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Lies, Damn Lies, and Catholic Church Funded Statistics

I used to think the John Jay College  of Criminal Justice was a well meaning independent organisation exploited by the Catholic Church into giving credence to Catholic lies, distractions and excuses on the issue of endemic child rape within its ranks.

But with the release of the latest dangerously biased Church funded propaganda, it is crystal clear that the John Jay College of Criminal Justice can either be bought, bullied, or influenced into delivering supposedly independent support for the Catholic Church’s orchestrated campaign of obfuscation on this issue.

Much of the blame for this tidal wave of deceit, trying to obscure an ongoing epidemic of abuse, must lay at the feet of those who routinely misuse and misrepresent the John Jay statistics. Those guilty of this deception start at the very top of the Catholic Church (yes, I am talking about Pope Pinnochio) and continue all the way down to the vicious apologists mindlessly attacking victims and attempts to introduce much needed child protection measures with the spiteful, evasive and arrogantly inaccurate claim that “teachers/scouts/stepfathers/Jews/gays are worse”.

But it is not just the Catholics doing the misleading. The John Jay figures are seriously flawed and absolutely inappropriate for the use to which they are most often put.

Responsible researchers would highlight these flaws, largely a result of the methodology, to ensure the results are not taken out of context.

Responsible researchers would publicly contradict the misuse of their work for purposes that are at best misleading and at worst part of a coverup of serious and widespread sexual crimes against the most vulnerable in society, by an arrogantly secretive and abusively powerful organisation with a lot of crimes to hide and an obscene amount of wealth to protect.

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, by its silence on the use of its work to deliberately mislead, and by its latest release which enthusiastically repeats even the most nonsensical Catholic excuse, and completely ignores the crux of the issue, has demonstrated clearly that it has prostituted its skills and reputation.

It is not certain whether money, many millions of dollars from a Church claiming to be too poor to help victims, was the only incentive used to buy the John Jay College. Publicity, private meetings with the Pope, influential positions on boards of Catholic companies and committees, dinners with Cardinals, guarantees of future work or students or other favours, access to a world of luxury, privilege and unlimited power, who knows what was the price paid?

One thing I do know, despite a heart wrenching introduction which talks of their heroic efforts in the pursuit of child safety, the John Jay researchers should lie awake at night drenched in sweat, wracked by guilt over the additional damage heaped upon innocent victims by their enthusiastic support for Church lies and excuses. Support which may well result in real child protection measures not being implemented, and new generations of children being exposed to danger by Catholic PR stunts parading as action.

If the John Jay researchers do have the honesty and empathy to lose sleep over their efforts to undermine calls for justice, child protection and healing for victims, they will not be alone.

The ability to get a good night’s sleep is but one of the many, many things stolen from us – child victims of priestly sexual predators.


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