Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Rare Opportunity for the Real Truth to be Told

It was less than edifying this easter when the feeble monarch of the Church of Child Rape pronounced from his viciously defended high moral ground atop St Peter’s Square, tottering under the weight of pathetically opulent gold encrusted vestments and symbols of status, that

‘Life is stronger than death. Good is stronger than evil. Love is stronger than hate. Truth is stronger than lies,’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2126720/Pope-Benedict-XVI-ushers-Easter-candle-lit-vigil.html#ixzz1rWSOMPn1

They are indeed.

But does the obscenely wealthy and power obsessed Paedophile Protector in Chief even realise that he personifies death, evil, hate and lies in this ongoing struggle?

I think not, for only someone utterly lacking in self-awareness, compassion, insight, understanding, wisdom, respect, honesty and humanity could behave as he has behaved throughout the decades of his mishandling of the rampant despoilation of millions of children by his fiercely protected, enabled and rewarded rapist priests and other religious.

Not satisfied with heartlessly sacrificing our safety without a thought, without a qualm, without a moment’s consideration of our immense suffering, not satisfied with denying us help, denying our experience, and denying our very existence, not satisfied with branding us liars for telling the truth and unleashing the most horrific bullies his abusive organisation can spawn to brutalise us and exploit our defencelessness, our damage and our vulnerability and terrify us into silence, he also, to our very great detriment, pretends to care, to be sorry, and to have made changes to his dangerous and illegal practices.

But this habitual liar, this hate filled, entitled, intolerant fancy dress wearing misogynist, this evil murderer of children will not be the only voice heard this year, despite the most strident efforts of the Vatican’s PR army and their legions of lies.

Because this year, in Australia, the voices of his victims are being listened to, and our experiences noted down.

Because this year there is a genuine attempt to record the truth of what has happened to us and our experience with the catholic church, with law enforcement and with the courts and the criminal justice system.

Our suffering and our first hand knowledge of this issue will not be lost every time one of us succumbs to the relentless pressure to pretend we don’t exist and to wipe us out of existence.

What we went through will no longer be buried under piles of steaming PR ordure liberally shovelled about by those in the employ of the powerful, corrupt and wealthy organisation that sacrificed us in the first place.

Even if only a tiny sample of the many thousands of affected innocents come forward and tell their story, still our abuse is so consistent in its pattern and in its cover-up, that some aspect of everyone’s suffering will be there on record for our politicians to dare to continue to ignore. And supported by an increasing number of official, properly investigated records of the worldwide scale of this atrocity.

Of course the catholic church does not want our truth to be told.

What better reason is there to ensure your story is included, than to thwart the efforts of this most secretive, inhumane, criminal organisation to keep you forever a victim, forever a silent, terrified child denied help, denied even existence?

If you are able to participate, please contact the researcher, Judy Courtin, a PhD candidate in the Law faculty at Monash University, at jcourtin@netspace.net.au. At present Judy is looking for victims of catholic church child sexual abuse in NSW and Victoria. I have personally spoken to Judy a number of times, and have participated in her research. She treats victims with the courtesy, respect, understanding and compassion we have never received from anyone associated with the catholic church.

Judy’s research is being conducted with a careful eye to proper scientific methodology and is supervised by an ethics committee from Monash University to try to minimise harm to victims from speaking about their traumatic experiences. She is not able to approach victims directly, they must first contact her.

The catholic church are not involved in the research in any form, and are certainly not funding it. As most victims know from first hand experience, church leaders and many of their supporters will stop at nothing, no matter how harmful to victims, in order to silence us, and will not be happy at the truth seeing the light of day.

And as even Pope Pinocchio acknowledges, “Truth is stronger than lies.”

I hope he is ready for the consequences when the truth finally makes its presence felt.


5 responses to “Rare Opportunity for the Real Truth to be Told

  1. JohnB April 11, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    I too have spoken with Judy Courtin and found her approach both human and professional and with an understanding of the circumstanmces of survivors. This contrasts strongly with the absurd attempt to use the plight of survivors without a concern for their wellbeing via the recently closed plagiarism riddled QUT survey set up in conjunction with Survivors Australia (now known as Kidsafe).

    It is difficult enough a life without more of these bogus and fraudulent scamsters hoping to fulfill their own agendas at the expense of the plight of survivors.

  2. voicelessvictim April 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm


    I have taken names out of your comment, not because I disagree, in fact quite the opposite, I have first hand experience of what you were referring to. I simply prefer to keep the focus here on trying to stop the crimes of the catholic church. You are welcome to post a link to another site with full details for anyone who would like a warning about those who are very convincing at appearing to want to help survivors, but may indeed have another agenda, or could inflict harm.


    • JohnB April 11, 2012 at 6:28 pm

      no problem

  3. gerald nichols April 12, 2012 at 4:46 am

    tHOUGH it is quite strongly worded, I thought the piece was very well conceived and written. I have posted it on my site: http://xcatholic.yuku.com
    Thanks for your work.

  4. voicelessvictim April 13, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Thanks Gerald,

    In the past three years I have met personally with many of the catholic church’s Australian leaders and have confirmed the impression I originally gained from their words and actions towards myself and other victims. They have absolutely no desire or intention to help victims heal, to bring the criminals in their midst to justice, or to protect children from these monsters.

    As far as they are concerned, we are the problem. Because we refuse to suffer in silence and die off as quickly as possible, like good little victims.

    The time for anything less than strong words and plain truth is long past.


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