Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Towards Deception and Denial: Vatican PR Parading as Global Summit

Vatican PR is in overdrive again, trying to drown out any unauthorised commentary of the so-called “Global Summit on Sexual Abuse” this week, with an avalanche of their own carefully manipulated spin.

Vatican PR has finally realised this stunt cannot be taken seriously without the involvement of victims, and has taken the unprecedented step of inviting one lone victim to participate. Though this single voice is not the headline speaker and she is all too likely to be ignored amongst all the rapist protectors pretending the catholic church has any intention of doing anything other than provide a new set of excuses and denials to help catholics feel better about supporting this criminal regime

Surprisingly, Marie Collins, the victim who has been invited, is a real spokesperson for victims, not an indoctrinated dupe of the regime.

In this, Vatican PR is following the well worn precedent of previous criminal regimes such as Hitler’s Third Reich. Invite someone with real credibility to an event purporting to be trying to enact real change. By the time the guest discovers there is no intention to do anything other than claim PR brownie points for changes they have no intention of implementing, the guest will be in an untenable position from which it is almost impossible to extricate themselves with honour.

While the criminal regime will forever misuse the guest’s usurped reputation for the purposes of coverup and deception.

We victims wait nervously to see just what further insults parading as apologies, excuses pretending to be taking responsibility, and lack of action disguised as ground breaking changes we will be forced to endure.

But underneath the cynicism born of harsh experience with these heartless, careerist, hypocritical, narcissistic princes of the church that all victims share, we still hold our breath secretly hoping despite so much first hand evidence to the contrary, that well hidden beneath those expensive silk gowns, beat the hearts of fellow human beings capable of acting with compassion.

We long to be proven wrong. We wonder whether we just misinterpreted the abusive way we were treated all these years by those claiming publicly to be doing everything to help us. That they really have been trying all this time, working through complex internal politics. And not just lying, waiting for the heat of public exposure to cool so they can get back to business as usual, the same disgraceful way their business has been conducted for centuries.

But that hope is fleeting, the pattern is too consistent, the charade of compassion too unconvincing. Ignore the words and examine only their actions. In their actions the truth is plain to see.

This organisation that proclaims itself a moral leader for all the world, is the slowest learner in all human history in the field of understanding that children are an innocent and precious resource, not cannon fodder for your favourite rapists.

There will be no gasps of shock, no pleasant surprises, no tears of relief that we can abandon our crusade to save the children because finally the catholic church is going to do the right thing.

There never has been any question about what needs to be done. There is absolutely no need for this sham of a summit to work out what to do.

The only reason the Vatican has not acted before this week to protect children, offer justice and healing to victims, and hold child rapists and those who protect them accountable for their crimes is because they lack the will to do so.

And there is absolutely no reason to believe that this has suddenly changed.


2 responses to “Towards Deception and Denial: Vatican PR Parading as Global Summit

  1. glorybe1929 February 7, 2012 at 2:12 am

    Oh people , it is not just a manipulated skill the rcc has, but it is a “diabolical plot” from the very beginning to overthrow Jesus Christ’s Holy Word….,with that of their deceptive words that tickle the ears of their listeners. Remember St. Paul warns the new believer to be very careful of the infilltraitors in their little groups, that a gospel that is not of Christ’s, is being taught and not to listen to it.

    This is certainly proof that somthing evil was trying to get passed off as “the real Gospel”. Read the Word and you’ll see.

  2. glorybe1929 February 7, 2012 at 2:22 am

    It is a useless exercise to hold your breath waiting for a human to come forth from a demons body. How naive of you to think this church(?) was ever anything but demonized. “You will know them by their fruits.”
    The devil lacks no will other than to maime and destroy, decieve and do diabolical things to God’s people. Stop him NOW!….You must never abandon your crusade for the vunerable innocents of all societies

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