Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

We’ve had the Year of Paedophile Priests, when will we see the Year of their Victims?

Welcome to 2011, yet another year when the Catholic Church will sacrifice innocent children and devastated victims to maintain its obscene wealth, its specious claims to moral superiority, and the luxurious lifestyles of its pampered princes.

Another year when the Monarch of the Rapists, Benedict XVI, will cynically claim to feel sympathy for our suffering and promise to do everything possible to help. Another year when those oft repeated claims are nothing but lies.

Another year when, as soon as the media cameras are turned off and his adoring, mindless serfs have gone home, Ratso and his cabal will return to plotting to avoid responsibility, delaying any suggestion of taking action, and hoping that we victims all die off as soon as possible so he never has to deal with the full horror of the crimes that flourish under his supervision.

For victims it is another year of additional suffering piled on top of our already heavy burden. Suffering caused by the Catholic Church’s lies, evasions, and refusal to help or acknowledge us in any way.

Another year of losing promising young lives to suicide.  Vulnerable children targeted because their vulnerability makes it easier for their predators to escape exposure and punishment.  And harder for victims to survive.  The true cause of their deaths ignored. The Catholic Church secretly thrilled that one more problem has been eradicated.

Another year of children knowingly exposed to danger by a Church that has no compunction, no compassion. And no hesitation in sacrificing them.

What about the self absorbed criminals who deliberately destroy countless young lives, and in many cases take pleasure from the harm they inflict beyond mere sexual gratification?

For them it will be another year of getting away with it.

Another year of smug Catholic hypocrites supporting their denials even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Another year of respect and protection at any cost from the Church that sponsors and enables their abuse.

Another year of knowing the Church provides a bevy of high priced lawyers to find a loophole, an excuse, an obstruction to keep them out of jail and free to continue to abuse.

Last year the Catholic Church invented a recruitment drive smugly celebrated as the Year of the Priest.

I’d like to know when we will see the Catholic Church celebrate the Year of the Victim of Criminal Sexual Predator Priests Who Use the Exalted Status of the Catholic Church to Gain Illegal and Non-Consensual Access to the Bodies of Defenceless Children to Satisfy Their Desire to Inflict Harm and Sexually Exploit Those they have Sworn to Protect and in Violation of Laws, Vows, Morality and Humanity?

Seriously, I’d like to know.


One response to “We’ve had the Year of Paedophile Priests, when will we see the Year of their Victims?

  1. Gloria Sullivan January 4, 2011 at 3:42 am

    Matt Abbott ,of Renew America, is writing as an apologist for the Roman Catholic Church in many ways. Check him out and see if you can get through to him. He is one Catholic that will “hear no evil” about his church. I write him often when I have something to say that just seems logical and he ignors it or thinks I am a hater of the church….which I am not. The church being the people. I dislike the Institution of the RCC intensley, as being ruled by the evil one. Believers should just leave this evil institution.God is Sovreign and no one can take HIM away fromm you! What say you?

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