Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Top 10 incredibly insensitive statements from the Catholic hierarchy

The power obsessed Catholic hierarchy, led by Ratzo the Paedophile Protecting Pope, have appointed themselves as moral dictators and guardians for the whole world.  Whether we want them or not.

Personally I’d rather follow the moral guidance of the mould stain in my shower.

But I’m biased. I’ve had first hand experience of their morality in action. It ain’t pretty. It ain’t compassionate. And it sure as hell ain’t humane.

It is a great way to learn about the depths of evil to which human beings can descend. Find yourself on the wrong side of the Catholic hierarchy through no fault of your own and see how much Christian love and understanding comes your way.

Here’s 10 examples of how they think about, respond to, or treat innocent victims of child sexual abuse.

In their own callous, inhumane, insensitive words.

There are some things anyone with a single brain cell and a molecule of empathy would know not to say. Not these sanctimonious bullies.

My conclusion. These megalomaniacs with God complexes and a penchant for dress-ups must all suffer from at least one personality disorder. Whether they are narcissists, psychopaths, both, or some other combination, one thing they are not, is sensitive.

Here’s proof from their own self-absorbed lips:

1.  Archbishop Dennis Hart in Melbourne, Australia, screamed at a sexual abuse victim to ”go to hell, bitch” after she knocked on his door at 1.20am in the morning.

2.  The insufferable Bishop Anthony Fisher in Sydney during the Pope’s visit for World Youth Recruitment Drive 2008, snapped when child sexual abuse victims distracted the media’s attention away from his own carefully controlled and taxpayer-funded propaganda. He berated victims, who were and still are consistently lied to and denied justice by the Catholic Church, for “dwelling crankily on old wounds”. One person in particular he was referring to had very recently lost one daughter to suicide, while the other needs 24 hour care, after both were raped in primary school by the same Catholic priest.

3.  Cardinal George Pell of Sydney arbitrarily dismissed Anthony Jones’ allegations of rape by Father Terrence Goodall despite the findings of a church investigator that Jones’ claims were actually substantiated. Pell claimed in a letter to Anthony Jones that there were no other victims of Father Goodall, when on the very same day Pell also wrote to another victim of Goodall’s confirming this other victims’ claims of abuse. When caught out in these bare-faced lies, on national television, smug Pell assumed the general public will mindlessly swallow whatever baseless nonsense he spouts, in the same way his unthinking adherents do. “There was no cover up,” claimed Pell.  We also believe you when you try the old line “the letter was badly worded and an honest mistake.” Sure, Big George, sure.

4. Then there’s the  pastoral letter from His Greediness that was read to Catholic Church congregations throughout Ireland. It reluctantly admitted the actions of the Irish hierarchy were “grave errors of judgment”, but said nothing about the Vatican’s responsibility, and offered no assistance, and very little sympathy, to victims. Hold on, aren’t grave errors of judgement stuff like choosing to wear gold encrusted dresses and funny hats in public on a regular basis? The Irish Church’s contribution to the shocking abuse of thousands of children over seven decades was nothing less than a criminal conspiracy.

5. Ratzinger’s defenders enthusiastically claim he has done more to resolve this issue than his predecessors, not that that’s saying much. But they think cynical, self-serving, half-hearted apologies, instead of the usual complete and total denial, should be treated as highly commendable and considered an end to the issue. “As Pope, he has been unusually and laudably aggressive in dealing with abusers,” says David Gibson, author of a Ratzinger biography, a sentiment echoed by many Vatican apologists, who praised the Pope’s “firm and enlightened” attitude in dealing with the paedophile crisis.

I wonder if the victims of the Church endorsed predators foisted upon unsuspecting communities by a Vatican that knew about their crimes but refused to take any action would agree?

6. Jacques Gaillot, the former bishop of Evreux, west of Paris, is responsible for not one but two insensitive, and revealing, admissions. The retired French bishop correctly recognised it was a mistake to take a convicted Canadian pedophile priest,  Denis Vadeboncoeur, into his diocese in 1987. But he dismissed any suggestion of culpability with the devastatingly inadequate  “back then, that’s how the church operated”.

Not satisfied with one foot in his mouth, he shoved the other one in too. “We were being helpful. We were asked to take in an undesirable priest and we agreed”. What a nice guy! Not so helpful for any subsequent victims, however.

7. In 1985 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Paedophile-in-Chief, resisted repeated pleas from a Californian diocese to defrock a priest with a record of molesting children, putting “the good of the universal Church”, above other considerations. Those other considerations that didn’t get a look in included protecting additional children from being abused.

8. We had a triple whammy from the Vatican over Easter this year of increasingly fantastic claims blaming everyone but those responsible for the sexual abuse tsunami. The steady stream of scapegoat-fingering statements were not only bizarre, they were also breathtakingly insensitive.

First, they attacked the media for breaking the previously inviolable code of silence on this issue. The media were accused of “slanderous attacks”, a “defamation campaign”, a ”campaign of hatred against the church”, a “stoning” of Benedict, a “frenetic desire to tarnish” him, “a smear campaign”, and “an offensive aiming to destabilise the pope and through him the Church.”

The pope added the final word, slamming the less than flattering media coverage of his own poor performance on this serious, disturbing and important topic as “petty gossip”. The Catholic News Agency followed up by letting Father Gabriele Amorth, a Vatican exorcist, (they have an exorcist!!!) explain that the negative reporting was “prompted by the devil.” The devil, he added with a straight face, was probably also behind any cases of abuse. Then came the icing on the cake: the Pope’s own preacher tried to paint the abuse riddled Church as the victim in this drama. Victim of the kind of widespread persecution that characterized the “more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism.”

The mind-blowing hypocrisy of this ridiculous claim is best expressed by leading advocate for sexual abuse victims in the United States, David Clohessy, who described comparing criticism of the church to persecution of the Jews “breathtakingly callous and misguided.”

“Men who deliberately and consistently hide child sex crime are in no way victims,” he said. “And to conflate public scrutiny with horrific violence is about as wrong as wrong can be.”

9. Italian victims claimed a number of priests had “fondled and masturbated” them as well as sodomising them in dormitories, bathrooms and the priests’ quarters.

Among the accused is Monsignor Giuseppe Carraro, a former Bishop of Verona who the local diocese has sought to have beatified. Gianni Bisoli, one of the victims, told the Associated Press that Bishop Carraro, who died in 1981, had molested him five times.

The current Bishop of Verona, Mgr Giuseppe Zenti, initially accused the victims of “hallucinating”. However, the diocese had to open an inquiry after one of the accused lay brothers admitted to sexual relations with pupils.

10. And what better way to end this list than with a nasty and quite surreal squabble between rival religious leaders.

The leader of the world’s Anglicans, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, expressed his “deep sorrow and regret” to Diarmuid Martin, the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, to apologise for remarks he had made earlier in a BBC radio interview.

This enthusiastic apology to his rival was more sincere than many a Catholic apology to child sexual abuse victims. It was in response to Archbishop Martin’s vicious and petulant outburst about Williams’ comments during the broadcast.

The Irish primate claimed he was “stunned” and revealed “In all my years as Archbishop of Dublin in difficult times I have rarely felt personally so discouraged”. He was clearly more upset by this issue than by hordes of his own depraved priests raping and torturing thousands of vulnerable children.

So what is more shocking to a Catholic Archbishop than child sexual abuse rampant in his ranks?

What had Rowan Williams said that was so bad?

He told the truth.

Rowan Williams candidly referred to the Catholic Church in Ireland as having  “lost all credibility” in light of the child abuse epidemic and systemic cover-up. Not even Archbishop Martin would disagree with that assessment.

His problem with Rowan Williams was for saying it in public.

Even more shocking than the Catholic Archbishop beating up on the Anglican Archbishop for admitting the facts instead of avoiding the issue like he should have, the Anglican Archbishop quickly accepted he had made a serious mistake and apologised. Profusely.

For telling the truth.

Coming soon: Top 10 excuses why its okay for Catholic priests to abuse defenceless children


5 responses to “Top 10 incredibly insensitive statements from the Catholic hierarchy

  1. frankie May 10, 2011 at 11:49 am

    i thought dwelling crankily on old wounds was the very foundation of the catholic church….for a cult which cripples its captives with chronic guilt it isn’t particularly good at accepting its own guilt…the only thing the church feel sorry for is themselves….they actually believe they are somehow the victims…in terms of delusion that beats the virgin birth, transubstantiation.walking on water etc….
    using clarity of argument against them is very unfair of you
    keep up the good work

    • voicelessvictim May 13, 2011 at 3:11 pm

      Clarity is so very cruel to Catholics unjustly accused of their own actions.

  2. frankie July 7, 2011 at 12:57 am

    voiceless victim
    are you still alive….we’re beating a very lonely path…inevitably i contact you with a lot of drink in me…keep up the good work


    • voicelessvictim July 8, 2011 at 6:33 am

      Hi Frankie,

      Still alive. Needed to concentrate on recovery for a little while. And I’m working on a short film. See my latest post.

      Our path is less lonely if we share it with other victims and support each other.


      • frankie July 12, 2011 at 7:45 am

        love to know about the short film…have the vatican approved it….i recently was a witness in a child sex abuse case for a friend of mine…this was 40 years after the abuse…he managed to find 10 witnesses who had either seen him abused or who had abeen abused themselves…in the high court he won comprehensively…the church went to the court of appeal….and were basically embarrassed by the judgement……it now goes to the damages trial…..6 years after he started the action….know one thing…you’re right the path is less lonely ….as usual…keep up the good work

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