Voiceless Victim

A survivor of clergy child sexual abuse speaks out for those who can't speak for themselves

Ratzinger’s compassion for victims

I just read the documents detailing attempts by Californian Church officials to have a convicted sex offender, Father Stephen Kiesle, defrocked.

While defrocking is not in any way a satisfactory response to the situation, Ratzinger’s choice, TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and LEAVE A CONVICTED CHILD SEX OFFENDER IN A POSITION OF POWER AND RESPECT WITH UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO CHILDREN FOR YEARS AND YEARS is a disgrace. If it is not a crime it should be.

I had thought I was used to the callous inhumanity with which the Catholic Church treats child sexual abuse victims.

After all, I am one of them. I come up against the Church’s willingness to sacrifice defenceless children and damaged adult survivors on an almost daily basis in relation to the trial of my abuser and my attempts to help the silent victims of this predator.

But to see documentary proof of just how expendable we are is profoundly moving.  How we are not even considered at all.


Our lives are ruined without thought, without consequence.  As if we didn’t exist.  And we don’t, to these monsters.

Every person is a pawn to these narcissists.

As these documents show: Vatican insiders don’t respond to letters from mere priests;  even Bishops dare not complain when they are ignored for years; Ratzinger doesn’t bother to communicate his decisions in a language his correspondents understand (his orders are in Latin); lay persons co-ordinating programs in the local Church beg that a convicted child abuser be prevented from working with children and are repeatedly ignored.

Beneath all these exalted personages, the existence of ordinary parishoners is barely acknowledged. Their children are less than insects. You know they are there somewhere, but ignore them unless they become annoying.

How annoying it must have been for the pampered princes of the Vatican to have to deal with our abuse.  Except of course, they didn’t.

This particular matter of the sexual predator Father Stephen Kiesle was left to mature by Ratzinger for four years. And at the end of that time, what was finally done?


I wonder how many children were abused by Father Kiesle during that time?

And how many times versions of that scenario were repeated worldwide?

Including my own case.

If you have any humanity, read the documents right to the end.

Father Stephen Kiesle case

And then see if you can still respect Ratzinger’s handling of this issue today.

Because nothing has changed.


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