Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Even Thief Gives Pope Lesson in Morality – But Is B16 Capable of Learning?

Are the media truly picking on the catholic church over child sexual abuse, as petulantly claimed by the Vatican’s propaganda machine? Or are catholic church leaders the last people in the world any responsible parent would want to have anything to do with their children?

Last year the scandal of Penn State coaches covering up child sexual abuse in their midst and allowing it to continue for years, shocking though it was, nonetheless showed up the catholic church for their even more appalling approach, in continuing to sacrifice children to sexual predators rather than endanger their own reputations or the church’s immense wealth. Admittedly Penn State only acted very late in the day, and most likely only to immunise the university’s reputation from the inevitable fallout, but at least they did take action.

Something the catholic church is yet to do, despite all the faux apologies and announcements of “stringent guidelines”. Or world summits of those most involved in covering up. Or attempts to assume the position of experts in child rape. Or the establishment of an e-learning centre with multi-lingual advice.

Yesterday in Australia a petty thief showed the pompous bureaucrats at the Vatican’s “world summit” on child sexual abuse just how simple it is to recognise the right thing to do. His selfless act to protect children set a precedent of moral behaviour unseen in catholic circles the world over.

The thief knew there would be serious personal consequences.

He understood we all have a responsibility to protect the defenceless.

He acted straight away to put child safety first.

Nobody is claiming this man is a saint. Though his behaviour is more saintly than that of JPII, the (soon to be) Patron Saint of Paedophiles, who had a quarter of a century of absolute power to put children first and still failed.

Our thief saw an open car window in a supermarket carpark, and opportunistically helped himself to a wallet and two mobile (cell) phones. This was not his only offence.

But when he saw child pornographic images on one of the stolen phones, he did not need decades of excuses and distractions to understand this issue.  He went straight to the nearest police station and handed the incriminating phone, and himself, in to police. Despite being warned by police he may also be prosecuted for theft, the man said he wanted to hand himself in if it assisted police with such investigations.

Another man has subsequently been arrrested for child pornography.

The magistrate thanked our heroic thief. “You did the right thing,” the magistrate said. “That kind of offending is very serious. You are to be commended for your conduct even though it placed you at jeopardy of losing your own liberty.”

He did indeed lose his liberty, after pleading guilty to seven charges. The magistrate sent him to jail, but to encourage others to learn from his example, significantly reduced his sentence because of his heroic act and acceptance of responsibility for his own actions.

If only the Paedophile Protector in Chief and his cabal could learn enough to aspire to equal the morals of a thief!

If only the thousands of respectable rapists so highly honoured and protected by the catholic church could do as this thief has done, and turn themselves in to protect children.

If only the so-called “good priests” and “good catholics” valued children as highly as our humble thief, then maybe they would not turn away in the face of evidence of child rape, and allow it to continue unhindered.

This simple example of putting children first demonstrates that the only advice anyone should ever take from the Vatican regarding child sexual abuse is how to continue to get away with it. Or what not to do if you want to protect children.

For the catholic church hierarchy to try to position themselves as child protection experts is an obscenity.

And a further insult to their millions of victims.

It is high time everyone stopped pretending they have a shred of credibility left, and laughed their never ending stream of self serving PR stunts off the world stage in disgrace.

Read the original media article about the heroic thief who puts the Pope to shame.


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