Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Show A Little Respect

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed I refuse to address Joseph Ratzinger with the respect and titles he demands of his mindless minions.

My favourite alternatives include: Ratzo, Ratty, Pope Rat, Pope Nazi, Benny the Rat, Herr Ratzinger, B16, Protector of the Paedophiles, Monarch of the Paedophiles, His Greediness, His Wealthiness, the occupant of the best room in the Vatican, power obsessed narcissist, and rich old man who likes to play dress ups and has an out of control God complex.

I will be happy to give him respect. The minute he deserves any.

True respect must be earned.

Neither the man himself, his actions or his position at the head of a criminal organisation currently qualify for true respect.

The other sort of “respect” is simply the cowardly giving in to pressure from a bully. That is what I refuse to do.

Of course Catholic apologists will be shrieking by now about “good works”. As if helping a little old lady across the street makes child rape acceptable. It does not. It can not. Ever.

In fact good works and abuse of power often go hand in hand, with the former used to disguise, excuse and deflect criticism of the latter. By unthinking apologists of totalitarian regimes. Like the Catholic Church.

One way Ratzo can earn some respect would be to show respect to victims of child sexual abuse by the priests, brothers, bishops, cardinals and others who swear an oath of obedience to him.

  • Respect our human right not to be sexually exploited by adults in positions of power over us.
  • Respect our right to tell the truth about our own experience.
  • Respect our right to heal from the injuries inflicted on us.
  • Respect our right to demand change in order to protect future generations.
  • Respect our right to identify our abusers and see them brought to justice.

Even if those rights threaten the power and wealth of the Catholic Church, and the careers of members of the Church hierarchy.

All of these rights have been denied me and hundreds of thousands of other victims throughout the world for as long as Popes have existed.

We have been sacrificed and continue to be sacrificed, as an acceptable cost of protecting the life of indulgence and unearned respect enjoyed by some of the worst criminals known to humanity.

So don’t expect me to show respect to the current leader of this sorry gang.

I’m not Anti-Pope.

He is Anti-Me.


One response to “Show A Little Respect

  1. Gloria Sullivan January 8, 2011 at 2:58 am

    The whole Roman Catholic Church should be taken to the World Court and accused of false testimony. in all areas of their”holier than thou” testimony. They have committed the greastest of Sins, according to their standards, The Crimes Against Humanity, that they are always trying to rectify by their “good deeds to the underprivlidged, etc. Which do not out weigh their EVIL. The handicapped,(deaf & speechless) marginalized adults(with lesser IQ’s)young children and pre teens.. How does this add up? It is EVIL by anyone’s standards. Besides all of this they should not have immunity from paying taxes as they are out to MAKE MONEY! Their church laws must coinside with the laws of the country they are in. BUT GOD’S LAWS ARE THE LAWS THEY MUST ADHERE TO!

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