Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Protect the sanctity of the confessional to cover up crimes by clergy

Responses to the shocking truth revealed by the recent Cloyne report that the Catholic Church, despite frequent claims to the contrary, is still enabling and covering up child sexual abuse, have included calls to break that ultimate coverup con trick “the sanctity of the confessional”.

That really got the paedophile protectors squealing in horror.

Imagine not getting special treatment and not being allowed to commit whatever crimes they like without censure and without consequences!

Must be another one of those fictional atheist plots to bring down the church. Couldn’t possibly be the church’s own crimes and stinking hypocrisy finally being revealed, leading to widespread disgust.

One defender of the twisted reasoning behind keeping confessions above civil law, and child rapists free to continue to prey on the defenceless was Australia’s Father Bill Uren, whose contribution to the dung heap of Vatican lies and excuses was aptly described by one commentator as :

“sanctimonous humbug”

That sanctimonious humbug included the following nonsense painting cowards covering up child sex crimes as heroic defenders of the downtrodden:

…priests will guard the sanctity of the seal of confession with their very lives.

…complete and inviolable confidentiality …

…advise the penitent to surrender to the secular authorities…

To highlight the hypocrisy and criminality of the Vatican’s approach to this issue, I decided, for the first time in decades, to hold down my nausea and go to confession. Who better to confess to than the child rape apologist Father Bill Uren.

My Confession to Fr Bill Uren

by Voiceless Victim

Bless me father for I have sinned. I have placed bombs under cardinal’s, bishop’s and congregation leader’s beds. Father, why do you look so startled?

I have only placed bombs under those princes of the church who protect child rapists or are themselves predators who have used their unearned respect as a “man of God” to violate the bodies of the defenseless.

Why do you look so pale, father?

Perhaps you know, as do so many who bleat about the Church’s innocence, just how busy I have been?

How many bishops have not informed police about rapist priests with multiple, credible claims of horrific abuse against them, but instead allowed the criminals to continue to have privileged access to their favourite prey?

How many have moved these monsters, not for the safety of children, but to protect the Church’s reputation, to new locations, new states, new countries if things are getting uncomfortably close to the truth being revealed, and given them a new name and unblemished reputation?

How many have hidden evidence, shredded documents, claimed not to know details using the handy little trick of mental reservation? How many have sent key witnesses overseas for the duration of a police investigation? Or threatened them with loss of livelihood if they reveal the truth?

And how many have paid for the best defence a criminal can buy and found a convenient loophole that keeps these predators out of jail and free to ruin more lives?

How many have pretended to want to help devastated victims, but have only been interested in manipulating them, deceiving them, and bullying them, often until they are suicidal, into signing a release which protects mother church from having to face the consequences of her crimes?

And how many have washed their beringed, aristocratic hands of the now doubly abused victims once they have that precious, protective release, and abandon them to a lonely recovery attempt made so much more difficult and so much less likely to succeed as a result of the Church’s arrogantly self interested efforts?

Father, these are serious questions, why are you making a phone call instead of answering?

Okay let me make it easier for you, father. Are there any bishops, cardinals or leaders of congregations who have not done some or all of these?

Father, are you reporting me to the police? What happened to guarding the sanctity of the seal of confession with your very life?

Or should it more accurately be phrased that priests and bishops guard the sanctity of the church’s dark secrets by sacrificing our lives?

And that the confessional seal is just another convenient ruse to excuse the Church’s protection of criminals and endangerment of children?

I can hear police sirens in the distance so I only have time for one last question, father.

Can you please explain what good society achieves by a criminal child sex offender being able to admit, possibly gloat about, his life of crime to a colleague who may share his destructive habit, or at least will do everything in his power to protect him from the consequences of his crimes?

We know that these dangerous criminals almost never reform, and Church efforts to help them reform are feeble and tokenistic at best.  We know that Church responses to such admissions are focused around protecting the Church’s reputation and interests, and hiding the awful truth from their mindlessly faithful flock.

And we have seen again and again truly shocking evidence that church leaders think nothing, absolutely nothing, of offering up countless innocents to these despoilers for the good of the universal church.

I was most amused by your complete fabrication that the church encourages child rapists to hand themselves in to the police. When? In between hiding evidence, lying to police, shipping them out of the jurisdiction and paying lawyers with the morals of alley cats to get them off scot free?

And if this were actually true, why then does the church object so strenuously to being required to do what it claims to already be doing?

Why is being required to meet to meet the absolute minimum standard of child protection expected of every other organisation so hard for the church?

And if the child sex predator refuses to hand himself in, as they almost invariably do, do you just shrug your shoulders and hand the criminal a list of new parishes to consider, with those with a residence next to a primary school highlighted for easier identification? Or in your sincere efforts to encourage your brother clergy to reform do you also point out parishes where previous predators have already taught the local children that no-one will believe them, speak up for them or make the constant attacks stop, and so are easier to dominate and subdue?

So I ask you again as the police come racing towards me, what possible good does it serve to protect the secrecy of confession? Exactly which children are protected by giving the church another deceitful technique which shields criminals and keeps them free to abuse?

What twisted morality thinks protecting criminals more important than preventing devastating crimes against children?

Sorry, I said there was only one more question and that is clearly not true. But then we are in a church, a place where honesty and truth are hardly welcome. Especially from victims of clerical criminals.

Still no answers, father?

While the police manhandle me to the floor and handcuff me, perhaps you can instead explain what happened to your complete and inviolable confidentiality? Or is that only reserved for the truly deserving, like priests who rape children?

Of course, while the catholic church has given me every reason to resort to desperate measures like bombing bishop’s beds, this confession was merely an attempt to flush out some truth amongst the avalanche of lies that is the church’s response to systemic child rape.

There are no bombs. Just as there are no genuine attempts to protect children.

What there is, is an eagerness to blame and accuse victims in an effort to deflect public attention from understanding that this problem goes to the very core of the church. That sacrificing the defenceless and defending its own power and wealth at any cost defines the abusive Catholic Church. Everything else is just dress-ups, theatrics, and smells and bells.

You see victims as dangerous, but you made us so. We are dangerous because you can’t face the truth. A truth we know from personal experience. A truth you will do anything to prevent us revealing to the world.

Well, father, it looks like I have to go now, since the police are dragging me away.

I would like to sincerely thank you for yet another demonstration of the church’s honesty and compassion.

Actually I do have one final question for you.

How do you sleep at night?



Anyone with the stomach to read Father Bill Uren’s sanctimonious humbug in full can follow this link.


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