Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Zero Tolerance

The Catholic Church’s Paedophile Protector in Chief, Pope Rat, this year proudly proclaimed  the introduction of zero tolerance for child sexual abuse by Catholic priests and other religious. As someone whose case is still active, I can report on just what this “zero tolerance” really means to victims.

Please feel free to share this poem but don’t forget to attribute it to Voiceless Victim.


Zero Tolerance

by Voiceless Victim


Papists protect their child rapists
Yet no-one protected me.

Papists pretend. What rapists?
No matter what it costs me.

Papists revere child rapists
Why can’t they acknowledge me?

Papists stand up for their rapists
The one they attack is me.

Papists hide their child rapists
Ensuring no-one sees me.

Papists tell lies for rapists
to drown out the truth from me.

Papists are mates with rapists
But don’t want to know about me.

Papists buy lawyers for rapists
Find loopholes to keep them scot free.

Papists speak up for rapists
If I speak, watch ‘em sue me.

Papists sure value their rapists
None is more worthless than me.

Power obsessed papists are rapists
The price of their power is me.


In summary, the Catholic Church can still be included with Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Congo who used rape and mutilation as an instrument of terror in their war zones, Thailand and Eastern Europe whose economies are bolstered by trade in sex slaves, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Syria, India and Pakistan who brutally punish rape victims and let their attackers go free, as one of the worst mysognistic rape promoting criminal regimes in the world.

Read Naomi Wolf on this subject in relation to the Julian Assange witch hunt.



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