Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Speeding Up Production at Catholic Saint Factory = PR Spin to Dupe the Gullible

As the date of JPII’s hasty beatification draws nearer, the Catholic Church hopes, by its faux scientific administrative mumbo jumbo, to transform an evil old man with a horrifyingly negative track record in many areas, especially in enabling child rape, into a political figurehead whose morality is beyond question, and whose every action is by definition “right” and “good”.

The target for this particular Catholic PR deception is not, as you may suspect, the world media and non Catholics. Rather it is the mindless Catholic minions themselves.

Because, to a Catholic, sainthood is one of the many triggers the Church hierarchy uses to switch off their reasoning function. Anyone declared a saint, by virtue of having survived the daunting hurdle of the intensely detailed canonisation process, must truly be “saintly” and no Catholic needs to listen to or consider anything which may detract from the saint’s reputation or standing.

Vatican PR has recently reinforced such misleading beliefs, revealing to the media details of the canonisation process emphasising the difficulty and high level of “proof” required. For those not blinded by faith, this confused amalgam of magic and science is profoundly unconvincing. The sleight of hand whereby one event is irrevocably joined to another event by nothing but hopeful belief, and then proudly declared to have a causal link, should be laughed at by everyone with even an elementary education, not treated as a scientific fact.

The haste to cover up JPII’s real nature and legacy with the mind numbing mantle of official “sainthood” is unsurprising. There is much beneath the benign image of “Il Papa” waving from his Popemobile the Church hierarchy wants Catholics to ignore.

Just last year the Catholic Church achieved a similar feat of deceit when it appropriated the good works and reputation for standing up for the powerless and exploited of Mary McKillop. By declaring her their first Australian saint, after her death when she is unable to refuse such an “honour”, the Catholic Church stole her lifetime’s work to improve their own bedraggled reputation.

The callous hypocrisy of the rich old men in dresses in Sydney and Rome who planned this extravaganza of deception is demonstrated by the fact that most of the ways in which Mary was truly an example of doing the right thing, were also instances where she was at odds with the Catholic Church hierarchy. We are not talking about petty squabbles either. She was excommunicated by the Church, an extreme punishment which not even the worst child rapist or torturer was or is still considered to deserve. In fact, one of the many issues Mary fought the Catholic Church over included the refusal of the Church to do anything to stop child rape.

So it is no surprise that 100 years after Mary’s death, the Catholic Church is fast tracking the canonisation of the man most instrumental in helping child rape to flourish unchecked in the late 20th Century.

The same man who could so easily have introduced Church policy to put a stop to my own abuse after one or two or even ten attacks, instead of abandoning me to suffer 100 or more times, and grow up without support, terrified, bullied into silence and unable to recover.

Coming soon: Top 10 Reasons Why JPII is NO Saint.


3 responses to “Speeding Up Production at Catholic Saint Factory = PR Spin to Dupe the Gullible

  1. Breach of peace April 15, 2011 at 10:39 am

    The Catholic scholar and writer Atila Sinke Guimaraes substantiates in his book,
    Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia and articulates very clearly the protection of the guilty and criminal priests by the Vatican and the changing of canons to protect the guilty priests and to make it more difficult or almost impossible to charges the guilty priests. I highly recommend this book for any serious reader as you will be more enlightened concerning the Vatican cover-up.
    The Pope himself was accused and been charged by members of the press, various investigative journalists and legal representatives of covering up evidence and not allowing the civil powers to do a thorough investigation. It was an in-house cover-up against the victims and perverting and obstructed the course of justice.
    The Catholic Church is the largest homosexual and pedophilia ring in the world.
    There have been many members of the Roman Catholic church leave this sect or cult and I don’t think it is Catholic bashing to describe what their sordid history did to its own members. With a true apology comes genuine change, by kicking out all those who were involved and charges must also be forth coming otherwise it is simply words to keep the flock in the herd. Full compensation for all involved and all those laws or cannons need to be repealed passed by the Pope to keep many of the guilty priests out of the courts.

  2. ladyrob January 10, 2013 at 11:27 am

    The “Catholic Saint Factory”! So aptly described!
    How would you feel if you were a devout Catholic…and did not believe all the ‘ruccus’ about paedophile/sex abuser priests…only to discover that, on having prostrated yourself and prayed for a miracle in front of the glass tomb of the embalmed body of the recently declared “:BLESSED..XXXX” only to be given absolute proof that this supposed holy man, in front of whose body you are prostrate and humbled, was a serial rapist of the young recruits that his carefully trained “fishers of men”…(those who’d been taught how to catch and influence young girls and boys and lure them into his religious institutions)…would rape and sodomise these innocent bodies, using them for his own sexual gratification…making them “Brides” and.’Gay Spouses’ of the church…( after they’d just consecrated themselves to God with Vows…Brides and Spouses of Christ.?

    How would you react if you had a description of how this “Blessed”,supposedly “consecrated” young bodies to the church through the unholy means of his aroused supposedly celibate organ ..(.you know the Bible verse about the Good Shepherd: “My rod and my staff will consecrate and comfort you..”)? How would you feel being given a description of him performing the “consumation” of his marital rights as a senior churchman? Just a thought….

    How would you feel if you were confronted by irrefutable evidence from witnesses, one who’d actually given birth as a newly professed nun and others whose rectums and lower rectal innards bore medically diagnosed unmistatakeable scarring? What would you do if you were a devout Catholic confronted by this irrefutable evidence? Would you continue to pray to this “Blessed” for a miracle? Would you pretend you didn’t know? What would you DO? Can you imagine your confusion and horror? What is your reaction? How do you feel?

    Now, imagine how those young girls and boys felt then and how they feel today! Will you now turn and run out of the basilica? Will you pretend nothing has changed? Will you go to confession for having allowed yourself to dwell on these unholy, impure things? Will you believe the priest when he consoles you telling youthat you have been drastically tempted by the devil who put illusions before your eyes…. so you had to see ‘father’ in the vestry afterwards where he would…perform a purification rite? Mmmmm?! Would you go?

    • voicelessvictim February 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

      I am so sorry you suffered so much at their hands.

      Your story is so important, and must be told. From what you have told me your traumatic experiences were not unique and so there must be many who have experienced similar crimes, who are still imprisoned within the catholic church’s slave labour camps. Who found themselves kidnapped, duped, manipulated or forced into serving the interests of those claiming to be holy but whose actions were anything but.

      You are so strong to have survived and escaped, and must be an inspiration to so many who are still entombed alive.

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