Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

“Apostolic Visitation” another Papal PR stunt

As promised in his March letter about the Irish sexual abuse epidemic, the Paedophile Protector-in-Chief, Pope Benedict XVI, has appointed a team of nine  leading international paedophile protectors and enablers to invade Ireland and spread their noxious PR spin across the land.

Just as the Pope’s letter itself pretended to be an apology addressed to victims but was actually targeted at stemming the flow of disgusted Irish Catholics deserting the Church, so the “investigation” undertaken by this mob of morally dubious yes men will actually do little or no investigating, but instead will focus its efforts on the usual Church tactics of denial, normalisation, and diversion. Plus, of course, trying to fool everyone into believing their fallacious claims about how well the Church is promoting justice and helping victims heal, while actually re-abusing victims, preventing them from ever healing and obstructing secular justice.

The proof that investigation is the last thing this delegation is interested in? One of the four dioceses that will be “investigated” by the greedy old men in dresses is Dublin, which has already been extensively investigated by an Irish government body with powers to enforce co-operation, and which resulted in a shocking, detailed report at a cost of millions of pounds.

What can the Church mean by wasting everyone’s time and resources re-investigating Dublin when there are so many other dioceses that have not been investigated at all? Choose as many options as you like from the list below.

  • The Catholic Church is even more dishonest than everyone thought and still has skeletons in the closet.
  • They will contact victims and witnesses and threaten them or buy them off to ensure there is never again such a disgraceful outbreak of truth about the Catholic Church.
  • They will pretend to do something to help while actually putting the long term cover-up back in place.
  • They will choke the diocese in a blanket of misinformation and try to excuse or explain away all the crimes revealed by the Government and pretend there is nothing criminal going on after all.
  • They think the simple minded Catholics who have been trained from birth to leave their brains and their hearts at the Church door will accept that a personal visit by a pompous narcissist who lives in a palace, plays dress-ups regularly and has an out of control God complex will fix or even change anything.
  • These megalomaniacs live in a make believe world with both feet still in the Dark Ages, and are just going to go through the motions of a make believe investigation.

Two final questions for these self important princes of a corrupt and criminal Church.

  1. Will victims be consulted in any way or will their wealth of personal experience in this issue once again be dismissed, denied and deliberately ignored because it does not accord with official Church policy?
  2. Will the “apostolic visitation” result in any real, concrete action, or is the Church driven PR resulting from the event an end in itself? Will the Church be held accountable for producing any changes or do they expect the smoke and mirrors of the “apostolic visitation” to obscure the fact that once again, the Church does nothing to help victims heal, nothing to protect children and nothing to bring the hordes of criminals within its ranks to justice?

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