Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

How Much More Evidence Do You Need Before You Stop the Sacrifice of Children?

Documentary evidence was revealed in Ireland this week proving that Catholic officials do not report sex crimes against children to the police, and that this is official Church policy originating from Rome.

Such disclosures should have been answered with judicial inquiries, charges being laid, and immediate withdrawal of special treatment for the Catholic Church, including tax-free status, diplomatic immunity and any special legislation delivering freedom from prosecution for their crimes.

The lack of horrified response can only mean two things.

That this is not news.

And that, like the pompous criminals leading the mindless Catholic herd, political leaders and those with the ability to save future children from sharing our suffering just do not care.

What sort of society allows the brutal sexual exploitation of the innocent and the vulnerable by sanctimonious liars to continue unhindered and unpunished?  And deliberately exposes additional thousands to the theft of their potential, their safety, their sexuality, their innocence, and their ability to trust, to enjoy, or to shape their own future?

Before each individual who watches the RTE program “Would You Believe” aired on 17 January 2011, or reads the worldwide newspaper reports and the incriminating letter itself, turns away with the thoughts, “Well, it merely confirms what I knew already”, or refuses to face anything that might undermine their unthinking belief in Catholic lies, just remember what you think about the Germans who didn’t stand up to Hitler’s warmongering and murder of millions of innocents.

You are the Germans of the future.

More enlightened societies will look back at your inaction of today with distaste and say, “How could they?”

How can the plight of millions of survivors of child sexual abuse not move you?

How can the thousands of deaths like Bill Zeller not make you want to help?

How can the need for immediate assistance of thousands of innocent children being abused right now not launch you out of your complacency to demand action?

You can do something.

The Catholic Church is only able to continue its abusive policies because Catholics continue to submit to the will of these megalomaniacs, and continue to fund their luxurious lifestyles.

A Catholic leader with no congregation is just a sexually immature homophobe in a dress with an untreated personality disorder.

And if you are not a Catholic, you can voice the concerns of every reasonable person who still has control of a functioning heart and brain to demand legislative change. Demand law reform to mandatory reporting, statute of limitations, and evidentiary rules and remove loopholes that entrust these monsters with children’s lives and futures, and allow them to continue to cut a swathe through the mental health and productivity of our entire society.

We cannot trust our politicians to do the right thing. The evidence is there and still they do nothing. Far too many of them salivate at the prospect of dinner with a Cardinal, or even, if they are especially blind to morality in their support of Catholic aggrandisement, a meeting with the Pope.

But the people who vote for politicians can make their voices heard. Can demand politicians do the right thing, not the Catholic thing.

You know what is going on.  Are you really going to turn your back on the children?

How sure are you that the next child to be sacrificed will not be yours?

RTE Television Program “Would You Believe?”

Letter to Irish Bishops instructing them not to report abuse to the police




2 responses to “How Much More Evidence Do You Need Before You Stop the Sacrifice of Children?

  1. glorybe1929 January 23, 2011 at 5:59 am

    I am 81 yrs old and left the RCC on our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2002. Because I found out that everything that I chose NOT TO BELIEVE from the religious in our family, over many years , was finally coming to a head and WAS TRUE! Over 60 yrs of being the best Roman Catholic that I could be, teaching our 4 children about the Faith and being in every ministry that the church offered..I knew , along with my husband that we must not conitinue going to a place that LIED and CHEATED and COVERED UP the worst sins of mankind. Those HIDEIOUS SINS against our most vunerable..our children, handicapped and marginalized persons.

    Since that time I have been blogging on every site that spoke of the atrocities of these evil priests, nuns and brothers.It’s over ten years now and everything is still basically the same. It’s still being COVERED UP and it has gotten even worse as the Vatican people try everything in their power to continue the coverups with (bad) PR. The NATIONS of Roman Catholic People NEED to RISE Up and DO SOMETHING TO SHUT THE RCC DOWN, FOREVER!!THEY’ER INTO MURDER, MONEY LAUNDERING BY THE MAFIA ETC. YOU NAME IT, IF IT’S BAD THEY’LL DO IT. THESE ARE SINSTO US BUT BY THE LAW, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY..THAT SHOULD BE PUNISHED BY THE WORLD COURT!

    • voicelessvictim January 23, 2011 at 10:45 pm

      What an inspiring story, Gloria! Thank you for sharing it.

      I have some idea of the courage it must have taken to take such a brave step. The Catholic Church is very good at making those who stand up for what is right rather than what is in the best interests of the Catholic Church hierarchy suffer for their honesty and strength.

      I know far too many Catholic cowards who prefer to hide from the truth because to face it would disrupt their comfortable and self centred hypocrisy.

      If you can do this is your seventies and eighties there is hope for them all.

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