Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Catholics Sit On Hands While Kids Are Raped But Up In Arms Over Sarandon Comment

Catholic spokespersons, including the repulsive child rape apologist Bill Donohue, have called Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon obscene for an off the cuff reference to the Paedophile Protector in Chief, Joseph Ratzinger, also known as Pope Benedict XVI. She called His Greediness a nazi.

Determined to stamp out the crime of speaking your mind, Catholic groups rushed to slam Sarandon’s remark in the strongest possible terms.

If only they were a fraction as enthusiastic about addressing child rape, which remains rampant within the ranks of Catholic hierarchy, clergy, other religious and employees.

But as the well rehearsed excuses about Ratzinger’s membership of the Hitler Youth flood the media and drown out all other views, one can’t help but draw a parallel between this spin campaign and the ongoing efforts to paint the fact that the Catholic Church enables and covers up child rape look somehow okay, not their fault, a media beat up, a homosexual conspiracy or the fault of the Woodstock generation.

But perhaps Ms Sarandon was not simply referring to the indisputable fact from Ratzo’s youth, but to the policies and actions of His Wealthiness since beating off the other claimants to the best room in the Vatican.

When one is referred to as a nazi, the speaker means that this person is obsessed with control; suppresses all opposition; cultivates a belief in himself as infallible, almost Godlike, and a father figure; demands the appearance of excessive adoration from his mindless subjects; promotes aggressive racism, misogyny and homophobia and uses psuedo-intellectual arguments to support his inhumane policies; imposes his world view on all within his reach through bullying, threats, propaganda and indoctrination, preferring to begin with the very young; interferes with and dictates every aspect of his followers’  lives, no matter how personal, for his own benefit; treats his subjects as his personal slaves; and pretends to operate from a high moral ground but is very happy to impose his callous will through astonishing brutality. Oh, and puts on a good show for the plebs, complete with colourful costumes, powerful symbolism, mindless chants and rousing songs. Need I go on?

B16 was and is a nazi. The brave and talented Ms Sarandon has been remorselessly vilified by Catholic fascists for simply telling the truth, and as an example to others not to follow her example. After all, the truth is the sworn enemy of the Catholic Church hierarchy, its apologists and mindless followers.


2 responses to “Catholics Sit On Hands While Kids Are Raped But Up In Arms Over Sarandon Comment

  1. Hanora Brennan October 23, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    I’d be with Susan Sarandon on this one. She has integrity and has the courage of her conviction to speak out knowing that her comment will not be popular. Courageous lady!!

  2. Francine McGinnis December 19, 2011 at 4:55 am

    Although I do not agree with the outspoken Susan Sandon on many topics, she surprised me with her brave remarks with which I totally agree. Money and power has trumped morality for all time, sadly. This is the most shameful crime in society.

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