn’t want to defame anyone.

She doesn’t want to name VIP names in order to satisfy anyone’s curiousity.

The only people she named to the media in October were the children she was forced to watch being murdered.

Fiona’s evidence doesn’t deserve to be dismissed without investigation just because those responsible for the crimes against her are prominent, powerful or high profile.

To refuse to consider any claims against the powerful is to place them above the law.

Which is to invite widespread criminality and corruption of the worst kind.

All Fiona asks of the Australian public and law enforcement is to treat her reports of the crimes against her the same as any other crimes. To treat her elite VIP perpetrators the same as any other perpetrators.

She certainly doesn’t want this attention and the high price it demands of herself and her family. But she is prepared to endure whatever this criminal network throw at her for the chance to save others from suffering as she suffered.

What Fiona suffered is beyond imagining. These superficially charming murderous psychopaths take pleasure, literally, from inflicting maximum possible horror and suffering, and routinely demonstrate a sociopathic lack of empathy.

Just hearing the details is enough to undermine everything you think you know about Australian society. That is why they are determined to silence Fiona and others who have suffered as she has.

What she has to tell about those who are so obsessed with power, who are so cowardly and inadequate that they rape, torture and murder tiny children for kicks, is both sickening and revelatory.

But knowing that Fiona has the resilience not just to survive, but to stand up and fight these overwhelmingly powerful criminals, armed only with the strength of her truth and her compassion for others, makes you want to be a better, braver version of yourself.

She inspires me, and I hope she will inspire you, to stand up for our right to live in a society that is not dominated, exploited and polluted by such scum.

Fiona doesn’t want special treatment. She wants her reports, and the supporting evidence, investigated. In exactly the same way any other gang involved in kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of large numbers of Australian children would be investigated.

In exactly the same way any other organised criminal network, and the corruption which protects them from accountability, would be investigated.

But it is not just Fiona who has been threatened, punished and dismissed for wanting to speak the unspeakable truth.

We already knew of many others who wanted to be heard.

Since she spoke out to the national media in October Fiona has been contacted by many additional VIP paedophile survivors ready to speak out publicly. Many of their details match or overlap with Fiona’s. Some added even more VIP names. More devastated adults who were raped as children by Prime Minsters, Ministers, state Premiers, governors, judges and senior politicians. More who named famous actors, obscenely wealthy media moguls, and mental health experts with unsupervised access to vulnerable and abused kids. Plus police commissioners, priests, bishops and cardinals.

Many told of hideous crimes committed on church altars, at official government premises, popular charities, mental health facilities, schools and universities, military bases and the homes of prominent Australians.

All of these survivors have been threatened, attacked and intimidated in an ongoing campaign to silence them.

Many have been incarcerated for long periods on false or minor charges, while the real criminals are free to prey on defenceless Aussie kids.

Many have been falsely labeled as mentally ill, then locked away, drugged and brutalised into silence, by an often corrupt and complicit mental health system.

Far too many have died.

None have ever had their claims of appalling crimes properly investigated.

What could possibly cause Australian authorities all around the country to routinely dismiss without investigation the most serious crimes being committed against Australian children on an industrial scale?



Poor filing?

Or widespread, organised corruption.

But don’t take my word for it.

Demand it be investigated.




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