Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Now Everyone Knows What It Takes To Get Rapist Priests Removed From Access To Children – Arrest Bishops and Cardinals For Cover-Up

There has been so much happening in the Philadelphia diocese lately for those interested in justice and child safety to absorb.

And, for once, much of it is good news for victims of Catholic Church sponsored child sexual abuse.

Well, as good as it is possible to get for anyone who has survived extreme emotional trauma, rape, torture, neglect and abandonment before they reach puberty, followed by more abandonment, denial, lies, blame, ostracision, re-abuse, insults and denial of justice ever since.

We victims always knew what it would take for Catholic Bishops to take child protection seriously.

Unless in self protective denial, or unable to let go of our naive hopes that they actually meant a single word they uttered, we know and always have known that it would take secular laws being applied to these criminals to make them cease their criminal behaviour.

We found out first hand from a lifetime’s hard experience just how deceitful, cowardly and self serving every Sir Humphrey Appleby wearing the Pope’s purple truly is beneath their air of putrifying mock sanctity.

We know they have absolutely no intention of ‘fessing up to the full scale of the disgusting mess they are still making so much worse.

We know they have no intention of putting the right of children not to be raped before their own careers, reputation, and ability to inspire respect and awe in the weak minded.

We know they have no intention of even considering the needs of such insignificant creatures as children.

And we know they will fervently and viciously defend the Catholic Church’s policy to refuse help to victims in order to preserve their obscene wealth.

They have been instructed to treat anyone who dares to tell the truth about this issue as a liar, unreliable, only interested in money, and part of a conspiracy.

They have been instructed that by treating the innocent as the guilty party, the guilty are enabled to publicly proclaim their innocence without threat of being challenged.

They have been instructed that the worse they treat the already irreparably harmed victims, the better the result for “the good of the universal Church”.

And they believe they can, should, and indeed deserve to get away with this simply monstrous behaviour.

And that no-one will hold them to account.

Until now.

The Catholic hierarchy in Philadelphia are being held to account for the criminal conspiracy to cover up and enable child rape for decades.

They are facing charges and being indicted.

True, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua has escaped justice so far on the usual excuse of advanced age and ill health. There are always any number of good Catholic doctors and psychologists willing to smile, wink and go along with a range of medical or mental health loopholes.

But it has been made clear by the second Grand Jury report just how narrowly he escaped, and how eagerly he will be pounced upon should he miraculously recover once he thinks the heat is off.

But Monsignor William Lynn didn’t escape.

The precedent has been set.

Those fat, overindulged princes of the Church around the world will be sweating under their silk robes at the thought of which jurisdiction may next decide to favour what is morally and legally right over what is good for the Catholic Church.

But even better than putting the fear of justice into the Pope’s paedophile protection mafia, is the news that indicting a senior Church official has finally resulted in what the Church has always claimed to have already done.

Removal of every last rapist in Philadelphia diocese from their official Church positions which give them privileged and unquestioned access to new victims.

And the public outing of the dangerous Church protected and enabled criminals determined to prey upon the vulnerable children of unsuspecting families, so that families will be unsuspecting no more.

Charging one senior Church official with endangering the welfare of children has made thousands of innocent children in Philadelphia safer.

Perhaps there is a God after all.

Here’s a summary of the second Philadelphia Grand Jury report.


2 responses to “Now Everyone Knows What It Takes To Get Rapist Priests Removed From Access To Children – Arrest Bishops and Cardinals For Cover-Up

  1. Mrs.Beverley Bath July 22, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    My mother suffered cruelly at the hands of the sisters of mercy in an orphanage.
    she was the oldest living member of Clan,& appologised to by Kevin Rudd.To be a Christian one would do as Crist would do.My headmaster at school always told us to do unto others, as you would that they to you should do.He was more of a Christian than any pope.!

    • voicelessvictim July 29, 2011 at 11:41 am

      Thank you for sharing your story. This raises the issue of the inter generational damage and suffering caused by the abuse flourishing under the Catholic Church’s misguided and criminal policies. I hope your mother was able to be helped by CLAN and that you are also receiving appropriate support and assistance. Just having contact with others who understand how difficult it is to overcome this type of abuse can be enormously helpful and empowering. Families of survivors need that support just as much as the survivors themselves. You could also contact SNAP Australia at http://www.snapaustralia.org .

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