Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Kiss Ratzinger’s ring? No thanks!

Even the supreme monarch of denial, His Greediness the Protector of the paedophiles, is finally feeling the heat on the issue of the rampant sexual abuse of defenceless children by his employees.

The whole world is beginning to understand his and his predecessors’ systemic protection of the criminal offenders, and of the interests of their obscenely abusive organisation, at the expense of untold suffering by the innocent victims.

To show his critics just how much he has learned and how the Church’s habit of two millenia has radically changed, Ratzinger is prepared to think about possibly considering scheduling a likely time to talk about hypothetically meeting with victims.

The man’s compassion knows no bounds!

This is grossly underwhelming for so many reasons.

1. Is he going to meet with every one of the hundreds of thousands of victims and their families?

No. Oh, then, how many exactly? A handful, at most. And how will he choose which ones are more deserving of a meeting than others? Well, deserving won’t actually be the criteria. You can’t have someone being introduced into the Papal presence who is not submissive, pathetically grateful and suitably appreciative of the honour done to them.

In other words, those least likely to express any anger at the Church or the Pope, those still staunchly, blindly Catholic, despite their appalling neglect. No wonder there will only be a handful of them.

He tried the same trick in Australia as part of World Youth Day 08. After weeks of unbelievably insensitive remarks from local bishops and the smug Cardinal Pell, Ratzinger met in secret with four carefully selected victims. The meetings, the victims, the discussion and even whether it would happen or not was kept so secret we really only have their word for it that it actually happened.

Every other victim was deliberately excluded and prevented even from commenting on the insulting “apology” he issued to the media (but not victims) at the time.

2. Is he proposing any action on this issue, or is it just a few hypocritical words we are offered for our years of suffering?

Judging by past “meetings with victims” in the US in 2008 and Sydney also in 2008, what is proposed is a PR stunt that is about telling the media that he met with victims, in order to dampen down criticism in danger of getting out of control. Vatican insiders are so beside themselves over the magnanimity of allowing people as insignificant as the victims of these hideous crimes to meet such an exalted being, they cannot conceive anyone could possibly expect or want more.

Of course victims are really only interested in a change to the vicious, deceitful, damaging policies followed by the Catholic Church over the last 2,000 years. It is not hard to work out what is the honest, moral, Christian, humane, civilised, right way to respond to this issue. The difficulty is getting the Catholic Church to stop avoiding the issue, blaming everyone else, hiding the truth, re-abusing the victims, and actually fix the problem.

A meeting with Ratzo will make change less likely, not more, because he will talk as if he has changed policies and taken actions when absolutely nothing has been done. And he expects victims, the media and his unthinking followers to blindly accept his fallacious assurances and close the door on this issue so he can get back to business as usual.

3. Has he considered that victims may be traumatised to be in the presence of a senior Church figure, let alone the Paedophile-In-Chief?

Many victims find it traumatic to even consider entering a Church, or speaking to a Church official. So we really don’t appreciate a “solution” that is itself traumatic and abusive. If he were serious about trying to offer “pastoral support” to those he has deliberately allowed to be criminally abused, he would dress as a civilian, leave his entourage behind, and come and visit victims on neutral ground or in their homes.

Or would that be a bit too real, and require too much consideration of victims’ needs for a man who spends his life playing dress-ups.

So good luck with finding dupes to play along in your pretence of “listening to victims”.

I’m one of those victims Ratzo pretends to care about and I don’t think a meeting with any power hungry rich old man in a dress, be he Cardinal or Pope, is going to help anyone except said megalomaniac old man.

Anyway, I don’t think I could keep my lunch down in close proximity to anyone who can deliberately enable and protect child abusers and cause victims’ suffering to be magnified.

Especially since he is still doing it.

My criminal case is currently before the courts and absolutely nothing has changed.

Not in the last decade.

Not since the Middle Ages.


One response to “Kiss Ratzinger’s ring? No thanks!

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