Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Top 10 Catholic Church’s callous attitudes to clergy child sex abuse victims

Child protection is not a priority. Church protection is a priority. Cardinal and bishop reputation protection is a priority. Protection of cardinal’s and bishop’s mates who are good blokes and could not possibly be abusers is a priority. Even if they accept that a priest is an abuser, his protection from responsibility for his crimes is a priority. Saving the church from embarrassment is a priority. Hiding the full, shocking size of this problem from public scrutiny is definitely a priority. Protecting the church’s assets is a top priority.

Sex crimes against children are not really crimes. Sexually abusing children doesn’t count as breaking their vow of celibacy, so therefore it’s okay. Besides, if they couldn’t abuse children, life as a priest would be pretty unbearable.

Why should abusive priests should be treated as criminals, when they are just sinners who have committed grave errors of judgement and deserve forgiveness? Other people who abuse children may be criminals, but these are priests we are talking about. If they can’t be considered above the law, I don’t know who can.

This is an internal matter, why does everyone feel the need to pry into how the church deals with these poor unfortunate priests? It is no-one’s business what priests do in their spare time. The church is not answerable to these annoying people, why won’t they just go away?

Why should priests be considered subject to secular law? Canon law looks after them really well. Anyway cannon law is above secular law and is more than capable of dealing with this issue in a very stringent manner. Eventually. In at least 1% of cases. One or two have even been defrocked though that really is hardly necessary for something as minor as abusing children.

These innocent priests are the victims of a witch hunt. If a priest says he never touched the kid, that is good enough for the church. Those disturbed people making disgusting claims about priests are evil and should be killed.

Can’t they just get over it and stop dwelling crankily on old wounds. How many years must the church ignore accusations like this before these horrible people just give up?

Haven’t you heard of “false memory syndrome”? There has been at least one case where a child was influenced to “remember” something that didn’t happen. Therefore it’s obvious any claim of abuse against a priest by a former child must be false.

Those supposed victims are all just money hungry troublemakers. And criminals. And on drugs. So obviously it’s impossible they are also telling the truth, as the concepts are mutually exclusive. Besides we don’t have to listen to anything someone like that says.

Why are we even talking about this when teachers/homosexuals/scouts/families/Jews/anyone else we don’t like are much worse? After all we paid a lot of money to manipulate data we supplied ourselves to make it look like we are a safer place for your children than just about anywhere else. You’d think after we went to all that trouble and expense people would just swallow that line and leave us alone.


3 responses to “Top 10 Catholic Church’s callous attitudes to clergy child sex abuse victims

  1. Gloria Sullivan June 25, 2010 at 2:55 am

    The devil in all his glory, started the Roman Catholic Church and the canon laws that guide this evil place along it’s secular evil ways, always protecting it’self above all else.

    Now that we have the “World Wide Web”, how can anyone deny what is and has come out against the RCC? Jesus said it would all come out into the LIGHT and it has. We must deal with it by leaving it alone.

    They have committed so many Crimes Against humanity, that there is not one year to which they can claim, there has been only the love of Christ in all our doings and our teachings. No not one. All knew of the bad and chose to ignor it. As did i and many others. No More Ignorance ! It’s all out there before us.

    No it’s been the love of Man (priest) above God,that has radiated and the FAUX teachings of man, to implement forgivness of them. Even a prayer was written, “to not ever say a bad thing about a priest, as God will take care of that person”. (You bet HE WILL!)

    Most especially to those who have committed the “UNFORGIVEABLE SIN” that is; THE SIN AGSINST THE HOLY SPIRIT!
    This is a sin that our most loving God (who forgives all our sins) will not forgive. Can you imagine what that sin Against the Holy Spirit could be?

    Psm., 8, says “the babies and children praise HIM day and nite”. How could they do that without language? Why of course…the Holy Spirit lives within them, and is with them, as they come down from Heaven from God.

  2. gerald nichols December 8, 2011 at 6:12 am

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  3. victimsofrapebythercc January 13, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Reblogged this on rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch and commented:
    Beautifully put.

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